MY INTERVIEW WITH GOD: Former MI5 Whistle Blower says he is Jesus

By Jack Blood
July 31, 2008

On August 1st 2008 – Former MI5 agent David Shayler will be commemorating the 10th anniversary of his arrest by French Intelligence for violating England’s State Secrets Act by giving a “Sermon On the Mount”.

He will not be giving this sermon as David Shayler, but will indeed be giving this sermon as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. This is because Mr. Shayler believes he is the savior and son of god.

Shayler has also claimed to be a reincarnation of: Several Roman leaders, including Mark Antony, as well as Leonardo Da Vinci, the South American revolutionary, Che Guevara (note: Shayler was born 2 years before Guevara died), some of the greatest military leaders of all time, including Alexander the Great, King Arthur, and Lawrence of Arabia, and some of the greatest philosophers of all time, including Plato, and Pythagoras… And lets not forget; Tutenkhamen, or Brutus of Troy, the Trojan who Britain is said to be named after and to have lived in Totnes, which is near where Shayler currently resides.

I decided to arrange an interview with Agent Shayler after receiving a promotional email from him last week announcing the anniversary and the sermon, hoping to get to the bottom of some bizarre rumors I had been hearing over the last year.

What we turned up in this July 30th 2008 – 60 minute interview was shocking.

Having had my world turned upside down a in 2001 after the 911 attacks, and I have learned to try to keep an open mind. But for me I suppose… There are limits as to what I can believe.
Shayler has run amok as of late by promoting the 911 “No Planes” theory to the ire of many in the “911 Truth Movement” This theory proposes that no planes were used in the 911 attacks, and that they were instead holograms which allegedly disguised missiles, which may or may not have been used in conjunction with space weaponry (depending on who you talk to).

I can imagine that the “No Plane” crowd was ecstatic to have had such a well respected high profile person join them in their hypothesis. Of course the “Plane Huggers” went nuts, and instantly ejected Shayler from the realm of truth hierarchy. Again I try to keep an open mind but have been extremely skeptical of the no plane theories… It didn’t help that the people promoting this theory seemed aggressive, argumentative, and in some cases unstable.

Enter Jesus.

In August 2007, Shayler wrote to The (London) Times newspaper claiming to be a reincarnation of a Jewish revolutionary named ‘Astronges’. For Shayler, “The Jesus of the New Testament” is an archetype. His name derives from the 13th Name of God in Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism made famous by Pop Star Madonna, and said by many to be the religion of the NWO Elite), which helps activate the Messiah consciousness within us. “I was, though, crucified with a crown of thorns and nails when incarnated as Astronges, a Jewish revolutionary put to death by the Romans at around the end of the last century BC”, he wrote. However, there is no record of ‘Astronges’ in historical texts. He was most likely referring to Athronges.

In September 2007, Sky News (Rupert Murdoch) quoted Shayler as saying, “I am the last incarnation of the Holy Ghost (aka the Holy Spirit) or the Yeshua or Jesus Spirit (aka the Christ consciousness). As the Holy Spirit is God incarnate as essence, I am God incarnated as spirit and man.”

I couldn’t believe it. It must have been some kind of trick. I had interviewed David Shayler several times, along with his fellow MI5 whistle – blower and live in girlfriend Annie Machon. The information imparted by both was crucial in detailing MI6 sponsorship of Al Qaeda. Their analysis was helpful in shedding light on the truth of the “War on Terror” which has stripped Americans and Britons of their freedoms, and which had launch several wars in the middle east.

I began the interview discussing with Shayler his arrest in 1998, and the subsequent attempts on his life by euro intelligence. We then touched on the DOCUMENTED information that put the English establishment’s back to the wall.

In the second half of the interview I began asking Shayler a series of questions regarding his credibility.

Shayler joined MI5 in October 1991 after responding to a job advertisement in the May 12th edition of The (London) Observer. He started work in F branch, which dealt with counter-subversion, including the monitoring of left-wing groups and activists, where he worked vetting Labour Party politicians prior to the 1992 election. “What did this work entail?” I asked. “Did you actively monitor peace activists or were you tied to a desk?”

My reasoning was, if he had been in a cointelpro style capacity, maybe his latest conversion(s) were due to some secret counter terror operation to defame researchers, and investigators who had previously aligned themselves with him. A pretty good job if indeed true. Shayler denied having any active role in counter “terrorist” operations stating that he worked the desk and monitored Politicians only. (This is still not a healthy role in my opinion, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt as I have no hard proof of anything otherwise.)

I then asked him to confirm reports that he was the Lord and Savior reincarnated. To my dismay he did indeed confirm this. He then gave a small sermon on “Loving Thy Neighbor” and telling the “truth”

American underground radio pioneer Bill Cooper once said, “There are Many Truths” and I constantly hear this quote when trying to sort out the varying perspectives of “911 Truthers” and freedom activists. Sure, it’s a matter of perspective. Each individual sees thing from a different point of view, which is why we never agree on everything…. But this was just too much.

I am ALWAYS weary of people saying that they talk to God, let alone that they are God. Such statements to me exude megalomania, deep psychosis, potential brain-washing, or a bad combination of drugs. The fact that Shayler, in a completely lucid state made this claim was untenable. Then again, not being religious myself we continued on…

I gave him a multiple choice question:

A) Under stress or hypnosis, have you convinced yourself that you are the messiah?
B) Are you putting us on in order to protect yourself?
C) Are you are actively trying to discredit the “truth movement” by claims of being the Messiah (and No Plane Theories)?
D) You are the Messiah?

Without blinking Shayler chose answer D.

We ended the interview by my asking him to put in a good word for me in “heaven”.

I still don’t know what to make of this.
It is true that the documents that Shayler leaked from his post at MI5 are still valuable in the sense that a document is basically unimpeachable. It did cross my mind however that Shayler has never “unofficially” left MI5, and that the intention of the operation was to impeach the general information that MI6 was funding Al Qaeda…. And or, to wreck the credibility of the Truth movement. We have seen similar ops in the past. Another reason to believe this, is the fact that Shayler lets the British Government (and the Crown) off the hook by saying that they were not in the loop during the operation, (though they did aid in the cover-up).

What is for sure, is that any opinion or critical analysis by Mr. Shayler regarding 911, or the London tube bombings of 7/7/2005 will be basically useless as a source.

It is unfortunate.

The end result reads like a perfect Psy Op, whether intended or unintended, it works the same way and couldn’t have been designed better if MI5, the Mossad, or the FBI designed it themselves. Those investigating False Flag Terror, and reporting their findings; will always have to wonder when interviewing a source if they will be embarrassed, and mired in craziness somewhere down the road. I regret that I will have to be much more aware of this possibility going forward.

If I am wrong……My “God” have mercy on my soul.

JACK BLOOD is a syndicated radio talk show host. Activist, and investigative reporter. DEADLINE LIVE can be heard Monday through Friday / 4PM – 6PM EDT on the Genesis Communications Network, and the We the People Radio Network, and on the Revere Radio Network. More information at

To hear the interview go to:
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DISASTER CHATTER – Engineering A Pandemic, Or Something Better

By Jack Blood
July 22, 2008

“Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries”….Henry Kissinger

In the third season of the Fox TV show “Torture On Parade” (otherwise known as “24″) Jack Bauer ( Not to be confused with Mayer Amschel Bauer – Patriarch of the Rothschild clan) played by Keifer Sutherland, comes back from deep cover and performing a CTU sting operation.

In the op, Bauer “accidentally” gives Fort Detrick WMD’s to terrorists in the form of a deadly biological strain.

When captured, they find Bauer has undergone some form of Stockholm Syndrome. The “terrorists” use the WMD to blackmail the American government into releasing the leader of the terrorist cell, which was based in Mexico. When they do not, the biological strain is released, first in a Chicago hotel through the air condition units.

The Germ quickly gets out of control and kills its victims in a more gruesome version of H5N1.

CTU comes in and begins extensive quarantines with authority to shoot to kill anyone trying to escape the quarantine.

After much torture, and graphic bloody death… All is well by the end of the day.

The reason I feel that this is relevant is that many people are suggesting something very similar is in the works today.

When I first watched this Season three edition of “24″ I thought, “my God, this is how they (the N.W.O. elite) will do it. Fear will overtake reason and of course Constitutional Liberties. Authority to guard “public safety” will overcome morality, and law. The people will submit in fear of dying a horrible death. Quarantines will be our personal, and collective prison…

Back in 2003 I interviewed Oliver North. I had asked him about the Anthrax Vaccines given to our troops in Iraq (which are now mandatory). What he told me was chilling. He said that many of the troops didn’t want to take the vaccine (with good reason as there is much controversy involved, not to mention that there is no solid proof that they work) so Col. North went on to tell me that if an individual declined, they were shown a short film about what it’s like to die from Anthrax. “They took it every time” said North with a particular little evil laugh I will never forget.

And that’s it in a nutshell.

The Elite can ill afford another 911. Too many people saw that for what it was. False Flag Terrorism.

They might have the same problem if they try it again, maybe in an event on a bigger scale! This is why using Nukes, or “planes” is not going to be the first option.


We have been hearing a lot of it.

On July 21st 2008 DEADLINE LIVE broadcast a show dealing with much of this chatter from Federal authorities, and leaders around the world. Here is what we covered:

1) Keith Champagne (who has been instrumental in keeping us up to speed on Ed and Elaine Brown developments) had this to say (in his own words), “Last week I went into one of my restaurants to deliver food (my job) and at the same time I got there a guy in a Crown Victoria with Rhode Island emergency management agency logos on it pulled up. He was just there for breakfast, I think he’s a regular, but he overheard myself and the owner talking about the economy etc… And as I noticed him paying attention I thought it was a good time to maybe pry for info. So I turned to him and I said to the owner, “lets ask this guy”, as I pointed to the EMA guy and I said to the guy “c’mon tell me the truth buddy the state has to have plans for the collapse of the dollar, the eventual collapse of the government, calling out the national guard etc huh?”

I kind of expected to be laughed at, I even said it kind of sarcastically thinking the guy would dismiss me, instead he put his fork on his plate looked down and slowly shook his head yes. I was shocked! Not that its happening but that he would admit it! Then he looks at me and says, “the people don’t know how bad its going to be, right now they have us getting ready for people dieing in food riots and dieing due to the inability to heat their homes this winter.”, then he says, “and on top of that the feds are telling the states to expect a flu pandemic this season that will rival the PLAGUE”…… THOSE ARE HIS WORDS NOT MINE!!! And he said “and we CANT handle it” as he was shaking his head in disbelief… he seemed like a really nice guy. He seemed really concerned. Then I told him that I myself have been planning for the need for 6 months of food and I’ve been telling everyone I know the same. He said “at LEAST 6 months”

We talked a little more and I asked him what he thinks for a time line and I said I think 2-6 weeks for collapse of the dollar and he said he feels September, though I don’t know if that was his personal opinion or not, but when he said September he looked at me and said “how are people going to feed themselves then?” …. I told him I’m thinking of moving to New Hampshire he nodded in agreement and I mentioned how a friend [Jose I hope I can call you that???? ] told me I should consider Texas due to the longer growing season and he said very sternly, “I wouldn’t do that I’ve heard that there is a ten week wait for AR-15 style rifles down there right now” , then he mumbled something about the ethnic groups stocking up weapons in anticipation of all this and he seemed to really be hinting that the border area of the south would not be a good place to be when it happens and like I said he was adamant about that…”

2) This email brought out an account of a similar incident with a SWAT team trainer who was also a “combat instructor” for this anonymous young lady (In her own words):

“I’ve heard similar stuff from my tactical instructor. He’s the local swat team trainer, also.

He said that they’re being told to stock up on certain things and they’re doing training that seems more like for total catastrophe and natural disaster than hostage extraction. He doesn’t get very much information, I mean, in the way of explanations, but he says “these are clues”. They didn’t used to have to get so many vaccinations, etc… They didn’t study food shortages and stuff.” (Now they are)

3) Keith also relayed a first hand story he had heard from an acquaintance working as a janitor a major Rhode Island University. She was given a memo which stated that she would now be trained by FEMA, and was given a card to get her through any FEMA checkpoints or roadblocks in an event of an “emergency” (No further details were given)

Then there is THIS:

Why Are Tens of Thousands of Plastic “Burial Vaults” Stacked in a Field Near Madison, Georgia?

The product is called a “Burial Vault.” They are made by PolyGuard Vaults. Their website describes the product as follows:

A Burial Vault is an outside receptacle or container, in which the casket and remains are placed, at the time of burial. This helps to maintain the above ground aesthetics of the grave site.

Polyguard Burial Vaults are now manufactured using an injection moulding process, and constructed of non-biodegradable, water and chemical resistant polymers.

It seems as though these are high tech body bags which could be handy in containing contagious disease in a mass pileup of bodies. Well that is one way to interpret it but who really knows?

And then there is THIS:

World warned over killer flu pandemic

The world is failing to guard against the inevitable spread of a devastating flu pandemic which could kill 50 million people and wreak massive disruption around the globe, the Government has warned.

In evidence to a House of Lords committee, ministers said that early warning systems for spotting emerging diseases were “poorly co-ordinated” and lacked “vision” and “clarity”. They said that more needed to be done to improve detection and surveillance for potential pandemics and called for urgent improvement in rapid-response strategies.

The Government’s evidence appeared in a highly critical report from the Lords Intergovernmental Organisations Committee, which attacked the World Health Organisation (WHO) as “dysfunctional” and criticised the international response to the threat of an outbreak of disease which could sweep across the globe.

The Government said: “While there has not been a pandemic since 1968, another one is inevitable.” Ministers said it would could kill between two and 50 million people worldwide and that such an outbreak would leave up to 75,000 people dead in Britain and cause “massive” disruption.

While we have persistently and ACCURATELY debunked such scare tactics (and Pharma profiteering) in the past with SARRS and “Bird Flu”, this warning comes at a time when nothing less than a mass pandemic could work to control the unwashed masses. IE: “Useless Eaters”

And Finally THIS:

U.S. stockpiling antidotes to counter a biological threat

U.S. Rep. James Langevin, the chairman of the House Subcommittee of Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, Science and Technology, convened a field hearing at the State House yesterday to gauge the progress of the state and nation’s preparedness for a biological threat. He was joined by committee members U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., and Rep. Donna Christensen, D-Virgin Islands.

State and federal officials told the subcommittee that plans and preparation had progressed, but more work needed to be done. The national stockpile of antidotes is being built, the federal government is working with companies to develop vaccines and antidotes to biological threats and more technology is needed to detect an airborne biological hazard.

On a state level, while hospital officials and medical professionals have become more prepared to deal with a sudden surge of patients, they know a large-scale disaster would leave them struggling to maintain care.

While this could all be just another running program for the “Fear Dialect” or yet another scheme for corporate public health profiteering, I cannot help but wonder if maybe this time we could be facing the real thing. There is no doubt that the Disaster Chatter is at an all time high, and that the Powers that Be have all the resources at their disposal to pull off what they are warning about.

If Africa is any kind of model or historical guideline, we should take every precaution JUST IN CASE!

That doesn’t mean that we should crawl into a hole and hide, or head to the mountains… Only Cheney’s bunker might be safe from this type of mass destruction.

What you can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Everyone reading this should do everything they can to avoid being caught up in a potential disaster.

1) Make sure that you are doing everything you can to improve your immune system! The elite can loose a weak pandemic without fear of being killed themselves by maintaining a proper food regimen, and by not needlessly using antibiotics and vaccines.

2) Make sure that you are stocked up on food, water (and water purifiers) as well as the means to protect what you have stockpiled. (Meaning have firearms, ammo, and learn how to use them!) If this goes live, the grocery stores will face mass food riots, and close within hours.

3) If this operation does indeed go live, do not take vaccines unquestioningly.

4) Do not panic or get sucked into a fear paradigm NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

5) Never sacrifice liberty for “security”

More updates on this story will come when we get them. Stay tuned to DEADLINE LIVE w/ Jack Blood.

JACK BLOOD is a syndicated talk radio host, and investigative reporter with the Genesis Communications Network, the We The People Radio Network, and the Revere Radio Network. DEADLINE LIVE can be heard Monday through Friday / 4pm – 6pm EDT on the web, on satellite, and on AM and FM affiliates nationwide. More information can be found at

24 Season 3 Preview



By Jack Blood July 20th 2008

For almost a year and a half I have been in the loop on a most fantastic story involving the Herculean investigative reporting of Chris Emery, Holland Van den Nieuwenhof and crew from

As hard as it was, I kept quiet and off the record, as the team investigated an angle of the 911 terrorist attack of 2001 which had Mohamed Atta (pictured right) and five of his alleged hijackers in Oklahoma City just days before 911, drunk, boisterous and brawling… Not a Koran, or prayer rug in site.

Last week – July 2008, they had reached the end of their investigation, and impenetrable walls of resistance prohibited them from going any further. Last Friday July 19th 2008 the Emery team decided to go public on my syndicated radio show, DEADLINE LIVE w/ Jack Blood. The result of which has sent shockwaves throughout the 911 truth community.

For the safety of all involved, the witnesses wish to remain anonymous until such time they can be guaranteed protection. All of the witnesses have given signed affidavits to Chris Emery. Documentation of the facts and evidence has been tucked away in safe houses in the USA and Canada. The evidence will later be released to Network Media, and the proper authorities.

The story started as the team was continuing their exhaustive research into the OKC Bombings of 1995. Almost accidentally they ran into witness after witness wanting to report that they had seen Atta and five 911 hijackers in Oklahoma City September 6th – 8th 2001.

On September 6th 2001 at 10 AM – 12 Noon – Mohamed Atta and four 911 hijackers were spotted at, of all places, the OKC National Memorial Museum by an employee who later told Emery that the five were speaking in a Middle Eastern dialect, and they had become “boisterous” inside the museum. The employee had to tell them to “Shut Up” and behave themselves or leave the premises. The five left the building immediately after calling attention to themselves.

The employee remembers the five lucidly, as in the entire history of the museum, no one had ever had to be asked to contain themselves. It was burned in the brain of the employee, and was recalled again a few days later when Atta’s cold stare was shown back on National TV after the 911 attacks.

The employee allegedly tired to report the incident to authorities but was ignored.

The 911 hijackers seen by witnesses with Atta have been revealed as: Abdulaziz Alomari, Saeed Algamdi, Ahmed Alnami, and Hamza Algamdi. (pictured in order below)

On Friday, September 7th 2001 (evening) Atta and crew turn up again at an OKC bar. ( To be named at a later date, but known to be frequented by police and spooks ) The group returned to the same bar the next night. The five were drinking beer and hard liquor, dancing, and eventually picking a fight with two local patrons. (Again very high profile / anti fundamentalist behavior, not easy to forget)

Atta, according to witnesses was the ring-leader and the one picking the fight, while his four cohorts stood at the ready to jump into the fray if necessary.

Chris Emery and team were able to obtain the Credit Card receipts from that night, and have spent most of the last 18 months attempting to trace the card numbers, and the authorization of the cards themselves. This was not an easy task as you could imagine. When fellow investigators found out what information Emery was trying to obtain, most decidedly bailed on any involvement. What was discovered in the end, was that the sequence of numbers on Atta’s credit card revealed a unique application only found on U.S. Government Credit cards. (Arranged such as to simplify accounting structures) Unfortunately, at this time… Any further search for information about the card was halted, mainly through a lack of resources to continue the investigation.

One card number used by Atta and crew had been EXPIRED a full six months before the September 7th and 8th dates the card was used and approved at this local Oklahoma City establishment. ( Now you try to use a credit card that is six months expired and see what happens) This transaction was approved without delay.

But… That is not all. There’s more… A lot more!

What can only be deemed as Totally Damning to the case presented by the U.S Government, and the 911 Commission… A fifth hijacker, was back in this bar FOUR DAYS AFTER 911. He ordered the very same brand of hard liquor (never before sold in this bar) as had Atta. It was a unique brand of Dewers. This was also paid with another U.S. Government credit card, also 6 months expired.

On Saturday – 9/15/01 (FOUR DAYS AFTER 911!) a mutual friend of Atta (who shook Atta’s hand and said something very briefly in Atta’s ear about an hour after Atta picks the fight with two club patron’s on Friday 9/7/01) comes back to the club with yet ANOTHER alleged hijacker identified in the photo line up as being Marwan Al Shehhi. (pictured left)

One witness notices this mutual friend of Atta and this new ‘guy’ are sad and somewhat depressed.

This mutual friend was a regular patron of the club for years and known by the witness as a trouble maker whom he’s kicked out of the club several times.

Saturday 9/15/01 this mutual friend brings in Mr. Al-Shehhi and says “they had friends that were killed…” and within seconds of answering this witness, Mr. Al Shehhi jumps over the bar and grabs this witness by the shirt collar and wants to fight with him. The witness pushes Al Shehhi away and yells at the mutual friend “What the Hell is his problem…” or something to that effect…

The witness repeatedly said he will NEVER forget the face of Al Shehhi as it was only 12 to 18 inches away from his for a full 10 seconds before he could push him away and off the bar.

There is much more to this amazing story which we will reveal in the coming days and weeks on DEADLINE LIVE and at

The purpose of this article is to lay a foundation to add evidence on top of. The Emery team, including blogger and radio host Andrew Griffin at will be doing everything they can, along with myself, to see this story through and to hopefully find some sympathetic reporters in the Main Stream Media. We are also seeking honest persons in law enforcement to follow up on leads we currently have.

At some point, like in every story… The search for truth itself becomes the headline.

We are asking you, the people of the USA, citizens of the world, and truth seekers everywhere to help get this story out as is, and to help circulate every new addition to the story as they come out.

JACK BLOOD is a syndicated talk radio host with the Genesis Communications Network. DEADLINE LIVE is also heard online on, and Monday – Friday (4pm – 6pm EDT) More information at

More info on Chris Emery and Holland Van den Nieuwenhof can be found at and they, along with Andrew Griffin of host a live talk radio show every Saturday at 6pm CST: THE RED DIRT REPORT / RADIO FREE OKLAHOMA on

Also of note:

On the DEADLINE LIVE interview originally broadcast on July 19th 2008 – Chris Emery and team presented the date of the incident with Al Shehhi as Sept 21 2001. This date has been corrected after re confirming with eyewitnesses to the date mentioned in the above article to Sept. 15th 2001.

The Full Original Interview Can Be Heard In The Video Below

*Ahmed Alghamdi [one of the alleged hijackers] had a namesake attend O.U. – School Year 1999 – 2000 [ Ahmed D. Alghamdi] @ 2037 W. Lindsey / Norman, OK

And School Year 2000 – 2001 [Mohammed A. Alghamdi] @ 3809 Quail Run Circle / Norman, OK – This M. Alghamdi had a cryptic email address printed in the student directory of [ ] .

*Atta, Alomari, Al Shehhi, Algami, and Alnami were also named by the BBC as still being alive. *Although a Brooklyn apartment lease from 1995-1996 bears Ziad Jarrah’s name – and landlords there have identified his photograph – his family insists he was in Beirut at the time. *According to the Washington Post: (Link has been removed)

Two of 19 suspects named by the FBI, Saeed Alghamdi and Ahmed Alghamdi, have the same names as men listed at a housing facility for foreign military trainees at Pensacola.

Two others, Hamza Alghamdi and Ahmed Alnami, have names similar to individuals listed in public records as using the same address inside the base.

In addition, a man named Saeed Alghamdi graduated from the Defense Language Institute at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, while men with the same names as two other hijackers, Mohamed Atta and Abdulaziz Alomari, appear as graduates of the U.S. International Officers School at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., and the Aerospace Medical School at Brooks Air Force Base in San Antonio, respectively.

* One of the roads to 9/11 starts in Oklahoma in 1993 when, according to the 9/11 Congressional report, Osama bin Laden’s personal pilot came to Norman to train at Airman Flight School. Five years later this had become a trend, as the local office of the FBI warned of the large number of Middle Eastern men training in Oklahoma Fight schools in a memo titled, “Weapons of Mass Destruction” issued on May 15, 1998. The next year 9/11 hijackers Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, or men using those names, visited Airman Flight School once again to inquire about lessons. [Boston Globe] In September of 1999, the FBI finally got around to visiting Airman to ask about bin Laden’s pilot training there six years previously. [9/11 Congressional Report]

In February of 2001 the supposed 20th hijacker, Zacharias Mossaoui, trained at Airman in Norman and lived in a University of Oklahoma Dormitory. [Oklahoma Gazette] He later moved off campus into a house he shared with Melvin Lattimore, a man with links to the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and the OKC bombing. In April of that year, the FBI documents that hijacker Salem al-Hamzi was seen visiting this house. That same month another hijacker, Nawaf al-Hamzi, was issued a speeding ticket in Oklahoma so he very well may have visited this 0ff-campus terrorist party pad also. And although al-Hamzi was seen at an al-Qaeda conference in Malaysia the previous year and afterward followed to the United States by the CIA, his name did not trigger any red flags when he was pulled over. [Daily Oklahoman]

Mossaoui later went on in August to be arrested in Minnesota by the local FBI despite much interference from their superiors. His roommate Melvin Lattimore wrote letters to the editors of local papers defending Mossaoui, but neglected to mention that he himself abandoned his lease on September 10, 2001.

Melvin Lattimore is an African-American, a prison convert to radical Islam, and was going by the name of Majahid Abdulquaadir Menepta at the time. Following 9/11, he was arrested for being a felon in possession of a weapon and imprisoned for fifteen months. According to last reports, he has returned to his hometown of St. Louis a free man, despite being linked to three terrorist attacks since 1993.

Before leaving for Minnesota, Mossaoui is documented as having a meeting at the Sands Motel in Oklahoma City with lead hijacker Mohammed Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi. This motel has proven popular among terrorists, for this same motel had been used the night prior to the OKC bombing by Tim McVeigh six years previously and had been a hang-out for Lattimore. [LA Weekly] According to Jayna Davis’ The Third Terrorist, a motel employee says that McVeigh left the motel that morning with another man in the Ryder truck, the mysterious John Doe #2, which reeked of diesel fuel. Witnesses also report that McVeigh left with what appeared to be a convoy of vehicles, including another Ryder truck. [OKBIC Interviews]

In August of 2001, following Atta’s and Mossaoui’s meeting in OKC, a plane ticket that was used in the 9/11 attacks was purchased at an OU library computer. According to the research of Michael P. Wright, the library assistant who witnessed this transaction said a white American male purchased the ticket.

Read more about the above long standing links from OKC to 911 here: Key to the Truth in Oklahoma – 4.19.95 and 9.11.01 by Holland Van den Nieuwenhof

Several 9/11 hijackers seen in OKC prior to attacks



The local newspaper headlines rang with dire warnings for all who would attend the Live Free or Die jamboree held on Ed and Elaine Brown’s front yard July 14th.

by Jack Blood

The local newspaper headlines rang with dire warnings for all who would attend the Live Free or Die jamboree held on Ed and Elaine Brown’s front yard July 14th.

“That’s an illegal gathering, and it’s not a safe situation for anybody to really go to, and the people who go there have to realize that. . . . We can’t say it’s safe for anybody to go there. We will not send emergency vehicles into this area, no matter what.” said Plainfield Police Chief Gordon Gillens.

Gillens also warned people in advance that no emergency services would be provided for concert goers as it was too dangerous to send them in to the area. Attendees were also warned that many would be armed and again were on there own if anything should turn ugly.

(The so called police presence was thin with only Chief Gillens, and officer O Sullivan at the bottom of the road, though reports of Federal officers coming and going were constant. The Brown’s were kind enough to send the boys some hamburgers which they appreciated and consumed.)

Ed Brown responded by assuring the police that he didn’t need any assistance by the city or state, and that we were perfectly capable of handling whatever might happen.

But assistance he received as airspace was closed over Plainfield through Boston and surrounding airports while a mysterious white helicopter circled the crowd of 200 for about 6 hours, flying so low at times it appeared to be coming in for a landing. At one point, after apparently refueling… The chopper returned appearing about 100 feet out of the trees. It must have been lying low in silent mode before it jumped out and buzzed the crowd. It felt like apocalypse now, Vietnam or Iraq.

The chopper was traced by its ubiquitous ID numbers N187AE as solo artist Dave Cahill was tearing through a blistering set on stage. With the help of GCN radio host Mike Rivero of we were able to determine that the helicopter was created exclusively for the US Government, and was registered to Homeland Security, and this was announced to the live audience and live web viewers.

Ed Brown at one point called the FAA to warn them that the chopper was too low, and could be in harm’s way as a commercial fireworks show was planned for later that evening. It seems to be debatable at this time whose airspace DHS was operating in, state or federal. It would seem that DHS can and will do what they want just the same.

I had the opportunity to interview Chief Gillens about this and in fact it was news to him. Ironically, he wasn’t in the loop until we alerted him to the situation regarding DHS. He had been superseded by the Feds repeatedly that day, and Gillens like the rest of us was at their mercy.

Maybe this was the culmination of Michael (the Devil) Chertoff’s “gut Feeling” and concert goers were all relieved that any attempt by Al Qaeda to attack the Brown home would be thwarted by the DHS Chopper.

In my opinion it was incredibly clumsy to have sent this chopper to harass the Browns, and their guests as I was grateful for the expensive show of force on peace loving constitutionalists. If I could have I would have paid them to do it… It looked great for the many cameras documenting the event, and must have been thrilling for those watching on the myriad of live web casts. A perfect example of what we are talking about, and succinct imagery to go with the anti police state music and message echoing throughout day. You really couldn’t have planned it better I thought, and DHS played right into our hands.

At one point, as darkness closed in, and after hours of constant buzzing and low level hovering (no doubt recording every move we made for future reference) the crowd became bolder. Ed had gone down into a pasture for reconnaissance which was certainly concerning as the chopper with a sniper could have easily taken him out. Flanked by videographer Terry Melton, and backed up by myself and others proudly defying the DHS Chopper while holding banners for “From Freedom to Fascism” and making “certain” hand gestures…. The laugh was on them.

A spotlight war began as one Brown supporter hit the chopper with a high powered light beam while the white helicopter answered back with a flood of light of their own.

As for the event itself? It was an overwhelming success!

The music was excellent and perfectly placed. Opening the show was a message by Ed and Elaine who seemed overjoyed by the attention, and support. Dave Von Kliest of the GCN Morning show The Power Hour did a great job opening with his original tune, “Show Me The Law”

Next up was solo sensation David Cahill who amazed the audience with a high tech acoustic guitar sampling fare, that was spontaneous and original. Dave was joined by Amber Bettez, lead singer of The Law for a sensuous version of Summertime (Billie Holiday) improvising the lyrics in support of Ron Paul along the way. Dave is a founder of Bands for Ron Paul, a member of and we are told his music is featured in Loose Change Final Cut.

After several speakers including myself, Luke Rudowski and Mike Knaar from, Danny Riley, Ted Anderson of Katherine Albrecht of, and, and host and Iraqi war Vet Torin Wolf… (All gave heart felt talks for the roaring crowd) next up was the cool organ driven tunes of Paperback Radio who came in by private bus from NJ and sounded awesome under the 80 degree sun.

The headliner Pokerface blistered the stage for 90 minutes playing many of their hits including “America” and “the Watchmen” while the DHS chopper hovered behind the stage creating a priceless sight and sound effect perfectly in sync with the anti police state Lyrics by singer frontman Paul Topete. All of this set in a background of the Brown home which has been under siege for many months, and Ruby Ridge survivor Randy Weaver standing up in support. This was truly a defining moment for liberty, and set off what is, and will be the 2007 SUMMER OF FREEDOM!

The show was closed by a brief video big screen viewing of’s interview with John McCain who had been in the state earlier that day. McCain was asked about the Browns and the “law” regarding federal income tax. Suffice to say McCain passed the buck, and babbled through the questions like a doddering old fool.

Blue Eyed Fools (who thankfully took care of all the days PA and soundman requirements) ended the event with their multi media industrial techno presentation which included quite a bit of 911 truth info including a tribute to 911 ground zero anti hero, Keymaster Willie Rodriguez culminating in a brilliant near commercial firework display that lit up the sky and sent hundreds of cataclysmic booms, and what likely sounded like WW3 throughout the hills surrounding the Brown property.

Of course people will be searching for the meaning of this historic event, and there is a lot of it.

    1. If one of us is not free then none of us are free. The Browns prove that wanting to be left alone to be independent and free isn’t possible in this day and age, and there really is no place left to hide. THUS, our only hope is to stand up for what we believe in and for the Republic we inherited.
    2. If we could pull this off, and stage an in your face concert deep behind enemy lines… There is really no excuse to be afraid of doing direct street actions, or organizing similar events.
    3. With zero incidents, and extremely well behaved participants; your new American patriots are some of the best, and most honest people on earth! For much of the day a bucket with over a thousand dollars in cash sat near the stage unmolested. Try THAT at the next Sean Vannity “freedom” concert and see what happens.
    4. There is nothing we can’t do if we summon the courage, and work towards a goal, hand in hand shoulder to shoulder! We have the upper hand when we play our cards. You don’t play – You don’t win. This day we WON! Carpe Diem!
    5. Live internet feeds of your events will protect you in even the harshest of situations.

Many people contributed to the success of the event, and credit should go to Danny Romero and the people at the fledgling WE THE PEOPLE RADIO NETWORK. Also Ted Anderson, owner of the GENESIS COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK who financed much of the event and bought all of the days free food and drink, (he cooked it too!) and did so without remuneration. All of the volunteers who did the hard and dirty work this day from building the stage, to security. All of the bands and speakers who volunteered their valuable time, KUDOS! Please follow the links of this article to find out how to support them!!!! The people that risked their lives possibly attending this event, some of whom even brought their children… You are all so inspiring and I was pleased to meet you all.

And last but not least Ed and Elaine Brown, who right or wrong are standing up for what they believe in, and putting it all on line for you and I. They were gracious and perfect hosts, and threw the party of the century. If you didn’t make it, a video documentary is being produced which you can find at in the near future.


It was a full moon over the Alamo in San Antonio Texas. We are not describing an old Louis Lamour novel, but the backdrop for the Ron Paul for President 2008 fundraiser that was attended by over 500 loyal supporters as Congressman Paul stood and delivered once again for the USA.Dr. Paul’s presence at the Buckhorn museum was electric over the set of 100s of stuffed game and wildlife trophies, enough so to freak out any card carrying PETA uber – liberal, and poignant enough to give hope to all Texans who have cast their lot and soon their ballots for the good Dr. Heard throughout the evening in exuberant circles, “We really might win in Iowa,” and “New Hampshire is ours.” Even the stuffed sheep (a metaphor that was hard to miss for anyone) seemed to agree� Ron Paul is the hottest thing to hit the internet since Loose Change 2!

It was a full moon over the Alamo in San Antonio Texas. We are not describing an old Louis Lamour novel, but the backdrop for the Ron Paul for President 2008 fundraiser that was attended by over 500 loyal supporters as Congressman Paul stood and delivered once again for the USA.Dr. Paul’s presence at the Buckhorn museum was electric over the set of 100s of stuffed game and wildlife trophies, enough so to freak out any card carrying PETA uber – liberal, and poignant enough to give hope to all Texans who have cast their lot and soon their ballots for the good Dr. Heard throughout the evening in exuberant circles, “We really might win in Iowa,” and “New Hampshire is ours.” Even the stuffed sheep (a metaphor that was hard to miss for anyone) seemed to agree� Ron Paul is the hottest thing to hit the internet since Loose Change 2!

At the upstairs auction two dedicated and determined fans bid on a Ron Paul signed copy of the constitution, which after much cheering back and forth went for over $4000.00 and had the crowd riled up in perfect concert to the speech by Dr. Paul which soon followed as a crescendo.

This was no stump speech as the people received a heart felt delivery, loaded with rapturous applause reminiscent of Bobby Kennedy’s final oration at the Roosevelt Hotel. (Thankfully with a better outcome, something one always contemplates when witnessing Ron Paul speak in public)

“The time for worrying about an exit plan was BEFORE we went in to Iraq,” said Paul speaking from the sweeping staircase. Talking about the wasteful spending of our nanny state, Paul went on to compare his fundraising for President as an example of how he would lead the country; “We raised 2.4 Million in the last quarter because we didn’t waste your money on silly campaign ads, and giant entourages” (we paraphrase). Needless to say the Congressman brought the house, er� the Museum down. Cue the lights.Is it any wonder that the Ron Paul Campaign is gaining so much momentum while many of the other campaigns are stalling and dying? What a show, what a night.Little did we know that the night was just beginning for many of us, and it was about to be a very long night indeed for Ed and Elaine Brown and their faithful in Plainfield New Hampshire, where Dr Paul will battle it out for the GOP nomination in the primary January 2008.While standing outside The Buckhorn after the event, Kevin Smith and Danny Romero from the “We The People Radio Network” were discussing with Ron Paul and his spokesman Jesse Benton, plans to get unfiltered news to our listening audience to better promote the campaign. We then received a phone call from Mike Knarr of to inform us that he just received a call from Ed and Elaine Brown supporter Danny Riley. Riley was reporting that 30-40 shots were fired from the wooded area that surrounds the Brown residence and instructed Knaar to make contact with WTPRN. Also on hand after the fundraiser was popular radio talk show host Jack Blood of Genesis Communications who was immediately informed of the unfolding situation.

Since WTPRN is the only alternative radio network set-up and equipped with state of the art broadcasting systems, which allows them to go live at a moments notice, Ed and Elaine Brown decided to make contact. Because of our coverage of the Brown’s press conference in June and our logistical organization of the “Live Free or Die Concert” they agreed then that we would be the most reliable source to get their message out live in an emergency situation. We immediately contacted the studio in Austin and began the live broadcasting of the Brown’s situation (Archives Here).

The live WTPRN coverage began before midnight with Jason Worsley and continued with Torin Wolf and Terry Melton after the Worsley show ended. Torin and Terry having just returned from a 2 week media assignment at the Brown’s residence began their coverage with Danny Riley calling in live from the Brown’s home. They immediately began receiving crank calls from internet pranksters who are often are mobilized because of their lack of sophistication and understanding of psychological operations. Could they have been set into motion by a professional infiltrator of their internet group? This tactic has been coined: Gang Stalking. The Intelligence community is quite adept at sicking seemingly innocuous pranksters on it’s targets, and the timing of these dedicated attacks has to be noted here.Torin was soon joined by talk show veteran Jack Blood and producer Kevin Smith who helped clarify the power of WTPRN’s system to identify troublemakers, and to also bring listeners up to the minute updates from the Brown’s direct off air contact with Jack Blood at his home in Austin.

What followed next was a 7 hour odyssey which included on the fly reports of constantly updated info contributed by Mike Knaar, and various live callers. Among the callers who were genuinely concerned for the welfare of those under siege and psychological warfare in NH, many of whom added great insight, were over 500 prank calls from an internet stalking group with a nefarious track record of shutting down systems and discussion. They, for the sake of this article shall remain nameless, but thanks to the outstanding resources of and the Revere Radio Network, we know who they are and were able to intercept their chat logs. We were one step ahead of them most of the night and they didn’t have a clue until Jack Blood blew their little game live on air near the end of the broadcast by revealing the attacker’s phone numbers captured by WTPRN’s proprietary phone bridge. Some of this chat verged on Cyber Terrorism, and the participants bragged about shutting down several prominent websites that could’ve been used for resources throughout the night. These included and

The broadcast itself heard worldwide included 2004 Presidential candidate, and nominee of the Libertarian Party Michael Badnarik. Michael is also a host on the We The People Radio Network, and was in San Antonio with us just hours earlier. Soon WTPRN host Alex Ansary also joined in.Like a movie thriller we were all on the edge of our seats as the Browns et al were seemingly pinned down in the main house, locked and loaded, and live on the air for most of the evening / morning. A series of events were heard real time by all who tuned in, from unidentified persons sneaking around and near the house, to the rocking and shaking of a trailer on the property occupied by long time Brown supporter “Jim.” (Later Jim exhibited the ultimate in courage by walking into the night from said trailer to the main house stating, “I am unarmed. Go ahead and shoot me you cowards!”We rode shotgun with the Browns throughout as Jack Blood continued to offer suggestions to Elaine Brown off the air. One of those suggestions was enthusiastically accepted as Ed Brown launched a parallel Psychological Warfare Op by bull horning the alleged federal agents hiding like snakes in the deep forest.Eventually the fog rolled in and dawn cast the light that sent the snakes scurrying back to their nests. Alas we had seen the Browns through another night. Just one more night and one more day following for the Browns to seek the answer to their challenge�.


By Jack Blood and Danny Romero


On Sunday morning, December 17, 2006, syndicated radio host Jack Blood was Pepper sprayed and arrested by Austin PD. He received multiple injuries to his Face, hands, arms, back, and legs in a 12 hour ordeal in police custody.

Following an after party for “The Arab League” with many fans and supporters of Jack Blood at the Jackalope on Austin Texas’s famous 6th street, Jack was standing at the back alley exit of the club waiting to leave, and talking to fans. Out of nowhere a fight broke out between two Hispanic males and one Caucasian victim who turned out to be an employee of the Jackalope.

The victim was knocked unconscious by the two perpetrators who were continuing to attack the defenseless victim. Without any fear for his own safety, Jack Blood jumped in and fended off the attackers and chased them away while dozens of onlookers witnessed the mêlée.
As Jack was standing over the unconscious victim to protect him from any possible further attacks until an ambulance could arrive, an Austin Police officer (APD Harvey 4694) came rushing into the scene and without identifying himself, or asking questions of the gathering mob… Proceeded to pepper spray Mr. Blood directly in the eyes, before violently cuffing him and hauling him off to jail.

No attempt was made to investigate the beating, or to identify the suspects of the assault.
The Victim was rushed to Breckenridge Hospital with a broken Nose and multiple injuries.

Jack Blood was transferred from the county jail receiving quarters to Breckenridge Hospital for high blood pressure and hypertension, where he was rigidly handcuffed to a gurney for 4 hours. He was not allowed to use a restroom, and several officers told him he would have to urinate in his cloths, an unacceptable command. Bottled urine samples were later illegally obtained by the authorities against Mr. Blood’s will.
“I did not ask to go to the hospital and refused treatment” said Jack Blood. “As I was not given the proper respect by my jailers, I fought back by unleashing a 3 hour Info-Tirade against Officer Harvey, making sure to wake him up every time he closed his eyes to sleep. Fair is fair and I will admit that they had a tiger by the tail trying to hold me,” said Blood.

A bit of humor interjected itself into the story when the doctor treating Mr. Blood admitted several times to both Blood and his jailer that he was a “Big Fan” of Deadline Live with Jack Blood, heard daily on 100.1 FM in Austin Texas. He vouched for Mr. Blood’s character to no avail.

Jack was released Sunday Afternoon with a promise to appear later in the week to face charges of Public Intoxication. “Yes I had a few drinks,” said Blood, “But I was in no way intoxicated, or a threat to the public. Indeed I believe that I was doing the officer’s job by jumping in to save a defenseless victim of what may have been a racially motivated attack. There are multiple witness, including the victim who are prepared to back my story,” Jack went on to say. “I Plan to fight the charges and clear my name.”

If this is the kind of treatment that Americans are to receive when standing up to help a fellow citizen in need, then we do indeed find ourselves in troubled times. is currently awaiting a statement from the APD.


I have been concerned as of late that the so called “Movement” has no direction or focus.


What are we trying to accomplish? Where are we, as a collective, to direct our time, energy and resources?


Do we know our enemy?


Is it Communism? We sacrificed so many and so much to fight a “Cold War” with collateral damage of Trillions of dollars, and millions of lives…Not to mention a nation drug addicted by CIA dope with prisons bursting at the seams with trivial narcotics addicts…. Is Communism a top tier of the Pyramid of global control?


Is it Freemasonry? We can tie together a global box of tyranny and secrecy full of card carrying Masons. The ritual babblings or protection of one bad apple for another…. The marble hand of Freemasonry touches everything it seems, though not every Mason is in on the plan… So where do we begin? Outlaw Freemasonry? Destroy the Evil lodge?


Exposing this clandestine group is certianly helpful Yes, but will it stop the impending totalitarian Regime of a central world Government?


Is it Satanism or Religious piety? It is true that the moral dogma passed down generation to generation is a form of mind control and it is true that a practical God does not discriminate with one interpretation over another…. Religion has been at the epicenter of nearly every war in history, and is used by the Globalists to divide and conquer the masses. Satanism is merely a religion. The Muslim community calls the West “The Great Satan” like the USSR before it, and the rhetoric from our side bares it’s dogmatic fangs in an indistinguishable fashion does it not? We should keep our definitions of faith to ourselves I believe, But what is certain is that even the Pope is not the capstone of control. Ritual Satanic sacrifice or abuse is WRONG ok…. Yet I believe it is really just a front for something more sinister, or complex.


Is it the International Banker? The Federal Reserve? The Bank for International Settlements, or the IMF? The current monetary scheme is only the latest coin of the realm… But it is a double edged sword that cuts both ways. We can outlaw their currency overnight with a solid collective movement. Imagine if enough of us bow out of the banking system…. If we used gold, silver or bartered for goods and services…


It may seem unrealistic to many but I assure you, unplugging from these people feels GREAT!


Is it Zionism or Jewery? This Myth is confusing I know… It’s easy to fall into and in many respects falls under the title of religion, race, or even Freemasonry…. Zionism Israel, IS REAL yes it is! Like Satanism it is very destructive in its methods and exclusivity. What freaks good people out is the idea that “Jews” own the media and the banks…. that they have a monopoly hell bent on destroying the gentile to eventually rule the world for their own predestined purpose…


Whether a globalist is Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or Pagan is of no concern. I say this because it is of no concern to them. They ( unlike us ) have a central focus… They will worry about how to divide the pie some time after they have conquered and enslaved us.


There is no room for subversion in their movement. They all probably worship Molach or some Babylonian deity anyway. The fact is…. The Zionists are a cunning front for something indifferent to tribal cliques… They make a hearty shield for those who call the shots. I am willing to bet that they get a good laugh out of this.


Is it the Bush Family? That will really make the Globalists laugh it up!


Is it the Nobilty of Europe… AKA the Kings and Queens whose Bloodlines have terrorized the masses for millenia? Close but no cigar.


Is it a reptile race from another galaxy or plane? YES! No just kidding…. I have no quality evidence to substantiate this, though the demagoguery of Reptiles by the Elite is certainly intriguing.


Is it Skull and Bones 322? They are a cute little Death cult for sure, and dangerously close to the real threat by coincidence or design, but one way to tell that your target is not sure is the mere fact that you know about them. The real culprits are always in the shadows…At least as we view modern history.


Is it the Bilderbergers, or the “Round Table” groups; the CFR, RIIA, The Club of Rome, Trilateral Commision, Committee of 13, 100, 300? Is it Bohemian Grove?


Is it the Military Industrial Complex likely owned by the International Bankers who is a Bilderberger and hangs out at the Grove? Nope. These are only cards in the deck, and get their power from a higher source!


Is it the “Cult of the All Seeing Eye”…..We are getting warm. This is the symbolic Tm (Trade Mark) of the Bloodline Families or rallying point of every character listed above. It IS the capstone, and signifies the power point of control. This is where all of the muscle is, and where the money trail leads. Anytime you see this “Cult of the Eye” symbolism RUN! FAST!


So who IS the enemy then ??? Ultimately…… THE ENEMY IS OURSELVES !


What’s that Jack? You heard me….We are our own worst enemies! We have enabled the Globalists to power… We have contributed to every loss of freedom, and participated in every form of illegitimate government!


We have given up our freedoms willingly, and as a divided collective…. Forfeited our right to think for ourselves, follow our dreams, and attain a higher consciousness.


So that’s the answer folks. QUIT GIVING UP YOUR POWER AND FREEDOM FOR TRINKETS AND FOOLS GOLD! Strive for something of eternity and not the trapping of “civiliazation.” If tomorrow comes WW3 are you prepared to chose between comfort and “security” / Control? We should be conditioned not to DEATH but Life. We should help each other break out of the Matrix…. We should say NO to Bankers Debt, and the Mind Control lights of the TV…. We should Peace for peace not fight for it, AND we should not recognize illegal and oppressive Tyranny!


Always remember folks… The base of the Pyramid supports the Capstone!


Your Dreams are waiting for YOU to come true.

Be BOLD and great things will come to you.


Love Jack

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