Call Him MR Trump – The Bizarre Ascension of a Mob Rule POTuS

Orange is the new Black? Sorry, couldn’t resist. Resistance was futile…

“ITS RIGGED” ~ Donald Trump

It was not so much an overwhelming vote. Slightly above average. This means that somewhere around 150,000,000 potential voters did not vote. Either because, they boycotted the election, or because they just do not care. I fell in the former column.

Regardless, history was made in the early hours of November 9th, 2016. By hook or crook, Mr Donald J Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the USA. 9/11 and 9. This will always be. No way to go back. We mush move ahead now. I for one am very happy its finally over. Though I’m sure we are mere days away from the next election. Always an election…

I wrote a small u in the title (POTuS) for united which, in my perfect scenario, represents what 55+ Million think they voted for. A “De Jure” Government, rather than a BIG U “De Facto” Government. (The former would be by law / constitution, while the latter by fact, or outside the law)
But the small u can also represent that idea that we have never been more divided as a country… Despite the change of tone by MR Trump geared to alleged reconciliation.
MR Trump can be counted on to exact vengeance on his perceived enemies.The mob that selected him are all in, laughing in their sleeves at those of us who doubted his prowess, and his potency… At those of us who have been split off from the herd. Banished into the wilderness.

In this air, those like myself should tread very lightly. We are surrounded by both those who blame us for the Trump victory, and those who aggressively co signed it.


I voted for Clinton….. In 1992, and I still feel responsible for outcome. You Trump voters may come to feel the same way.. Only time will tell.

Its easy to see what the issues were surrounding the narrow defeat of Ms Clinton.

1) Bernie progressives either did not vote, or voted for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. (Both of whom are now hated by anti Trumpers) I watched Ted Rall, Cindy Sheehan, Anthony Freda, and Stephen Lendman among other popular paleo liberal opinionists lead the charge against Hillary. They, along with me will be blamed. For what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders, whether he was the real deal or just another gate-keeping shill… Its justifiable. Would the Bern have beat the Donald? We will never know. Ultimately, his Clinton endorsement #sellout failed. He will get nothing in return. In any case, it cost the Democrats the election.

2) Minorities did not have the same affection for Hillary Clinton as they did for the REAL first Black President. Even the shaming, and pleading by Obama did not solve this issue. They simply stayed home, or voted for Trump. Now they blame white America? “Make America White Again” is the ringing slogan.

3) Wikileaks won! Julian Assange is not a republican, or even a Trump fan. They wanted chAos…. They got it. At the very least, Mr Trump and team owe him. BIGLY!

4) Clinton’s extensive baggage was just too heavy to carry. The potential for a lame duck administration, rife with continual investigations, and accusations… Would have certainly stalled agendas. The Powers that be, constantly shifting in the cost benefit analysis winds of changing horses mid race, did just that. I certainly was effected by the rhetoric of Trump being an outsider, though I never consciously believed it. Winning the election proves that this notion was never true. If the uber elites were really worried, they’d have killed us all before letting him win. Those whom approve both candidates, and lord over gerrymandered elections, never lose.

5) He who hacks last hacks best . Them who fix elections best, win.

6) An estimated $2.5B was spent on the 2016 election by Clinton and Trump. 40% of that by Trump. This raises the question if money really owns politics. Jeb, was the first to suffer under this new paradigm. Also, Trump had no discernible ground game to register voters, or get folks to the polls. Apparently this is also passe.

7) Be careful what you wish for. As Wikileaks had shown, The DNC, Clinton, and the Mass media wanted Trump to be the nominee. The thinking was that he was the weakest, and therefore easiest to beat of all the potential nominees. Hindsight being 20/20… That was a losing idea. Would Clinton have beat any of the others? Its doubtful. Call it a hail Mary that was dropped in the end zone. Game over!

8) The FBI and Mr Comey have some ‘spainin to do. 11 (ahem) days to the election, he basically damned Hillary to defeat by announcing the FBI was re-opening an investigation into Mrs Clinton’s email. (Death by Weiner) The retreat from that just a few days pre election was buried under suspicion, and election gossip / propaganda. Many say he has Broken the Hatch Act by interfering with an election. He has a 10 year term, with 7 years left. And virtually NO friends anywhere. there is “bi-partisan agreement that he is a catastrophe”. While the next president would have the power to sack Mr Comey, it could prove difficult because of the potential political backlash.

9) The “bird dogging” and Soros style violent disruptions around the US, and at Trump rallies… Only further confirmed that a new paradigm was needed. Its also backfired.


In 2012 I predicted a Clinton vs Bush election in 2016. Using the theorem that a “change” must occur every 8 years now, I foresaw the GOP taking back the White House. I added, “Unless something crazy happens”. Something crazy just happened.

I also added that I as a person, as an activist, and as an American would do anything I could to stop a Bush v Clinton election. That all being said, I could not in good conscience support Mr Trump. There were many reasons for this, mostly it was because of the people he surrounded himself with. Namely Rudy “Ghouliani” – “the 911 Mayor” of NY at the time of Sept 11th 2001. Many expect Rudy to be named as head of Homeland Security, a post 911 expansion of Govt. is very likely under his guidence. The DHS – I believe should be smashed into a million pieces. Its amazing to have watch “911 Truthers” support such a thing.
Rudy will not increase our freedoms, he will continue to make them illegal. (Gov Chris Christie at DOJ / AG is just as frightening. It may be the end of legal marijuana as we have come to know it)

As a somewhat undocumented American, I have to assume that they will be coming for me. (I have not had valid ID since the 90s) In fact, I watched a Trump delegate say just that in the final days of the election. Call it E-Verify on steroids. Not a far cry from where we are now… No work lists, no rent lists, no travel lists… And as Mr Trump promised; if you are on these lists, you lose your 2nd Amendment right to own and possess a firearm. (Both Clinton. Obama, and Trump agreed on this) If a mistake is made, especially if its on purpose… It wont matter. Good luck getting off a list.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg. But don’t let that get in the way of rearranging the deck chairs. The band is playing, and far be it from me to point out the impending disaster, and the lack of life boats.

Rand Paul won. That may bode well for those of us who still care about legalizing freedom. I still will never understand why ya’ll were SO hard on him. You certainly never held Trump to these standards. Ron Paul, people like myself, and many of you… MADE TRUMP POSSIBLE. He is in a sense our Frankenstein. A little gratitude, along with the IRE would be nice.
Rand Paul will be a good asset for President Trump these next four years. That is unless he is forced to go against his principles, which I believe he still possesses.

Amazingly, pretty much ALL of Trump’s former enemies also won. Ryan, McCain, Rubio… However some who pleged allience to him did not win. Go figure. NH Senator Kelly Ayotte (Who now regrets calling Trump a “role model”), AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was dedicated to rounding up Illegal Immigrants under a Trump Regime… Just to name a few. What gives?

Was this an Uprising or not?

More importantly, in Washington, the state in which I now reside, the REgressives (phony progressives) won out. Every initiative passed. The terror on all fronts continues its reign. Our leaders here are HELL BENT on robbing from the poor to give to Amazon et al. We are DOOMED – and there will be nothing the Trumps can do to stop it. In fact I think they will rather enjoy it. That is what we get, right?

Pot passed in several states. Unfortunately, as I allude to above… That is not something the Trump Admin will have to abide by. Before Obama unwittingly became our “Pot Prez”.. He raided the shit out of pot stores. I don’t see the Trump cops being too patient with us on this issue. They have vowed to restart the “War on Drugs”, and bring law and order. I expect they will keep this promise.

THUS: The baby Boomers are back! I think this may be very good for old ladies crossing the street. For those who have upper Middle cred. Or anyone with an inside track to the new Trump Admin. For a radical punk rocker that has little love or regard for the “Rule of Order” like me… Like US…. It could hurt. Just make sure you wear your seat belts. Drink moderately, and just say no.


Well, first off… I will not be coming back to radio, or be involved in any way as a critic of MR Trump. (After this article obviously) It will be hard, because its what I’ve done for the last 20 years, But.. Its not worth it. His fans are just too committed to deal with, and his power to punish critics, using the full spectrum force of government… Too great.

I let YOU the People decide my fate on Nov. 8th. I had already been making plans for a radio comeback with those who shall not now be named. I knew that many liberals, and all conservatives would have my back as I power checked Hillary Clinton for 4 years. You voted. I will remain retired for the forseeable future. You may hear me doing very few interviews with friends, but after any initial comments regarding the 2 years of election chaos, and what I write here… I will be very very quiet. Playing music will remain my outlet for expression. See my efforts: Fearporn and Dead On Cue. *Even better book us, play us, like us, and come see us.

Don’t call me a quitter. I put in 20 years… I just know an excerise in futility when I see it. I definitely don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of hypocrite, fake, moderate liberals as guests and allies these next several years. Ah… No thanks.


* The GOP winning both houses, the White (gold) House, and with 1 – 3 picks for the Supreme Court: There are no excuses. If you believe in what MR Trump was preaching… You should hold him accountable, and not go the route of the Obama fans. IE: Blame Bush and obstructionists for 4 – 8 years. If they do anything that is unconstitutional, I will expect you Trump supporters, AND “Rural America” to speak out. I WILL BE LISTENING!

* The next global financial collapse / correction was postponed due to election uncertainty, and daylight manipulation. Those in the know are getting out of markets rigged to fail. Its coming in 2017. Specifically bonds. Get out now! Military, and Security stocks will continue to do well. If you can in good conscience buy them. Oil will continue up, and this will both make Russia happy and China pissed off. By product is Nuevo Venezuela, and friends in South America will benefit.

Trump has been wishy washy on the Federal Reserve. I am betting he will be good with raising interest rates, and will likely be looking to replace Yellen when her term is up. For show. The rise in street interest rates (NOT discount rates) going up a point or two will contract money, domestically and abroad. This means recession, if not depression for many. House of Cards.

* Bye Cuba, Iran, anywhere “ISIS” might be etc…. Was nice knowing ya for the last few months Cuba. That vacation to Havana we planned is off, if we don’t go over the next 2 months.

* Bibi Netanyahu and Israel are celebrating with you Trump voters. Bibi calling Trump “A true friend.” They are meeting post haste. ‘I look forward to working with him to advance security,’ Israeli leader said. His Education Minister said it marked the end of idea of Palestinian state.

For the Palestinians… this cannot be good news.

PREPARE FOR THE RISE OF THE NEW LEFT…. Writes syndicated political satirist Ted Rall. And he NAILS IT.

Easy to predict, and one of the silver linings to the Trump victory!

War will suddenly not be peace and democracy again.”Civil Liberties” (we call them Constitutional Rights) will be defended again. Millions will line up at the malls and in the streets to protest a War President, and a Police State. We are happy to have you back, however the blatant hypocrisy you have demonstrated these last 8 years, will be hard for me to forgive.


Many believe that is a good thing. I will take the wait and see approach. What does Trump owe the mob? Not as much as he may owe the mafia. Violence is already breaking out here, and everywhere. (Sirens and Helicopters in our neighborhood as I write this…) Race division will be at an all time high.
Some say we have dodged a bullet on World War. I never really fell for that fear porn. However, it seems we will be plunged headlong in civil war, and chaos. I hope that I am wrong. It will take cooler heads from all sides to prevail.

Donald Trump has continued to surprised me these last 18 months. Maybe he will be the uniter this country needs, and not the divider he has been up to this point. The proof will be in the putting. I have no doubt that it wont be easy, if not impossible. It IS worth attempting. Bon Chance.

In the meantime, the best advice I can offer you is… Cover your head, and cover your ass. All bets are now off.

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