Jack Blood Show – September 11 2017

Monday – The Jack Blood Show – ALL * STARS – Sept. 11th 2017 line up: FDNY John Schroeder. Fellow 911 W TC Hero – William Rodriguez, Dallas Cowboy – Mark Stepnowski, 9.11 Whistle Blower – J. Michael Springmann, Best selling author – Jim Marrs, 9.11 whistle Blower Richard Andrew Grove + Special guests, witnesses, and mash.

Jack Blood Show – September 01 2017

Friday – Hour 1: Breaking news, rants & “Drain the Swamp” – with Melanie Morgan, national spokeswoman for MediaEqualizer.com Why Trump doesn’t fire corrupt Obama holdover at IRS John Koskinen? Blackmail?

Hour 2: The great David Ray Griffin is the guest, speaking about his new book (Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and the World, which is the culmination of decades of Griffin�s 9.11 research) + revisiting his classic 9.11 overture “A New Pearl Harbor.”

Jack Blood Show – August 28 2017

Monday – Hour 1: Jack plows thru breaking news, usual stream of consciousness rants. Hour 2: Geopolitical Author / Expert William Engdahl is back .Who is the deep state, and did they engineer the Trump Presidency, rather than oppose it? Info on Isis, Muslim Brotherhood, plans of the NWO.

Jack Blood Show – August 25 2017

Friday – Hour won: Jack rants on irrational division of americans, and bridging consensus. some breaking news and current events observations / Hour 2: Original Black Panther, Former political prisoner, 2016 presidential candidate (with yours’ truly) Larry Pinkney, is Jack’s Guest. Exposing hypocrisy and false flag cultisms.

Jack Blood Show – August 18 2017

Friday – Hr one: Alt right pundit, author Doug Giles from Clashdaily dot com – Race war started in Obama regime, last trick in the DNC bag? Trump not a racist – an Elitist? False flag Charlottesville, and cointelpro + Why Democrats are scared to debate anything. Camps and Bubbles. Hr too: Activist Darrell Young on self declared white power media whore, snitch, and bomb thrower Chris Cantwell. Update on Spanish Bombs and Trucks I$I$.

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