Jack Blood Show – October 16 2017

 Monday – Hour Won: Jack cleans up more mess about LV shooting, connects dots. Some breaking news, history…Hour Too: Jack welcome WAC co founder Brian Kenny who talks about his new book * We Are Change – The Global Truth and Liberty Movement (excellent! Get it and promote it!) Dont forget to support our show!

Jack Blood Show – September 29 2017

Friday – Hour 1: Jack Rants on Trump Bully pulpit vs NFL / City mouse and country mouse story. Neema Singh Guliani is a legislative counsel with the American Civil Liberties Union Washington Legislative Office joins Jack to discuss the expiration of FISA warrantless surveillance, and who is pushing for it to be renewed, who is against (Rand Paul).

Hour 2: Christian Patriot Chuck Baldwin is guest – Talks about Trump being a swampy sell out, losing Alabama election to Roy Moore. + News, commentary…

Jack Blood Show – September 22 2017

Friday – Hour 1: End of the World? Jack rants about O’trumpa Care 3.0, O’trumpa UN speech… Dr David Cole joins the show to discuss “Hoax” predictions, and the state of the Church in today’s mad mad world. Hour 2: Jack breaks down Valerie Plame Tweets about Israel and 911 – Weekly news round up…

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