The Ochelli Effect – June 09 2017

Friday – 6/9/2017 Meria Heller & Jack Blood – The Bold & The Beautiful – Hour 1 The mouth That Roars provides insights you can only get fromMeria Heller , because she is Meria Heller.

Hour 2 Jack Blood , Radio Gun , Artist , and Warrior Poet delves into some personal pains and honors the contributions of a few of his friends and talks about the cycles of artistic sound waves as he prepares to rejoin The American Freedom Radio Family To continue the Epic that is The Jack Blood Show.

The Ochelli Effect – April 25 2017

Tuesday – Jack Blood and JP Sottile Trump and what is fear Vs. Freedom? First hour Chucks begins letting you hear what rings in his personal mental echo Chamber before Jack Blood arrives to let us know he is doing radio again, and what exhorted him to do it as only he has and only he can. Second hour JP Sottile breaks down the agenda being pushed, Or lack there of, with jokes, news, and the acts of an Info-Vandal.

The Ochelli Effect – December 16 2016

 Wednesday – Jack Blood Fear Porn, Dead on Cue. Chuck and Jack discuss Jack’s musical roots, his current art, Bands, The Trumpster Dumpster Fire going LIVE, LBJ Reloaded, Vanilla ISIS, The Music Industrial Complex, and Much more, while Jack remains BOLD…

The Ochelli Effect – October 21 2016

10/21/2016    Friday – Greg Palast and Jack Blood tell us about “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy“, Comic Book Epics, WikiLeaks Ethics, and The Weapons of Mass Distraction, Through the Selection Fraud of 2016. Plus Is the U.N. in the online date site business?, or is it just another Clinton Intelligence Agency, or C.I.A Op gone rogue?

The Ochelli Effect – April 18 2016

Monday – AFR Returns, First Hour Jack Blood breaks down the limited hangouts in progress, and does it the only way Jack Blood can. Second hour Sean Stone discusses many of the landmark projects he has been a part of, The next generations outlook on the world, and The consequences of war.

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