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As some of you may know, after 20 yrs on the airnet waves – I took a year off. The reason why was pretty simple. I was bored with endless election speculation and coverage.
In many ways this has not changed.

It was a great year! I wrote, recorded, and performed a whole lot of music.

But my passion is truth.

Always has been.

I am good at finding it – and so are the people I know.

And we need it now above all else.

Libertarians, progressives (yep), and “truthers” * We have fell’d in line of the state, the war / police / O’trumpa / GlobalCorp ™ powers that be.

– I found myself spending more and more time debunking social / news media. Asking myself who is crazier?
Without a bandwagon to climb on. Like you.

So about 1 month ago – I started doing some semi-private broadcasts….. DJ ing. Now that I have my chops back (Allegedly),
*** I have decided to take the radio show to the world. One more time.


Monday – June 12th 2017, Radiogun Jack Blood will return to the “web-waves”.

Officially back on the excellent AMERICAN FREEDOM RADIO.

LIVE every Monday & Friday, 2 – 4 PM PDT / 5 – 7 PM EDT.
Also archived, and stream from Radio Free Blood channel at

Info always on Radio Free Blood FB page at Radio Free Blood. Please go like us there.

You can always listen from the HOME PAGE of Jack Blood – DeadlineLive.Info (We also have years of archives featuring celebrity guests and historical content. Always Free.)

AFR is the choice, not only because our most trusted friends run it, and because they are also here in Washington State (The New Hampshire of the West)… But because they have the tech to ensure that the listeners have all the new apps and options.

Top flight guests are already lining up for the Jack Blood Show, and we are super psyched to help them reach everyone.

We will be expanding to TV / video in the very near future.

News / Satire / Art / History / Politics / Culture Jamming…. The Jack Blood Show will most likely sound much as you remembered it.

To support us – please consider monthly donations of any kind to And always try to click our sponsors.

I greatly look forward to working with all of you! If it’s not fun – its work!

Yours Truly ~

Jack Blood

Radio Free Blood Attacked by “ISIS” / “CyberCaliphate”? Centcom? Israel?

By Jack Blood

On Friday August 14th 2015, the Jack Blood Show was hammered by a group posing as activist Muslims fitting a pattern we are seeing more and more of.

As the 2nd LIVE hour began, multiple posts under several user names began spamming, and filling up our live chat room with things like:

“God is Great”, “Praise Allah” and “بن لادن الداعشي المعروف بـ بعو :
am ben laden

بن لادن الداعشي المعروف بـ بعو :

  • am ben laden

    if you don’t went to dead give me a skype
  • you have 10 min

    *Ben Laden is likely not misspelled, but a name potentially signifying the author’s real name is Ben. Benjamin is often a Jewish name. ( Osama bin Laden means “Osama, son of Laden)

We attempted to stop them by banning the user accounts, which was effective for a minute, and then a renewed attacks came with new user names. Its important to note that creating a user name could take several minutes, and would require new email accounts. The speed in which this occurred seems to suggest either a coordinated attack, or a fairly sophisticated hacking into our network.

What made this even more suspicious was, at the time I was discussing Sen Bernie Sanders Zionist leanings, and playing a clip from 2014 where he nearly has people arrested for questioning him over his devotion for Israel, and his war propaganda regarding the Palestinians. “Isis” has declared war on Palestine (which doesn’t make sense unless we factor in their funding and support, which is well known to us. eg: NATO / Israel)


It might also be a problem that I am not a member or leader of a divisive group or gang, but that I am also planning a 2016 Presidential Run with Veteran Black Panther Larry Pinkney

Other than that, It’s hard for me to imagine why anyone cares to bother us. We do have high profile guests on air, and offer Original Content daily… But I rarely if EVER even promote this show anymore. This experience, and others like it (listed below) are the reason why.

So WHO was REALLY behind this “cyber-vandalism” gang-stalking, or Cyber-Terror, and what do we plan to do about it?

Whomever was responsible either has a poor command of the English language, or would want us to thing so. I have no doubt that some have truly fallen for the trap that is “ISIS” and its related organizations, much in the same way that American White Supremacists fall for the FBI infiltrated, or run KKK. However, the fact that The Jack Blood Show was a target, and the above stated timing of the target seems to suggest a false flag of sorts. eg: Israeli Intelligence, one of their sub groups of internet volunteers or perhaps CentCom / American Counter Intelligence (Coinelro) itself. (We are still investigating this – But Qui Bono / who benefits is always a great place to start.

Some may recall that recently Centcom itself claimed to have been “hacked” by ISIS. It was noted in the mass media as a major threat to security, until it wasn’t. When we dig into that story we find that nothing of the sort happened. In fact, it was only the social media pages of the Pentagon that were ALLEGEDLY hacked. (See – Pentagon: Hacking of CENTCOM Site a ‘Prank or It Doesn’t Really Matter if ISIS Sympathizers Hacked Central Command’s Twitter)

One might ask if they hacked themselves to gain support for a phony war against ISIS, and or tough internet laws that will surely come after an “Internet Pearl harbor”. Years back we learned that the I – Patriot Act was already written for just such an occasion, and all of the pieces are seemingly in place.

It should be noted that we have had this kind of trouble many times before! We once caught HALLIBURTON in Houston, (and simultaneously China) at the other end of a viscous, and again well times attack on our show by tracking the IP address of the perpetrator! So please excuse us if we are skeptical of said origins of “enemy cyber attacks”.

We have been threatened by international law firms (once on the behest of The Arab Press House), had a fake grenade thrown through our window, been gang stalked and attacked many many times (once while we were live on air protecting Tax Protesters Ed and Elaine Brown from an attack by the US Marshals on their land in NH…) We have had our house set on fire, been targeted in several public campaigns of slander (some even buying “sponsored links” on Google) and had groups go after and threaten our sponsors, etc etc etc….

Gang stalking is in interesting subject in itself. Israel has deployed this method on many levels. Interesting article here:  Radicalized Militant Judaic Gangstalkers are the KKK of the new millennium.

Israeli intelligence, known for their deception, has either hired or inspired Zionists online to both spread state propaganda, and to troll and post “anti – Semitic” vitriol on sites that merely question Israel’s foreign policy. See: ‘Common Dreams’ website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism  Also: The Double Identity of an “Anti-Semitic” Commenter. We have covered this issue in the past on our website: Israel Hires Internet Soldiers to Penetrate American Forums, Chatrooms


I have very seriously thought about walking away from all of this aggravation. The last several years have been very hard on myself and my family. We have been virtually blackballed in the Alternative media, Truth and Freedom movements (for telling the truth and wanting to be FREE), and any appeal of sticking my neck out for everyone has left me long ago.

However… after 19 years of this, I am not sure I know how to do anything else. There is a good chance that at my age, with a giant hole in my resume’ titled “Culture Jammer” or professional “Conspiracy Theorist” etc…. I am unemployable, and unwanted in main stream America.

I cannot help but think of Malcolm X. Having to turn on and expose the Wolves in Sheep’s attire, and thus enlightened to the true cause of Unity, Justice, Equality, and Freedom… Went to his death willingly, as he was called to be such a Martyr, and because there was no other choice to be made. I am certainly no Malcolm X, but that doesn’t stop me from relatively feeling my destiny is clearly not a peaceful or good one.

We will continue our efforts to trace and track down these groups and expose them for who they really are! NOT “Freedom Fighters” working to regain their own nations, and resources… But trash and trolls whom offer allegiance to take down the real Freedom Fighters who oppose ‘GlobalCorp’ and the One World Govt.

SEATTLE OR DIE! Jack Blood is Taking his Talents back to the “Emerald City”



Dear Friends and Supporters:

After near 25 years on the road sharing my Passion for the truth, my knowledge, my art and my soul with the people of the West, SW, NE, the Deep south, and lately the dirty south (Atlanta GA) … I am trying to relocate my family and my business back where I was born and raised…. Seattle Washington.

I have missed my friends, the people, the water, the weather, the mountains, and after just losing my mother… my family. We have great connections there to hit the ground running!

We have met some amazing, and truly INSPIRING people along the way! It has cultivated me into the person writing you today! Atlanta, while being great in so many ways, has not been too kind to us. There is nothing left for me to do here. In fact, I am now living on borrowed time, and my work is suffering for it.

I want to share with you my plans in the hopes that you will bless my decision, and support us by donating whatever you can to make this move possible. I’m afraid that without that support, my work will die here, burned to the ground just as this city was almost 150 years ago. Sorry for the dramatic tone.

So here is what we have planned, and we would like to get started right away!

1) I have formed a partnership with Greg Knight, a seasoned investigative reporter, and multi media expert. Greg has been contributing to THE JACK BLOOD SHOW for the last 3 years. His work is perhaps some of the best in the Alternative (to the “alternative”) media. Greg will join the cast we currently have in place, to bring YOU some of the most sound, and solid reporting anywhere.

Greg and I have formed The Information Factory. (IN Fact, FOR Fact….) We will be doing a number of things that I personally haven’t had the resources to do in past years. Greg is adding his knowledge, expertise, and video / editing equipment to our cause. We will be creating a series of short documentaries which will give everyone of you undeniable evidence of corruption and conspiracy. We will be adding an unbiased, neutral “Meme Factory” that could be an unparalleled, CULTURE JAMMER!

IF irish

Greg and I will be offering LIVE Streaming services to everyone / events in the NW. This company will be self supporting.

2) We will be securing “factory” space in Seattle to create a learning center for all to use a resource. It is one of my personal goals to invent a prototype of a 21st century library for the people. Here we can house hard copies of important documents ( think US Library of Congress, but for REAL history! ) AND… if possible we would like to set up a TRUTH Hall of Fame! to remember all the great men and woman who have contributed to the cause of truth and freedom… whom should never be forgotten!)

3) “CONVERSATION PEACE” – This will be a wing of our venture that will reclaim materials and FOOD from the every growing dumpster of our wasteful society, AKA: “Dumpster Nation”. These materials will be reused, and recreated to gallery form. From furniture, to electronics….. or everyday items…. We will attempt to re-frame the “Green Cause” to one of action and TRUTH. Each item we save will tell a story.

We will commission local craftspeople and artists to help with this project, thus giving underground employment to the people that sometimes need it most. We have other proprietary info on this we cannot yet share with the public, but it is very exciting. If successful, this can serve as a model for every community around the world.

4) PROJECT 1000 – This is a direct action activism group that I have had in design for many years, learning from my own, and other’s mistakes via working in the streets, and halls of power to “legalize Freedom”. Everyone reading this can join up. It requires little time from individuals, but is a true force multiplier in its effect. I will write a special notice for this in the very near future.

5) NOBODY FOR POTUS 2016. I have already joined forces with my good friend and brother Larry Pinkney (aka The Pink Panther) to launch a campaign for President of the united States. More info HERE:

Press Release: Nobody for President of the united States of America 2016

6) RADIO FREE BLOOD – If you lost track of us, you may not know that – thanks to your past support – I started my own Radio Channel. We will be growing and expanding this going forward! More info on RFB here: THE WORLD’S FIRST OFFICIAL “POP UP” RADIO STATION

*I also have a band that I have been with out of Seattle for 27 years, We are playing this NOV… and I will be doing some of my first Stand Up Comedy in Seattle, which is Impossible here in Atlanta (in the vein of Hicks, and Carlin) 



If you can help make all of this possible by supporting our move and contribute to our start up capital; we will pay you back in spades, by doing the work we were meant to do in an effort to educate and inform the public…. And create consensus to take back our freedoms!!!


To donate Directly to this cause – SEATTLE OR DIE – EMAIL me directly with the e-pay of your choice to: – We hope to avoid paying fees on your donations to a kick starter corp. If you cannot or do not want to use an epay program, please write me and we will send snail mail address for checks payable to DEADLINE PRODUCTIONS.

I want to sincerely thank ALL of you whom helped us get this far. We are near the proverbial goal line now, PLEASE help us get in for a score. All we have to do is WIN!

Most Truly Yours in Liberty, Justice, and Peace ~


Jack Blood / family and Crew

The Jack Blood Show goes 100% Independent with new “Pop Up” Radio Free Blood Station!


Blood  Show Logo



After 19 years of broadcasting on stations owned by others, being blackballed, used, and put through the ringers….. I finally did what I should have done back in 2007. Starting my own stream!



Radio Free Blood carries the exclusive broadcast of The Jack Blood Show, Monday though Friday at 3 PM ET. On our newly formatted show, you will hear NO commercial interruptions, No censorship, No agendas…. Just a near perfect peer to server quality broadcast of Talk, News bytes, and music production. The show can go as long as our usual 2 hours, or it has gone as long as 9 hours. (That’s right, no more crappy re-Skype quality used on nearly every other alternative radio station now.!)

Other than the 3PM ET (M – F) edition of THE JACK BLOOD SHOW, nothing else is “Scheduled” because there is no schedule. We just pop up when something is cool, or important is happening.

We have been keeping this all relatively quiet until we could work out some of the bugs. Close enough. Now we want you to join us, and help promote this unique radio airscape.

You can find our live player on OR if you have an older computer, outdated flash player etc… you can listen directly on our news site:



1) We have a LIVE Chat room, so you can make requests, share real time info, enter questions, and meet and greet other listeners of the live pop up format.

2) When you sign up to “follow us”, we notify you every time we are on the air. On some computers, the show will just “pop up” and start playing without you doing anything. Every time.

3) You can download the APP for phones.

4) You can raid our “SHOWREEL” (archives) to hear what we have done anytime you are ready to hear it.

5) You can embed our player anywhere you like.

6) You can share our player on social media, and your friends can listen from there.

7) You will also get to hear LIVE simulcasts of ALL Jack Blood shows, and radio appearances! (Including the monthly edition of “Blood n Guts” with Meria Heller, and The Power Hour w/ Jack Blood (and Guests / callers), every Thursday Morning on GCN…)

8) Its free, though if you like what you are getting, it is suggested that you freely donate every month. (AKA: The honor system) Most people send e payments to or write us there for mailing details. We should have a repetitive pay button there very soon.


RFB banner 1 pat



RFB can POP UP anytime. We have guest DJs, hours long blocks of uncensored music you are not getting anywhere else… RFB will also POP UP to cover and analyze breaking news, impromptu celebrity interviews, or live protests.

You might hear audio books, classic radio dramas, or audio documentaries…

Its as easy as signing in to follow RADIO FREE BLOOD, and we do the rest. No more buttons to push, searching around, or setting your watch.


We greatly appreciate your support in this new endeavor, and know you will find that this is about the coolest thing we have done in at least 11 years. With your help we can continue our outreach, and consistently go forward, and not back.

I also wish to thank all of the people that helped us, and supported us through the years. Without YOU we would have been eradicated long ago.

Yours Truly ~

Jack Blood

JB Show Exclusive: Fired NM Police Chief Shane Harger breaks his Silence!

Thanks to our roving producer Greg Knight for all of his work making this happen!

This show will BLOW YOUR MIND! You will want to share this with all of your friends etc..

Never before have you heard a Police Officer be this candid. Chief Shane Harger pulls no punches!

In this 60 min interview with Jack Blood, Chief Harger discusses the incident with a (fired / rehired) TSA officer that started a media storm which ended with Harger being fired, along with his entire staff, from the NM Tourist town of Jemez Springs. ALSO: How this was payback for enforcing the laws the rest of us have to follow on the towns elite.

The controversy all began when Chief Harger was on the way to Las Vegas to attend the “Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association” (CSPOA) Convention 28 January 2014 (This after he signed a document promising to honor the US Constitution while performing his duties as a Peace Officer. )

The chief also talks about Drug dealing and smuggling cover ups in New Mexico, corrupt police using checkpoints to harass citizens, and the murder he walked into when (allegedly) a fellow cop had just killed his own wife… as well as how his fellow officers destroyed evidence, and covered up that murder.

Halliburton Attacks Jack Blood

Who is Halliburton?

Halliburton is one of the world’s largest oilfield services companies with operations in more than 70 countries. It has hundreds of subsidiaries, affiliates, branches, brands, and divisions worldwide and employs over 60,000 people.

In 1992, Dick Cheney became the CEO of Halliburton. Halliburton then went on to be awarded several massive  ‘No-Bid’ contracts for the Department of Defense.

Cheney left Halliburton in 2000 with a severance package worth $36 million.

The fact is: The government is infiltrated with people who work for Halliburton and other corporations. These people only work in government to manipulate the system, ensuring big profits for Phizer, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin and so on.

And the fact is: All wars are done for profit, period. Wars are justified, allowing global armies (run by corporate interests) to destroy the local (Mid-East) infrastructure, then Halliburton gets the contract to rebuild it..without competition.

Now on to the creepy part;

Yesterday on The Jack Blood Show, which airs on American Freedom Radio from 7am to 9am PST, Blood’s computer was attacked by a vicious malware virus cyber attack.

“Texe Marrs and I were laying it all out today – not the usual “rhetoric” and “opinion”, but names, crimes, and direct info (his new video is “DIE AMERICA DIE”)

Then just as we were breaking down OIL / Iraq / China / Halliburton a MASSIVE CYBER ATTACK hit me – as bad as the last one we took live when Mario and I were hitting the CIA … running the Gulf cartels – I lost a new PC in that one.

…this time I was ready.

I let the attack go on long enough to get the IP’s” ~ Jack Blood 08/03/2012

Jack Blood then shut down and rebooted, finished the show with Texe via phone and checked the IP’s causing the attack

Here is what he found:

General IP Information
None detected
Static IP

General IP Information
CHINANET Chongqing Province Network
CHINANET Chongqing Province Network

That’s what I call Corporate Fascism!

IN MEMORY OF DON HARKINS (editor of the Idaho Observer)


Don Harkins Chicago

Don Harkins of the Idaho Observer died yesterday morning after a long bout with illness.

Don was one of the best regular analysts we ever had on Deadline Live!
I greatly looked forward to his monthly appearances on the show… Which I usually hit
him up for with a few hours notice. He was always up and ready to go for it, and I trusted his
take on all the news we discussed. He brought a wealth of knowledge and a common sensibility to
our broadcast. He just cannot be replaced.

America has lost a GREAT Patriot, an outstanding researcher and writer, and a truth seeker
I will miss Don and will always remember him a friend of the entire Blood family (listeners, readers, and our own)

Please, make sure that The paper he started, “THE IDAHO OBSERVER” lives on!
And that his partner Ingri has what she needs to continue in Don’s name.

Most Respectfully,

Jack Blood and the entire Deadline Live crew.

I would like to each of you to find it in your heart to donate whatever you
can to help Ingri with the very large Hospital bill she is now left with.
Send cards and donations to: P. O. Box 457, Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869


In Memory Of Don Harkins 1963-2009
The Idaho Observer

Don Harkins passed away September 19th, 2009 at 4:44 A.M. He was with me, his beloved wife, almost constantly throughout the night along with our dear friend Sadie. Don was sensing that his life was fading and simply didn’t have the strength necessary to recover. We prayed together throughout the night and made him as comfortable as possible, praying for guidance and strength. He was extremely touched by the outpouring of love and prayers for his recovery both locally and throughout the country. Don chose not to go to the hospital a third time since he was upset by the doctor’s aggressive “therapy” for his AML. He had a near death experience in the hospital in which he met his Creator and chose to come back to have this time with me in our space of love. Don was a source of inspiration for hundreds, always living his life according to his conscience as he disseminated truthful information to all who crossed his path. He will be missed by all of us who relished his wisdom, passion, humor and determined, energetic spirit. We are planning a celebration of Don’s life for next Saturday. We are currently seeking a venue that will hold 300 people. If you want to be notified of the time and place for the celebration of Don’s life, please email back with the subject –

“In Memory of Don Harkins”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your love, prayers, and support,

Ingri Cassel-Harkins

My Comments (Art), Don was a good friend, although I never met him in
person. We had some very good conversations over the years and he always
would find the time to talk, even when pressed for the printing of the paper.
Don was one of the truest Patriots, always helping those in need through his
words in the paper, which was an extension of himself. Both Don and Ingri
set the pace and kept us all in the know through the paper and conversation.
I learned so much from both of them over the years. they helped open my eyes on so many subjects.

I would like to each of you to find it in your heart to donate whatever you
can to help Ingri with the very large Hospital bill she is now left with.
Send cards and donations to: P. O. Box 457, Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869

Sometimes we assume the ones we care for will always be there, but in a twinkling of an eye,
they can be gone and you may have never gotten to tell them how much they meant to you
and how they affected your life.

Let this be a lesson to all that read this, Let the ones you care for know what they mean to you.

Don my good friend, may you rest in piece and may the Idaho Observer Live on in your name
and memory.

From Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum

Dear Lists…

I don’t even know how to start as tears fill my eyes. At rare times in life you meet someone who is not only a humanitarian, but a very special person in so many ways, a young healthy, dynamic person you never think of dying, at least no time soon. Don Harkins was an indeed rare individual. I’ve worked with him and his wife, Ingri, for years. He published the Idaho Observer but he told me he was more of an activist than a newspaper owner. He was also the publisher of the Artificially Sweetened Times, the 24 page booklets we distribute to warn the world on aspartame. Some years ago I gave him a booklet that was given out by Return to Eden in Atlanta to help warn against aspartame called Killer Kola. When Don heard about the thousands and thousands that read it, got off aspartame and got well he asked for a copy, and from that he put together the AST, and kept it current. He said “well keep it published until you get aspartame off the market “. It remains to this day in memory of David Oliver Rietz who died of aspartame and founded the largest anti-aspartame site,

He was an incredible writer and with a sense of humor you just couldn’t match. We wrote several articles together. I use to kid with him I was born without the brevity gene as I sent him some 4500 word article. He would laugh and with the patience of Job and the talent of a genius he would quickly put all the information I had written on a page or two. Sometimes I might need a title and he would come up with a gem in seconds. It was Don Harkins who gave us the title for our Aspartame Awareness Weekend flyer, last year – “Waiter, please remove this neurotoxin from our table”! He loved words.

Don wanted to help everyone and he wanted everyone to know the truth about what was going on in this country. He wanted people to become activists and make a difference. He didn’t care how damning facts were; he wouldn’t budge from saying it like it is. He didn’t need diplomacy, he just needed fact, complete truth. He was courageous and never thought of his safety. We loved his paper, but most of all we loved Don and we love Ingri. Ingri, as you know is VacLib and warns the world on the deadly vaccines.

I left a message on Don’s recorder last night because I heard he had been in the hospital. I didn’t know it was as serious as it was. In fact, I happened to mention to my husband I didn’t have a snail address and couldn’t send flowers. My Don said, “He would appreciate more a good book”. At Costco I was reading the books and thinking to myself, he probably knows more than what is in these books. I kept thinking about him last night and how I missed hearing from him, and called. I only got a recorder but it was still a pleasure to hear his voice on it. I wish I had called earlier and had one last conversation with him. A couple of years ago he came through Atlanta and we had the pleasure of having him overnight. It was wonderful enjoying his conversation and presence here. He was so charming and you just felt energized talking to him. We really missed him when he left.

He will be missed in the hearts of thousands because he was the type of man you could never forget, and felt blessed to know. You just don’t meet a lot of people who are just “all good and caring”, and would always stop to help anyone who had a problem. He made a difference in this world. If you spoke with him on the phone he always made you feel good, made you smile, made you laugh, and glad you had the opportunity to be in touch. I’m going to miss all those calls but we’re fortunate that we’ve had the opportunity of meeting him in person a couple of times.

I was shocked when I read below he had AML. I immediately tried to find out something and was shocked that he was only diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. Acute myeloid leukemia is so serious. In fact, as a young woman I worked closely with a hematologist on these cases. So I know how bad a diagnosis that is. I did a lot of research on this with CDC.

Consider the miracle of Lazarus’ resurrection in the Bible which served well as part of Jesus’ ministry, both to illustrate the power of the Son of God and to increase faith in him and the resurrection. When Jesus told Lazarus who had been dead for four days to come out, he could have said to an entire burial ground, “ya’ll come out”. Armageddon is obviously not far away and it will put an end to the evil in this world. Then the last will be resurrected first. We know we’ll see Don Harkins again one day, free of disease, living in a world free of evil. I know how many loved Don and I hope the resurrection scriptures below my signature will help to ease the heart of those mourning and know that this is just temporary, and we’ll see him again as a young man free of disease.

I tried to find an address for flowers but was told Ingri prefers contributions in his name. She has a $100,000 hospital bill to pay. (P. O. Box 457, Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869 ). Don loved words, so write Ingri about your remembrance.

I ask that you give a moment of silence for Don and bow your head in prayer to Jehovah God. Ask for his blessings for Don’s family in their grief and mourning.

In sympathy, love and memory of Don Harkins.

Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
Mission Possible International, and

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