The Robert Scott Bell Show – July 30 2013

Who is hosting the Robert Scott Bell Show while RSB heads back to his home studio? It’s the conspiracy realist and energy researcher Liam Scheff! He’s filling in with broadcast intensity and irreverence – with first hour guest Jack Blood! They’re talking the subterranean world of politics, royals, intrigue, hacking the journalists and more.
The new royal baby is here! We’re all so delighted! But not all of us – Jack Blood shares a different point of view: the masters of the universe, owners of oil “Shell” corporations, and first on the interplanetary lifeboat should we crash the planet – it’s the ROYALS! Jack will tell us all about it.
And why is Halliburton burning evidence in the Gulf oil spill (which one? you ask? There will be many). We talk Oil Drilling, International intrigue. Plus Edward Snowden – real or imaginary, does it signal the end of free internet?

The Pursuit of Freedom – June 5 2013

Gerald Celente, Jack Blood and Diana Moses
Gerald Celente talks about future trends of the economy, foreign policy and the future of alternative medicine. He shares his strong opinions on Adam Kokesh ‘s call for a peaceful revolution and secession. I’m joined by my daughter Tasha who is studying to become a Doctor of Osteopathy and wants to practice a hybrid blend of the best in Homeopathic and the best of conventional medicine. She talks to Gerald about the trends in Alternative medicine. Later in the show I’m joined by Libertarian talk show host Jack Blood and Tea Party activist Diana Moses for a discussion about Adam Kokesh and the implications of his controversial tactics for the cause of Liberty.

The Pursuit of Freedom – March 20 2013

Interview with Jack Blood
This week I examine the key events that have happened in the first quarter of 2013. The focus is on the important foreign events and domestic policy being implemented by the radically out of control Federal Government. I asked my friend Jack Blood to share his unique perspective about the events that are ongoing and what we can do as freedom loving people to stop the progression towards tyranny. Jack has been a long time Liberty Movement commentator and activist. He hosts a radio show on the No Agenda Radio Network.

The Pursuit of Freedom – December 19 2012

Interviews with Rachel Kays, Penny Langford Freeman and Jack Blood
Special Christmas edition of the show featuring a poem written by Penny Langford Freeman, “Twas The Night Before Christmas In 2012” Penny along with Jack Blood who hosts his radio show on No Agenda Network will be my guests as we take a look at the events of 2012 and what is in store for the coming new year. Then later my third guest is a very talented young singer songwriter from Austin Texas, Rachel Kays. I was impressed by her musical ability and her love of freedom. I play some of her original music and will be talking about that as well as her experience being home schooled.

New World Order – 6 Hour Marathon – Chris Everard, Max Igan, Jack Blood, Doug Owen, EA Koetting, Bob Tuskin – 02/22/11

Special Marathon Broadcast brought to you by Truth Frequency Radio & The Enigma Channel

Featuring: Christopher Everard, Max Igan, Jack Blood, Doug Owen, EA Koetting, Bob Tuskin

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