Its Called ThanksGIVING… Not Thanks Taking

It is that time of year again. Yes, the gateway to Christmas shopping, decorations, A GMO Turkey in every pot… Or if your willing, and able; a NON GMO, no Chemically induced bird. Preferably deep fried thank you.

Its a time to take special inventory of what we are thankful for. 2016 was an especially cruel year, so if youre like me, this may require some calculus.

Normally our family tries to get an extra Turkey to cook, slice, and make into to soup and sandwiches, which we take to the city’s many homeless. Turkey on white, with mayo and lettuce… Soup is rich and fat, with carrots, celery, sweet corn, onions, garlic, and egg noodles.  But its been a bad year in the Blood house. The rents are too damn high! Ours up 15% from last year. Taxes are too damn high. We are putting in almost $1000.00 a month, and this is money we would use to give back, or god forbid… pay for healthcare, or even take a trip. So this year it doesn’t seem possible to help others as we normally would. I guess we can thank the Takers for that. Regressive monetary policies can have that affect on us all. Like so many of you, we are one bad month from being homeless ourselves.

But “paying it forward” is important to us, so we will find a way to do something. Gathering blankets, and warm clothing to share in the big chill of winter is another local idea we are pursuing. Last year I spent a few nights under bridges with just a sleeping bag to live what others go through every night. Its a hard way to sleep. No one should have to do that, but if they do we can hopefully make it a little better for them.

“Since 1970, Native Americans have gathered at noon on Cole’s Hill in Plymouth to commemorate a National Day of Mourning on the US Thanksgiving holiday. Many Native Americans do not celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims and other European settlers.”

Every Thanksgiving we hear a justifiable outcry on social media about the plight of our indigenous people in America. Issues of genocide, and murder crowd the table with which we engorge ourselves. This year is particularly glaring with the situation at Standing Rock North Dakota. Its difficult to debunk the Indian complaints, and to them a whole lot of TAKING has occurred over the last 4 -500 years. In a perfect world, instead of pardoning a turkey, which is an annual goof put on by our sitting President of golf… Perhaps a pardoning of Leonard Peltier would serve Mr Obama’s legacy better. Dont count on it. Dont Count on him or Mr Trump stopping the attack on native protesters at Standing Rock, or stopping the pipeline in question. Its only water after all. Be thankful we dont murder the lot of ya. Be thankful for petro chemical Inc.   

So yeah, while its tempting to be pessimistic, and there’s a lot to complain about… Its Not the spirit of the day. That we take back.

This then is my prayer…

Cue music:

Thanks for political incorrectness….. Without it we would be nothing but file sharing drones.

Thanks for cat videos….. for which we can finally all agree on something, that, in fact cats are cute, though also truly an evil spawn.

Thanks for “Black Friday” ….. One day a year, not counting Memorial day, President’s day, Columbus day, Veteran’s day, Independence day, Mother’s day…. etc etc… That we can be herded like morons for discount slave made mattresses, and technology. Monky see, monkey do.

Thanks for never ending Hallmark channel holiday movies…. One of our true American exports; Boring Drivel. It keeps wanna be, and used to be actors employed, and the TV bar low for future reality stars.

Thanks for Mandatory holiday police DUI checkpoints, and forced blood draws…. You may be Nazi Vampires, but damn it… you are OUR Nazi Vampires. Without them; parasitical attorneys, prosecutors, bureaucrats, and jailers might all be out of work.

Thanks for egg nog….. Which is so delicious that big dairy only sells it 45 days a year. Just giving the people what the want eh?

Thanks for the lame duck holiday congress….. You’d think that by not making more selctively enforced laws, we would all be the better for it. But No, some of the worst legislation ever crafted in the history of the USA was slid by on by us over the holidays. The Federal Reserve Act, and the 16th amendment for instance. 

So much to be thankful for and so little time.

Thanks to my friends and family, especially the ones that didn’t stop talking to us because we backed the wrong candidate…. or because we refused to vote for any of them.

Thanks to everyone that votes with their money, and their time…. YOU will change things in the real.

Thanks to those in the peace consciousness… go forth and multiply.

Thanks to every one of you – every day of the year. Much love my brothers and sisters.

In Truth and Liberty,

Jack Blood

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