Jack Blood Show – November 6 2017

Monday – Hour won: Jack breaks down connections between the CIA Behavioral Sciences team, and a history of psychiatric drugs with the alleged shooter in TX, Kelley. Also, Collusion between Trump Admin and the “Night of the long knives” / Coup in Saudi Arabia…Hour Too: Author / expert Andrew Gause is the guest. We break down the money / economic system 101, 102…and advanced studies of the Fed. + easy solutions to change course.

Jack Blood Show – October 27 2017

Friday – Croaking through 2 hrs of news and info.. Hour one: Gold Star Mom Cindy Sheehan / Hour two: Oswald GF Judith Vary Baker talks about newly released files / Bryan Preston – George P Bush’s spox comes on to discuss Alamo Issue etc…

Jack Blood Show – October 23 2017

Monday – Hour one, fast moving news Du Jour. Hour too, Research giant, author Daniel Hopsicker rides shotgun. LV massacre updates you havent heard, Inside the film about Barry Seal “American Made” (formally called Mena) Trump era, and some 911 stuff.

Jack Blood Show – October 16 2017

 Monday – Hour Won: Jack cleans up more mess about LV shooting, connects dots. Some breaking news, history…Hour Too: Jack welcome WAC co founder Brian Kenny who talks about his new book * We Are Change – The Global Truth and Liberty Movement (excellent! Get it and promote it!) Dont forget to support our show!

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