JB Show — Rock Legend, Helios Creed of the band CHROME / Solo (Music + Para-Politics free for all!)

Helios Creed is a LIVING LEGEND!

Known by notable artists as “THE GODFATHER OF INDUSTRIAL ROCK”….

Welcome to The Jack Blood Show! This Exclusive UNSCRIPTED interview took place May 16th 2014 — As Chrome is about to take Europe by storm! (SEE DATES VIA FACEBOOK LINK)

in this exclusive interview, Jack Blood, Helios Creed, and Chrome Guitarist Lou Manatti, discuss : Drugs, Alternative music now and then, Esoteric Symbolism in modern music, Helios experience living next to Bohemian Grove, The State of our age, 911, TV, The Elites, the state of our digital age, and higher consciousness where you can find it…

The NEW Chrome Record is just out! “Feel it like a Scientist” — Jack Plays some of the new tracks for the first time on Radio! — We merge that with the classics!

JB Show: Robbie Martin Discuss the Media Firestorm Surrounding his Sister Abby and His Music

The biggest story on the Web this week was Abby Martin speaking out against Russian aggression on “Russia Today America”

Abby’s TV show “Breaking the Set” is one of a kind. We applaud her for taking a stand!

However this controversy has raised many questions by those patronizing the Alternative media. Robbie Martin was kind enough to answer all of our questions (and yours)

The conversation then turns to Robbie’s Music, his record label, his satire of Freemasonry, and politics du jour.

Robbie’s news site is Media Roots where he does a regular podcast.

Robbie’s band is Fluorescent Grey

His record Label is at www.recordlabelrecords.org

Jack Blood EXCLUSIVE with Sub Pop Founder Bruce Pavitt

Anecdotes and rare conversation you only hear on THE JACK BLOOD SHOW!

On this auspicious anniversary, Jack Blood interviews Bruce Pavitt — a co-founder of Seattle’s Sub Pop Records…. The label that discovered Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Mudhoney (among others) .

Bruce has a newish book out that is a MUST HAVE for Nirvana / “grunge” fans.

Bruce drops a few bombshells regarding Kurt’s “suicide”, a new investigation… One that we know know was suppressed again…. and how he lost heavy on the popping of the 2008 Financial meltdown.

We also get into “Change we can Believe in” (ahem) and how the music business has changed for the worse, and the better.

Get the book HERE: www.experiencingnirvana.com

The Jack Blood Show 1.14.14 w/ Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad)

One of the greatest bands of the 1970′s! Mark Farner was the Guitarist / Singer / Frontman, and primary song-writer of this historic group.

Why aren’t they in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame? Mark answers this question, and briefly discusses the break up (Mark was “railroaded” for his political and spiritual beliefs… We hear it cuts pretty deep. )

Farner takes no prisoners in this Exclusive one hour interview with Jack Blood. Everything from the Federal Reserve, Obamacare, NSA Spying, the Influence of Zionism in America (and beyond), and False Flag Terror (911)…. To apt comparisons from his generation (which sparked a “Cultural Revolution”) —– To our modern day situation …. It’s all Discussed at length in this cutting edge interview.

Deadline Live – January 19 2011

News and commentary on this 19th day of January 2011 from ‘Our Narrator and Radio Gun’, Jack Blood.

In the first hour World Net Daily contributor Bob Unruh joins Deadline LIVE. He discusses the recent Arizona shooting
and Senate Bill 114.


In the second hour friend of Deadline LIVE and ROCKER, Jon Schaffer returns for discussion on where we are today.


Deadline Live – February 26 2010

HOUR WON: Did the “Snowacaine 2010″ git ya? Or were prepared? / New poll – Majority think Govt is a threat to citizen’s rights! Democrats don’t buy it. / DHS a Bureaucratic paper weight / Adam Kokesh attacked by Beck’s 912 for being a Vet against wars.. MORE breaking news from www.deadlinelive.info

Second Hour: HOUR TOO: Open Lines Open Minds – Eddie Dinero joins us from the Austin Band Carrier Monkey. http://www.myspace.com/carriermonkey

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