Jack Blood Show – February 23 2018

Friday – The Jack Blood Show: Rants on real debates, and debunked illusions. As always news, history. Owing karma to the mighty forces, our listeners and supporters!

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  • “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…”

    In order for a militia to defend a state, it must have weapons as good as or superior to any of its opponents. It is reasonable to assume that this militia will face not only FULLY automatic weapons, but also cannon & tanks, AIRCRAFT, etc. As militias are composed of private individuals then the militia’s arms are provided by individuals and NOT governments.

    Therefore, the only way to make sense of this first half of the Second Amendment is for individuals to have these necessary arms to become components of the militia and to provide the militia with its arms. Then there’s still the second half, but the first half establishes the context.

    Also, The right to bear arms is a corollary of the right to self defense and the right to self defense is itself a corollary of the right to life. Unfortunately, no one ever talks about these two points.

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