Fidel Castro: America Only Loves It’s Own Dictators

George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion. John Adams Insurrection act, Alien and Sedition Acts. FDR rounded up, and locked up American in camps, Lincoln locked up everyone suspending Habeas Corpus, and Posse Comitatus…. Wilson (Fed Prez) locked up anyone criticizing WW1 (anarchists) and instituted his own Sedition Act, (made it a crime to “willfully utter, print, write, or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of the Government of the United States” or to “willfully urge, incite, or advocate any curtailment of the production” of the things) Nixon had people shot at Kent State, set up in the streets via Cointelpro, and Operation Chaos. Bush Sr. gunned down the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge. Clinton went after the American Militia, Murdered children at WACO, and at the A. Murrah Building in OKC, And assassinated those holding information to damage his family… Bush ushered in his own Insurrection Act aka: The Patriot Act and the 2007 Defense Authorization Bill, where it was made justifiable to kidnap Americans, and use torture to force them to incriminate themselves and others. (Many foreigners taken to Gitmo, in…. CubaObama raided anarchists homes looking for books… Used the IRS (as did 6 other Presidents) to hassle conservatives, Drone attacked Americans without trial, oversaw the murder of journalists, Raided those selling raw milk, or producing life saving CBD… Shall I continue? 

Some of the victims of American Tyranny (too numerous to mention) are Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, Karen Silkwood, (Long list of whistle blowers..) Journalists: Gary Webb, Michael Hastings, James Hatfield, LaVoy Finicum, even artists like Lenny Bruce, John Lennon, and Jim Morrison suffered for their expression, or were murdered by the State…..

All I am saying is that we here in the US often get very righteous in light of our history of our own state sponsored Tyranny.

Yet in the days following the death of Cuban revolutionary, and defacto leader of Cuba for the last 57 years… The reactionary US propaganda machine, Neo Cons, and social media is afire with labels such as “brutal dictator”, thug, murderer…

To be clear, I am NOT championing Castro.

I asked this question on my Facebook page:

Which US president wasn’t a total murdering POS? Really… I wanna know. *Writing on this tomorrow for the Blog (+ rash of connected national violence….). I may not be a big Castro fan (I have friends that have had sit downs with him and swear he’s a truther..) but comparatively – what’s the difference between Fidel and say: LBJ/Nixon/Reagan/Bush/Bush/Clinton/Obomba? #FTAAaDoneDeal

I received many answers, and of course condemnation from those who believe it “un-American” to even have such a debate. Ironic huh? People often get very upset with me for pointing out that even THEIR Emperor is naked. Rigid thinking, hair standing up on reddening necks, white knuckles… It comes, no doubt, from controlled belief systems and political dogma. This conditioning usually stems from fear, and insecurity… But that is a concept for another article.

The two US Presidents that seemed to get the most love (sans Reagan – shivers at the thought of REX 84 ) were Carter and Kennedy. But even they were flawed, and bloodstained. Carter with his Z-Big, Rockefeller, CFR Trilateral Crew, and Kennedy with his fiercely Anti Communist, Skull n Bones crew…

Jimmy Carter the self-professed advocate for human rights demonstrated quite the penchant for bloodshed. While he didn’t initiate any aggressive invasions of foreign nations the way his predecessors and successors did in Vietnam,Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries, Carter proved remarkably generous at providing financial, military, diplomatic and ideological support for fascist dictatorships that tortured and killed millions of members of their domestic populations in an effort to crush popular movements for social justice. Some of the regimes he backed carried out mass slaughter that amounted to genocide.

“Carter was the least violent of American presidents but he did things which I think would certainly fall under Nuremberg provisions,” said (gatekeeper extraordinare) Noam Chomsky. Much like Nobel Peace-prize winner Barack Obama 30 years later, Carter was an advocate of human rights in the abstract, but of repression and imposition of power through violence in practice.

It was JFK who decided that South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem needed to be removed from office NOT because Diem was engaging in repression against Buddhists, but because Kennedy had become convinced that Diem was an impediment to winning the war. As a result, when prodding from Washington failed to work, it was JFK who authorized the coup that resulted in Diem’s overthrow and assassination on November 1, 1963 (this act set up the Vietnam war…)

JFK backed an ill-advised (oil) coup in Iraq too…. The USSR leaning dictator was not a saint, but you should generally avoid killing other countries’ leaders when you can help it (I would argue you should avoid killing people, full stop, but that’s another matter). Coincidentally (ahem) the coup put the Iraqi Baath party in power, setting in motion the chain of events that would result in (Safari Club / CIA hit man) Saddam Hussein’s decades-long rule over the nation.

Killing Hope: U.S. Military and C.I.A. Interventions Since World War II–Updated Through 2003

JUST WHO WAS FIDEL CASTRO? Contradictions abound….

The Emmanuel Goldstein of the west? Son of elite sugar plantation owners? CIA asset? Drug Dealer? 

Ok, Its complicated. To simplify it I will ask a general question, Name ONE hard lining dictator in the western hemisphere that was NOT installed by US foreign policy. I am waiting….

Fidel was brutal to those whom opposed him. He censored the media, and had people executed. I believe this. I also think in many ways he had no choice but to rule in this capacity. Its how you last for nearly 60 years in an environment of assassination and overthrow. I will NOT justify it.

Castro was of course the designated driver for US policy driven change. Batista had gotten too big for his britches. Stopped taking orders, and was extorting some powerful elites in the process. the Gaddafi of his day, creating a dangerous example of economic independence from the bankers. Even the mafia had tired of Batista’s one sided racket. So Coup de tête was in the air. Thus Fidel Castro’s 26th of July 1959 Movement, and its allies against the authoritarian government of Cuban President Fulgencio Batista. Who better that two sons of wealthy oligarchs to usher it in. Fidel and Che. But as it always happens, dictators seek a better deal. They do not take dictation.

Jim Perloff writes: “Note the absurdity: the U.S. spent billions and sent 500,000 troops around the world to Vietnam to “fight communism,” yet it wouldn’t lift one finger to fight communism in its own backyard.”

Via “Molecule” an alleged inside CIA source: 

“In the 1950’s, Illuminati bankers David Rockefeller and Eugene Meyer organized a Cuban partnership, called the Moa Bay Mining Co. 

As his appartchiks, Rockefeller hired the three stooges of the Caribbean, namely Fidel Castro, E. Howard Hunt and George H.W. Bush. 

Rockefeller’s Citi-Bank provided the financial support that Fidel Castro needed for his ouster of Batista, and that Rockefeller had profited immensely from Castro’s fictitious “expropriation” of Moa Bay mining fields. 

Castro received his training in the arts of economic terrorism and guerrilla warfare from US Army Special Forces, Col. William A. Morgan of Ohio. 

Rockefeller maintained actual physical control of all of “Castro’s” oil and mining operations. Meanwhile he collected extravagant profits from endless “Pentagon bailouts” by the U.S. taxpayer. 

Castro was a Meyer-Rockefeller-Dulles lackey. With Zapata Oil as cover, he soon became Bush’s favorite candyman. Castro was doubtless pre-briefed on the impending April 1961 invasion, by a clutch of clueless Miami Cubanos, who were lead straight to their slaughter in a perfect military gauntlet, a crossfire in a long and narrow bay of water at the “heel” of a unique Cuban landmass, in fact a marine swampland drenched in oil, known as the Zapata.” 

The USA’s all hands on deck approach to assassinate Castro is legend.  The creepiest of slime put on the project at Fort Detrick MD, many interlocked with JFK conspirators working a fast acting cancer weapon, that most likely was used on Castro comrade Hugo Chavez. Its a very interesting story fleshed out in books like “Dr Mary’s Monkey” by Ed Haslam.  

Even through all of this, Fidel remained untouched. The rhetoric from the USA only worked to solidify his power in Cuba, and beyond. This my friends is not incompetence, but design.

In 2003 interviewed a “fellow” at the Rockefeller controlled American Enterprise Institute, Mark Falcoff. I know that this kinda slipped out, but he told me that Rockefeller had men up and down the Cuban food chain. I believe Fidel’s brother, and current president of Cuba Raul Castro is one of these assets. If not the next in line , Miguel Díaz-Canel will certainly be a Rockefeller man. Or else.

Of course the American Left wing will tell you about all the good things Fidel did. You’ve heard them. Health care, Literacy, Championing the cause of anti apartheid in both Africa, and against Israel for the Palestinians. They will tell you that Fidel turned on the Banks, and stopped the FTAA. Most of which is as glamorized, and glossed over as is the truth about Cuba vs the never ending array of Anti Castro propaganda. Suffice to say…. Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was many thing to many people. Its just not that easy to make a blanket statement regarding his legacy. This is why I write today.


Trump has vowed to roll back any diplomacy that was enacted by the Obama Administration. He has said that he will throw down with some tough negotiations, which Cuba will comply with or face renewed sanctions. Of course these sanctions are most brutal to the citizenry. As we have witnessed world wide. The controllers always live quite nicely.  For Trump and the GOP, gaining a voter advantage in Florida is a driving force. They will find many allies in banking and industry to help move the football over the goal line. Obama’s (David Rockefeller / Henry Kissinger) policy towards Cuba was a means to an end. Now that Fidel is gone (officially, because like the death of Osama Bin Laden… there is ample evidence to show Fidel has been dead more that 10 years) tweeking of that policy cant stand for some adjustments. 

The key to all of this is to control further revolutions in Central and South America, control resources there, and ultimately consolidate the hemisphere into one Regional government. David Rockefeller’s bucket list dream.

And now…. Who is in the way to stop them?

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