Jack Blood EXCLUSIVE with Sub Pop Founder Bruce Pavitt

Anecdotes and rare conversation you only hear on THE JACK BLOOD SHOW!

On this auspicious anniversary, Jack Blood interviews Bruce Pavitt — a co-founder of Seattle’s Sub Pop Records…. The label that discovered Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Mudhoney (among others) .

Bruce has a newish book out that is a MUST HAVE for Nirvana / “grunge” fans.

Bruce drops a few bombshells regarding Kurt’s “suicide”, a new investigation… One that we know know was suppressed again…. and how he lost heavy on the popping of the 2008 Financial meltdown.

We also get into “Change we can Believe in” (ahem) and how the music business has changed for the worse, and the better.

Get the book HERE: www.experiencingnirvana.com

Jack Blood welcomes Daniel Estulin — From Bilderberg to “TransEvolution”

In all of the years that Daniel has been coming on the Jack Blood Show — As good as he has done… He has never brought it like THIS! The discussion ranges from “Promis” macro AI software engaging every computer function in the world, and making bets…. To, Nano-tech and Bio tech. Are we the last generation of humans? Is there anything we can do to stop the complete control of the entire human race? The answer is YES! Must listen and a must Share.

JB Show Exclusive: Fired NM Police Chief Shane Harger breaks his Silence!

Thanks to our roving producer Greg Knight for all of his work making this happen!

This show will BLOW YOUR MIND! You will want to share this with all of your friends etc..

Never before have you heard a Police Officer be this candid. Chief Shane Harger pulls no punches!

In this 60 min interview with Jack Blood, Chief Harger discusses the incident with a (fired / rehired) TSA officer that started a media storm which ended with Harger being fired, along with his entire staff, from the NM Tourist town of Jemez Springs. ALSO: How this was payback for enforcing the laws the rest of us have to follow on the towns elite.

The controversy all began when Chief Harger was on the way to Las Vegas to attend the “Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association” (CSPOA) Convention 28 January 2014 (This after he signed a document promising to honor the US Constitution while performing his duties as a Peace Officer. )

The chief also talks about Drug dealing and smuggling cover ups in New Mexico, corrupt police using checkpoints to harass citizens, and the murder he walked into when (allegedly) a fellow cop had just killed his own wife… as well as how his fellow officers destroyed evidence, and covered up that murder.

The Jack Blood Show — Jan 21 2014 w/ Oil Geopolitics Expert, William Engdahl

Jack and William cover it all! Updates on Syria, The Ukraine Conspiracy, unrest in Thailand and what may happen to Israel and Saudi Arabia (on the outs after Syria / Iran failures?) — Jack the “layman” does his best to keep up, and William kicks butt as usual! (rare to hear this guy!!! )


The Jack Blood Show w/ Max Bliss (Chemtrail Hunting / The Big Picture)

This edition of The Jack Blood Show was recorded LIVE on Friday February 7th, 2014.

The initial 40 minutes lays down the groundwork for past aerosol spraying on an unsuspecting populace, Human Guinea Pig science, and the future justification of the global Military spraying programs. Evidence therein is documented and in the bank.

Chemtrail Hunter, and Activist Max Bliss joins the show from France, where he has been documenting the spraying program in Europe.

The Jack Blood Show 1.14.14 w/ Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad)

One of the greatest bands of the 1970′s! Mark Farner was the Guitarist / Singer / Frontman, and primary song-writer of this historic group.

Why aren’t they in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame? Mark answers this question, and briefly discusses the break up (Mark was “railroaded” for his political and spiritual beliefs… We hear it cuts pretty deep. )

Farner takes no prisoners in this Exclusive one hour interview with Jack Blood. Everything from the Federal Reserve, Obamacare, NSA Spying, the Influence of Zionism in America (and beyond), and False Flag Terror (911)…. To apt comparisons from his generation (which sparked a “Cultural Revolution”) —– To our modern day situation …. It’s all Discussed at length in this cutting edge interview.

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