Animal Farm’s Anthony “Tony Pax” Packes passes away

Anthony “Tony Pax” Packes host of the former radio show Animal Farm died of a brain tumor on Saturday, Dec. 30 surrounded by his family. He was 36. (Click Here For More Information)

Before he passed away, Anthony Packes and his wife Toni brought their bundle of joy, Paul Anthony Packes, into this world on December 21, 2017. Paul is Toni & Anthony’s first and only child.

As friends of the Packes family, we would like you to RALLY and SHOW YOUR SUPPORT.

Paulie will need funds for diapers, food, clothes, toys, childcare, activities, and an education. This is an urgent call to action! We have to move some mountains here, and we think we can do it!

Anthony and Toni would never ask anyone for handouts but would be the first to give you their time, money, talents and hard work.