IN MEMORY OF DON HARKINS (editor of the Idaho Observer)


Don Harkins Chicago

Don Harkins of the Idaho Observer died yesterday morning after a long bout with illness.

Don was one of the best regular analysts we ever had on Deadline Live!
I greatly looked forward to his monthly appearances on the show… Which I usually hit
him up for with a few hours notice. He was always up and ready to go for it, and I trusted his
take on all the news we discussed. He brought a wealth of knowledge and a common sensibility to
our broadcast. He just cannot be replaced.

America has lost a GREAT Patriot, an outstanding researcher and writer, and a truth seeker
I will miss Don and will always remember him a friend of the entire Blood family (listeners, readers, and our own)

Please, make sure that The paper he started, “THE IDAHO OBSERVER” lives on!
And that his partner Ingri has what she needs to continue in Don’s name.

Most Respectfully,

Jack Blood and the entire Deadline Live crew.

I would like to each of you to find it in your heart to donate whatever you
can to help Ingri with the very large Hospital bill she is now left with.
Send cards and donations to: P. O. Box 457, Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869


In Memory Of Don Harkins 1963-2009
The Idaho Observer

Don Harkins passed away September 19th, 2009 at 4:44 A.M. He was with me, his beloved wife, almost constantly throughout the night along with our dear friend Sadie. Don was sensing that his life was fading and simply didn’t have the strength necessary to recover. We prayed together throughout the night and made him as comfortable as possible, praying for guidance and strength. He was extremely touched by the outpouring of love and prayers for his recovery both locally and throughout the country. Don chose not to go to the hospital a third time since he was upset by the doctor’s aggressive “therapy” for his AML. He had a near death experience in the hospital in which he met his Creator and chose to come back to have this time with me in our space of love. Don was a source of inspiration for hundreds, always living his life according to his conscience as he disseminated truthful information to all who crossed his path. He will be missed by all of us who relished his wisdom, passion, humor and determined, energetic spirit. We are planning a celebration of Don’s life for next Saturday. We are currently seeking a venue that will hold 300 people. If you want to be notified of the time and place for the celebration of Don’s life, please email back with the subject –

“In Memory of Don Harkins”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love, prayers, and support,

Ingri Cassel-Harkins

My Comments (Art), Don was a good friend, although I never met him in
person. We had some very good conversations over the years and he always
would find the time to talk, even when pressed for the printing of the paper.
Don was one of the truest Patriots, always helping those in need through his
words in the paper, which was an extension of himself. Both Don and Ingri
set the pace and kept us all in the know through the paper and conversation.
I learned so much from both of them over the years. they helped open my eyes on so many subjects.

I would like to each of you to find it in your heart to donate whatever you
can to help Ingri with the very large Hospital bill she is now left with.
Send cards and donations to: P. O. Box 457, Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869

Sometimes we assume the ones we care for will always be there, but in a twinkling of an eye,
they can be gone and you may have never gotten to tell them how much they meant to you
and how they affected your life.

Let this be a lesson to all that read this, Let the ones you care for know what they mean to you.

Don my good friend, may you rest in piece and may the Idaho Observer Live on in your name
and memory.

From Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum

Dear Lists…

I don’t even know how to start as tears fill my eyes. At rare times in life you meet someone who is not only a humanitarian, but a very special person in so many ways, a young healthy, dynamic person you never think of dying, at least no time soon. Don Harkins was an indeed rare individual. I’ve worked with him and his wife, Ingri, for years. He published the Idaho Observer but he told me he was more of an activist than a newspaper owner. He was also the publisher of the Artificially Sweetened Times, the 24 page booklets we distribute to warn the world on aspartame. Some years ago I gave him a booklet that was given out by Return to Eden in Atlanta to help warn against aspartame called Killer Kola. When Don heard about the thousands and thousands that read it, got off aspartame and got well he asked for a copy, and from that he put together the AST, and kept it current. He said “well keep it published until you get aspartame off the market “. It remains to this day in memory of David Oliver Rietz who died of aspartame and founded the largest anti-aspartame site,

He was an incredible writer and with a sense of humor you just couldn’t match. We wrote several articles together. I use to kid with him I was born without the brevity gene as I sent him some 4500 word article. He would laugh and with the patience of Job and the talent of a genius he would quickly put all the information I had written on a page or two. Sometimes I might need a title and he would come up with a gem in seconds. It was Don Harkins who gave us the title for our Aspartame Awareness Weekend flyer, last year – “Waiter, please remove this neurotoxin from our table”! He loved words.

Don wanted to help everyone and he wanted everyone to know the truth about what was going on in this country. He wanted people to become activists and make a difference. He didn’t care how damning facts were; he wouldn’t budge from saying it like it is. He didn’t need diplomacy, he just needed fact, complete truth. He was courageous and never thought of his safety. We loved his paper, but most of all we loved Don and we love Ingri. Ingri, as you know is VacLib and warns the world on the deadly vaccines.

I left a message on Don’s recorder last night because I heard he had been in the hospital. I didn’t know it was as serious as it was. In fact, I happened to mention to my husband I didn’t have a snail address and couldn’t send flowers. My Don said, “He would appreciate more a good book”. At Costco I was reading the books and thinking to myself, he probably knows more than what is in these books. I kept thinking about him last night and how I missed hearing from him, and called. I only got a recorder but it was still a pleasure to hear his voice on it. I wish I had called earlier and had one last conversation with him. A couple of years ago he came through Atlanta and we had the pleasure of having him overnight. It was wonderful enjoying his conversation and presence here. He was so charming and you just felt energized talking to him. We really missed him when he left.

He will be missed in the hearts of thousands because he was the type of man you could never forget, and felt blessed to know. You just don’t meet a lot of people who are just “all good and caring”, and would always stop to help anyone who had a problem. He made a difference in this world. If you spoke with him on the phone he always made you feel good, made you smile, made you laugh, and glad you had the opportunity to be in touch. I’m going to miss all those calls but we’re fortunate that we’ve had the opportunity of meeting him in person a couple of times.

I was shocked when I read below he had AML. I immediately tried to find out something and was shocked that he was only diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. Acute myeloid leukemia is so serious. In fact, as a young woman I worked closely with a hematologist on these cases. So I know how bad a diagnosis that is. I did a lot of research on this with CDC.

Consider the miracle of Lazarus’ resurrection in the Bible which served well as part of Jesus’ ministry, both to illustrate the power of the Son of God and to increase faith in him and the resurrection. When Jesus told Lazarus who had been dead for four days to come out, he could have said to an entire burial ground, “ya’ll come out”. Armageddon is obviously not far away and it will put an end to the evil in this world. Then the last will be resurrected first. We know we’ll see Don Harkins again one day, free of disease, living in a world free of evil. I know how many loved Don and I hope the resurrection scriptures below my signature will help to ease the heart of those mourning and know that this is just temporary, and we’ll see him again as a young man free of disease.

I tried to find an address for flowers but was told Ingri prefers contributions in his name. She has a $100,000 hospital bill to pay. (P. O. Box 457, Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869 ). Don loved words, so write Ingri about your remembrance.

I ask that you give a moment of silence for Don and bow your head in prayer to Jehovah God. Ask for his blessings for Don’s family in their grief and mourning.

In sympathy, love and memory of Don Harkins.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible International, and

Fresh Military Drill creates 9/11 Scare: ‘Shots’ Reported Fired by Coast Guard

A lot of excitement on CNN this morning when a DRILL in progress by the US Military was “mistaken” for

This all happened minutes from the Pentagon where Obama was attending a Ceremony for 911 victims…
the story is all over drudge NOW….

This repetitious event looks for all the world as a PSY OP!

We know that the myriad of drills being run the day of 911, and on 7.7.05 in London …. Provided the smoke screen for the attacks!

here is the ABC version of events.

9/11 Scare: ‘Shots’ Reported Fired by Coast Guard
Coast Guard Admits it Was Having Training Exercise — Right Near Pentagon Memorial

Washington, D.C., residents mourning the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks this morning heard an eerie echo just an hour later — reports that a Coast Guard vessel had fired shots at a boat in the Potomac River near the Pentagon.
Share Exercise conducted on the Potomac River after Obama’s 9/11 speech causes a stir.

More Photos and video at link (bottom)

But after half-an-hour of anxiety, the Coast Guard and local police said the whole thing was a training exercise, and no shots were fired at all.

Before the Coast Guard announcement, departures from Washington’s Reagan National Airport were halted from 10:08 a.m. to 10:29 a.m., delaying 17 departures, and FBI agents scrambled to the scene near the river. A law enforcement official, asking not to be identified, told the Associated Press the local FBI office had not been told ahead of time about the exercise.

Network news programs broke into regular morning shows to report the incident, and cable networks went to blanket coverage.

As word spread of the false alarm, Frances Townsend, former Homeland Security adviser in the Bush administration, got angry — calling the exercise “felony stupidity” in a CNN interview.

Why hold such a drill on Sept. 11, with memorial services still in progress? A Coast Guard information officer, John Edwards, said it was part of a “standardization training” drill. He told ABC News the Coast Guard trains this way all the time. … id=8547612


JULY 9TH, 2009


Celerino Castillo is one of the bravest whistle-blowers of our time, and one of the most honest Americans ever to serve his country.


Celerino Castillo III was born in 1949 in South Texas. He came from a family of a long tradition, tracing his heritage back to the Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata

In 1970, as the only son in the family, he served in the US Army and was sent to Vietnam where he was awarded The Bronze Star for bravery. While in Vietnam he repeatedly saw fellow soldiers lay low from heroin overdoses. This powerful experience convinced him to devote his life to combating the illegal drug trade and its devastating effects on Americans.

On New Years Eve, 1979, he joined the DEA as one of the few Latino agents. In 1980 he was assigned to New York City as the first Mexican-American agent. There he was a key figure in deep undercover investigation that led to the incarceration of drug traffickers connected to major organized crime families.

In Guatemala, Castillo was ordered to conduct his drug raids with the Guatemalan Military Intelligence. In the course of his investigations Castillo discovered that almost every top official in the Guatemalan government (under President Cerezo) was a documented drug trafficker.

Cele was next assigned to represent the DEA in El Salvador at the height of the Contra war. It was there that he began to record intelligence on how known drug traffickers, with multiple DEA files, used hangars four and five at Ilopango airfield to ferry cocaine north and weapons and money south. Hangars four and five were owned and operated by the CIA and the National Security Council. He found out that the traffickers were also being given US visas by the CIA, in spite of their well known activities. Castillo also documented and spoke out about CIA and National Security Agency abuses in a manner utterly consistent with his heritage and the rest of his life.

Then Cele discovered that the Contra flights were under the direct supervision of US Lt. Col. Oliver North (DEA case file GFGD-91-9139) and had the additional protection of Felix Rodriguez (a retired CIA agent) who ran hanger 4 at Ilopango. Castillo was repeatedly warned that the drug profits were being utilized to support the Reagan-Bush backed right-wing “Contras” in Nicaragua and surrounding countries and that he should stop his investigations.

In April, 1987, one month before the Iran-Contra hearings, DEA Latin American foreign office chief, John Martch, traveled to Guatemala to investigate Castillo and warned him not to reveal his information about the Contra drug operations. At one point, the DEA ordered Castillo not to close some of the Contra files so that the records would not be unavailable to Senator John Kerry’s committee under the Freedom of Information Act. In 1988, Senator John Kerry’s Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Operations finished its investigations, having never called Castillo to testify.

After denial of a US visa (drug trafficking) to Guatemalan Military Lt. Col. Hugo Moran Carranza, head of Interpol, Moran retaliated by ordering Castillo’s assassination. The elaborate plot involved ambushing Castillo in El Salvador to divert suspicion from the Guatemalan Colonel. Luckily for Castillo, the plan was taped recorded by an informant and placed into evidence in a Houston DEA file M3-90-0053. Col. Moran was attempting to attend a War College in the US invited by the CIA. Despite the danger, the DEA continued to order Castillo to travel to El Salvador. Because Col. Moran was an asset of the CIA, he was never prosecuted in the US on the attempted capital murder of a US drug agent.

In 1991, Castillo secretly met with a representative of the Office of Independent Council of Iran Contra where he reported his intelligence gathering reference to CIA and NSC’s cocaine-contra operations. Castillo’s remarks never appeared in Walsh’s final report but Castillo’s interview notes were found at the National Archives.

In 1992 Castillo received an early retirement from the DEA due to stress and damaged nerves to his arms and hands. Since his retirement he has had numerous TV, radio and newspaper interviews in order to expose what he knows about the CIA and DEA collaboration with drug traffickers and murderers in Central America. His TV appearance include “Current Affair” (1994); a one hour documentary aired in 1994 by the Australian Broadcasting Company exposing Oliver North’s drug trafficking activities; ABC’s “Prime Time Live” on December 27, 1995 (on the US protection of criminal military officers in Guatemala) and Date-Line (NBC) June 13, 1997.

In 1994, Castillo was able to co-author his book “Powderburns” Cocaine, Contras and the Drug War . Which included journal entries with case file numbers and other direct information from his investigation.


NOW CELE CASTILLO IS FIGHTING A MUCH TOUGHER BATTLE. It’s a battle for his very life, prosecuted by the very government he fought for, in the name of the people he sought to protect.

The conviction of Iran/Contra whistleblower Celerino “Cele” Castillo III late last year on federal charges of dealing in firearms without a license is beginning to look more and more like a travesty of justice. Moreover, this precedent setting case is yet another example of “selective prosecution”.

Castillo’s case was prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas, which is overseen by Johnny Sutton, a close personal friend of former president George W. Bush. During his tenure as a U.S. Attorney, Sutton has been at the center of a number of controversial criminal cases, some of which have elicited national outrage. (Including the prosecution of two border agents accused of shooting a drug trafficker on the Mexican border.)
Castillo was convicted of dealing guns without a government-issued license as part of a plea bargain hammered together at his sentencing hearing on Oct. 1 of last year. He arrived in court that day to be sentence on two other charges related to making straw gun purchases. Those charges had been pending since March of 2008, but had to be dropped by Sutton’s office because they were, in essence, bogus.
The straw charges required evidence that Castillo had purchased guns from a “prohibited” person, specifically a convicted felon. The complaint sworn out by the ATF agent involved in Castillo’s arrest claims an individual involved in selling guns to Castillo was, in fact, a convicted felon. Castillo claims that was a false charge, hence he argues the arrest violated his constitutional rights. This has BATFE sting (set up) written all over it.
All the information concerning the case is located on Cele’s website at

Cele will be heard in Federal court in San Antonio this Friday July 10th, 2009. If he is not vindicated, or the case not continued, he will be required to turn himself in by July 20, 2009. His sentence will then be served, and many will call it a death sentence. The people who may be most damaged by Cele’s eyewitness, and vetted testimony, will have this opportunity to use his incarceration, and his health conditions to finish him off so that the story dies with him. Even IF he is not directly targeted, his health may not be up to the challenge of prison life. Being a former DEA superstar, he still has many enemies in the illegal drug world, and history shows that people like Cele are the walking dead in prison.

We ask that all media outlets simply investigate this story and cover the news of this event. We ask that all who still revere the second amendment stand up for this hero, who through “selective prosecution” has become a victim of the country and the Constitution that he swore to defend.

Please forward this release to ALL global media outlets, and if you can take the time please show up as protestors and court watchers for his appeals trial this Friday. (There may also be an organized protest next Wednesday in San Antonio if his appeal has failed.)

Where and When?
STATUS CONFERENCE in Courtroom 4, on the Third Floor of the John H. Wood, Jr. United
States Courthouse, 655 E. Durango Boulevard, San Antonio, TX, on Friday, July 10, 2009 at 09:00 AM.


By Jack Blood


Barry Jennings, a key 9/11 eyewitness who was an emergency coordinator for the New York Housing Authority, passed away last August 2008 at age 53 from undisclosed circumstances. Mr. Jennings was an eyewitness to the devastation of the World Trade center towers on September 11th 2001.

On the morning of 911 Barry Jennings with Michael Hess, (one of Rudy Giuliani’s highest ranking appointed officials, New York city’s corporation counsel), entered the famed Building 7.

It was just after the first attack on the North tower, but before the second plane hit the South Tower, when Barry Jennings escorted Michael Hess to the World Trade Center Tower 7. Mr. Jennings recalls a large number of police officers in the lobby of WTC 7 when they arrived. The two men went up to the 23rd floor, but could not get in, so they went back to the lobby and the police took them up in the freight elevator for a second try. When they arrived on level 23, at the Office of Emergency Management (FEMA),) they found it had been recently deserted, “coffee that was on the desk, smoke was still coming off the coffee, I saw half eaten sandwiches”.
At that point he made some phone calls, and an un-named individual told them to “leave, and leave right away”. Jennings and Hess then proceeded to the stairs, and made it to level 6, when there was an explosion, and the stairwell collapsed from under their feet, Mr. Jennings was actually hanging, and had to climb back up. They made it back up to level 8, where Barry Jennings had a view of the twin towers, both buildings were still standing. This is an important detail, as many debunkers have used Mr. Jennings statements out of context to claim the damage came to WTC 7 from the towers collapsing, not the case according, to Mr. Jennings.

When they made it to the lobby, Mr. Jennings found it destroyed and littered with dead bodies. He said it looked like, “King Kong had came through it and stepped on it, (it was) so destroyed, I didn’t know where I was. So destroyed that they had to take me out through a hole in the wall, that I believe the fire department made to get me out.” Shortly after he made it out, he was seen on several news channels telling his story.

Mr. Jennings was admittedly confused as to why Building 7 had to come down at all, and does not accept the official reason that the noises he heard were from a fuel oil tank, “I know what I heard, I heard explosions”.

Jennings testimony was recorded by Loose Change for the Final Cut version of the extremely popular documentary, but was edited out at the final stage due to Jennings misgivings about losing his job, and endangering his family.

The BBC later interviewed Jennings for a “911 debunking special” and Jennings seemed to retract the testimony given to Loose Change. Subsequently the creators of the film released the original interview to protect their own credibility.

Barry Jennings passed away shortly thereafter and coincidentally just a few days before the long awaited NIST report on Building 7 was released to the public. It is quite possible that Jennings would have exposed the cover story of NIST, and their overall excuse that the 47 story building was the first and only skyscraper felled by fire. He never got that chance.


Yesterday, April 15th 2009 I was contacted by “Loose Change” director, and narrator Dylan Avery who said that he had recently begun investigating the death of Barry Jennings, and had found some new information relating to his death.

It seems that there is a very good possibility that Jennings’ death could have been due to foul play. Though the investigations are on going, initial findings are somewhat alarming. The conclusion is still forthcoming, but I was shocked by what I heard.

It seems that Dylan had hired a private investigator to look into Jennings death which remains shrouded in mystery. His motive was simply to bring some closure to the life of Barry Jennings, and in doing so to honor the memory of this brave American. The Investigator ended up referring the case to Law enforcement before refunding his pay, and told Dylan never to contact him again. Very unusual to say the least. Dylan also paid a visit to the Jennings home. He found it vacant and for sale.

Personally, something is really beginning to stink here. Why would a highly paid PI refuse to continue his investigation? Why did he refer the matter to police? He is not talking. What is he afraid of. Was he warned to cease and desist? If so by whom?
These are some of the new questions revolving around the Jennings case.

In every major cover up from the JFK assassination to Iran Contra, we can see one common thread. The untimely death of eyewitnesses. Barry Jennings was not only an important and most credible eyewitness, but he openly refuted much of the government, and media version of events. He was a liability.

Dylan Avery will appear on DEADLINE LIVE today to tell the story.
The show airs live at 3PM Central with no commercial interruptions.

The interview will be archived for free at



February 20th 2009
Contact: Jack Blood


After spending the last 16 months in federal custody, both Ed and Elaine Brown will now face new Federal charges for their part off an alleged armed standoff in rural New Hampshire during a 10 month period in 2007.

The couple convicted of tax evasion, said on February 19th that the federal government has no right to bring 11 new charges against them, including gun violations and obstruction of justice.

They appeared separately yesterday, shackled at the ankles. Elaine Brown, who was arraigned first, said she would not attend the new trial. Her husband said the couple lived under a different form of law.

Here is how the Local media are covering the case. With blanket lies:

“Ed and Elaine Brown and at least four co-conspirators stockpiled explosives and firearms at the couple’s home for possible use against law enforcement, according to the indictment.”

(In Fact only TWO of the “co conspirators” were charged and convicted of explosives, and weapons charges! This is due to the great patriots who supported “Reno” Gonzales. The kangaroo court overseeing this “trial” ended as a hung jury. In this case, Justice was served by standing strong against the “Injustice system”, which as we know… Operates under two sets of rules. This proves IF we ban together and challenge the system… We can win!)

Officials entered not guilty pleas on the Browns’ behalf at a hearing Thursday in U.S. District Court in Concord.

Several of the Brown supporters were already charged for their role in the standoff. Danny Riley was apprehended on September 12th 2007 after attending a tribute to fallen 911 victims at ground Zero, in NYC. He was sentenced in late 2008 and was given 30 years for the standoff against US Marshals, and local authorities.

The Browns, both in their late 60s, are currently serving five-year prison sentences. It is my opinion that they should be set free. Not retried. Whatever debt they might have owed society has been paid in spades.

The media coverage of this developing story, already seems extremely biased. Without a massive movement of support, the Browns will likely be railroaded.

For fiscal conservatives, this story should hit home. The current Obama administration is preparing to continue the previous administration’s war against American citizens. If, like the Browns, you take measures to protect yourself, you will be made an example of.  And… Didn’t Obama appoint several Tax Cheats to high positions in our government? Including the Secretary of the Treasury, who oversees the IRS!

If the Browns had simply paid their back taxes, that money would’ve ended up in the hands of the likes of AIG, Bank of America, and JP Morgan and Co. In today’s current economic climate… Can we really blame the Browns for refusing to pay up?

Take ACTION today on behalf of Ed and Elaine. Contact the media to help get their story back on the front burner, and make the facts known.

Whatever intent that the government attempts to prove regarding the alleged standoff, we should all keep in mind that neither the Browns nor their supporters were ever violent. If we do not stand up for the Browns… Who will stand up for us?

CONFIRMED – Georgia Guidestones Defaced – My interview and the details

I Just heard about this last night, and was immediately skeptical that this had really happened or was some kind of sophisticated photoshop hoax:

GA Guidesones you tube

The thing that puzzled me was that there was nothing in the news, MSM or online to confirm this.

(Its always advised to doubt a story, and really doubt a story if it sounds to good to be true)

So today I interviewed Phillis Brooks from the Elberton County Chamber of Commerce.
She was very helpful,
but also very sad that the vandals had defaced their beloved tourist attraction.
(they are also the “granite
capitol of the world” they say, which is why the Guidestones are located there.) It is also, according to Phillis, the highest point in GA.

So it has been CONFIRMED!

Here is what we know:

1) The vandals struck in two different incidents.
The first was with “polyurethane” which looks like urine on
the pictures. The second attack (both incidents taking place two week ago) was with spray paint. You can see the graffiti for yourself. It could be said that this anti Obama message could really hurt those who protest the message and meaning of the Guidestones.

2) There are no suspects. Neither is any group under suspicion.

3) There are no plans for increased security, but you can BET that CCTV cameras will be monitoring the
desolate location from now on.

4) The Guidestones will be cleaned up by “County Labor” though when I asked Mrs Brooks about the trust
which is designed to manage and care for the monument, she said, “I have heard about that, but I have no idea who is in charge of it.

5) No one from the RC Christian trust has contacted the Chamber of Commerce, and it is assumed that they
are in no way involved in the investigation. If they were I doubt we would know about it.

Anyway, I am satisfied now that this was a real event, and so far nobody has taken credit for the vandalism.

Jack Blood
www. wFUradio. com
www. deadlinelive. info
www. jackbloodforum. com


thanks for the memories….. (Cue Bob Hope)

I’m sure its a coincidence that this was posted on today, and it was today that I received a call from GCN owner Ted Anderson that my show is being canceled effective immediately.


October 6, 2008

Dear Friends,

After 18 months of broadcasting, WTPRN has closed it’s doors.

We would like to thank all the hosts who gave so much to participate in this network and make it such a valuable resource for information, and we wish every one of them well in their future endeavors.

We also wish to thank the sponsors and listeners who donated to help fund the operation for the past 18 months. Your sacrifices have touched many lives and helped many to understand what is really going on in world politics.

We expect to be able to keep the archives up permanently, and we wish everyone well in their quest for the knowledge that the mainstream refuses to bring forth.


I was told that the “reason” for canceling DEADLINE LIVE was due to the fact that my newest sponsor NEO CONS GONE WILD was too radical for GCN.

It is a FACT that the GCN sales staff referred NGW to me and urged me to sign them as a sponsor. When NGW canceled their contract with GCN, GCN suddenly had a problem with me airing the ads. I was not given an option to pull the ads.

Last Month GCn owner Ted Anderson pressured the former owners of WTPRN to pull my show due to “copyrights”

In the past month GCN has censored my guests (no one allowed from Oracle, and Oracle could not be mentioned)
Also while I was in LA promoting GCN and getting censored by the city of Los Angeles, and the Obama campaign… My show was moved to stream 2 with no warning, publicity, or explanation. (After the fact we were told that its a “better” stream.)

I spoke up about these things on behalf of my listeners, guests, sponsors, and affiliates.

It should be noted that I have also kept a cool head in the wake of the most recent “Financial 911″ and it could be said that this wasn’t good for the gold business. Midas Resources is the parent company of Genesis.

Over the years many internet sites carrying my FREE archives have been chased down and shut down. This will no longer be a problem.

It should be said that NO ONE other than Alex Jones broke more major news stories on GCN than me. Therefore it seems that this is a personal, or political decision to ax DEADLINE LIVE!

The Truth shall PREVAIL! Freedom will win!

The replay you hear today is not LIVE on GCN. (Long Live George Carlin – Great rant to play on this day. They OWN you! Not anymore they don’t!
I am free!)

I had Keith Able from “Washington Your Fired” and Greg Palast booked today. It is a shame that the people will not be able to hear these gentlemen, and their unique perspectives on the economy, and who sunk the ship

Please call and complain to GCN, and withdraw your support on behalf of DEADLINE LIVE and Truth.

Please demand that the new show be carried on your local radio affiliates.

We will be back on the air next week on or

As always we will be carried on the GREAT Revere Radio Network

I hope that you will all go out of your way to support this new network!
They will need your donations, and their new sponsors, and mine will need your help and support. (Those in Austin and in Texas may have no Choice!)

The new show will be much improved, MORE RADICAL! and the remaining shackles will be totally removed from our daily broadcast. We are interviewing producers, and will try to raise our game to earn your trusted support.

I will also be doing a monthly show on w/ my true friend Meria Heller.

I thank everyone of you who supported us these last 3 1/2 yrs on GCN, and over the last 7 yrs that DEADLINE LIVE has been broadcast to the world.

Most Respectfully yours – In Liberty and Truth!

Jack Blood

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