Fidel Castro: America Only Loves It’s Own Dictators

George Washington and the Whiskey Rebellion. John Adams Insurrection act, Alien and Sedition Acts. FDR rounded up, and locked up American in camps, Lincoln locked up everyone suspending Habeas Corpus, and Posse Comitatus…. Wilson (Fed Prez) locked up anyone criticizing WW1 (anarchists) and instituted his own Sedition Act, (made it a crime to “willfully utter, print, write, or publish any disloyal, profane, scurrilous, or abusive language about the form of the Government of the United States” or to “willfully urge, incite, or advocate any curtailment of the production” of the things) Nixon had people shot at Kent State, set up in the streets via Cointelpro, and Operation Chaos. Bush Sr. gunned down the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge. Clinton went after the American Militia, Murdered children at WACO, and at the A. Murrah Building in OKC, And assassinated those holding information to damage his family… Bush ushered in his own Insurrection Act aka: The Patriot Act and the 2007 Defense Authorization Bill, where it was made justifiable to kidnap Americans, and use torture to force them to incriminate themselves and others. (Many foreigners taken to Gitmo, in…. CubaObama raided anarchists homes looking for books… Used the IRS (as did 6 other Presidents) to hassle conservatives, Drone attacked Americans without trial, oversaw the murder of journalists, Raided those selling raw milk, or producing life saving CBD… Shall I continue? 

Some of the victims of American Tyranny (too numerous to mention) are Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Fred Hampton, Karen Silkwood, (Long list of whistle blowers..) Journalists: Gary Webb, Michael Hastings, James Hatfield, LaVoy Finicum, even artists like Lenny Bruce, John Lennon, and Jim Morrison suffered for their expression, or were murdered by the State…..

All I am saying is that we here in the US often get very righteous in light of our history of our own state sponsored Tyranny.

Yet in the days following the death of Cuban revolutionary, and defacto leader of Cuba for the last 57 years… The reactionary US propaganda machine, Neo Cons, and social media is afire with labels such as “brutal dictator”, thug, murderer…

To be clear, I am NOT championing Castro.

I asked this question on my Facebook page:

Which US president wasn’t a total murdering POS? Really… I wanna know. *Writing on this tomorrow for the Blog (+ rash of connected national violence….). I may not be a big Castro fan (I have friends that have had sit downs with him and swear he’s a truther..) but comparatively – what’s the difference between Fidel and say: LBJ/Nixon/Reagan/Bush/Bush/Clinton/Obomba? #FTAAaDoneDeal

I received many answers, and of course condemnation from those who believe it “un-American” to even have such a debate. Ironic huh? People often get very upset with me for pointing out that even THEIR Emperor is naked. Rigid thinking, hair standing up on reddening necks, white knuckles… It comes, no doubt, from controlled belief systems and political dogma. This conditioning usually stems from fear, and insecurity… But that is a concept for another article.

The two US Presidents that seemed to get the most love (sans Reagan – shivers at the thought of REX 84 ) were Carter and Kennedy. But even they were flawed, and bloodstained. Carter with his Z-Big, Rockefeller, CFR Trilateral Crew, and Kennedy with his fiercely Anti Communist, Skull n Bones crew…

Jimmy Carter the self-professed advocate for human rights demonstrated quite the penchant for bloodshed. While he didn’t initiate any aggressive invasions of foreign nations the way his predecessors and successors did in Vietnam,Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries, Carter proved remarkably generous at providing financial, military, diplomatic and ideological support for fascist dictatorships that tortured and killed millions of members of their domestic populations in an effort to crush popular movements for social justice. Some of the regimes he backed carried out mass slaughter that amounted to genocide.

“Carter was the least violent of American presidents but he did things which I think would certainly fall under Nuremberg provisions,” said (gatekeeper extraordinare) Noam Chomsky. Much like Nobel Peace-prize winner Barack Obama 30 years later, Carter was an advocate of human rights in the abstract, but of repression and imposition of power through violence in practice.

It was JFK who decided that South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem needed to be removed from office NOT because Diem was engaging in repression against Buddhists, but because Kennedy had become convinced that Diem was an impediment to winning the war. As a result, when prodding from Washington failed to work, it was JFK who authorized the coup that resulted in Diem’s overthrow and assassination on November 1, 1963 (this act set up the Vietnam war…)

JFK backed an ill-advised (oil) coup in Iraq too…. The USSR leaning dictator was not a saint, but you should generally avoid killing other countries’ leaders when you can help it (I would argue you should avoid killing people, full stop, but that’s another matter). Coincidentally (ahem) the coup put the Iraqi Baath party in power, setting in motion the chain of events that would result in (Safari Club / CIA hit man) Saddam Hussein’s decades-long rule over the nation.

Killing Hope: U.S. Military and C.I.A. Interventions Since World War II–Updated Through 2003

JUST WHO WAS FIDEL CASTRO? Contradictions abound….

The Emmanuel Goldstein of the west? Son of elite sugar plantation owners? CIA asset? Drug Dealer? 

Ok, Its complicated. To simplify it I will ask a general question, Name ONE hard lining dictator in the western hemisphere that was NOT installed by US foreign policy. I am waiting….

Fidel was brutal to those whom opposed him. He censored the media, and had people executed. I believe this. I also think in many ways he had no choice but to rule in this capacity. Its how you last for nearly 60 years in an environment of assassination and overthrow. I will NOT justify it.

Castro was of course the designated driver for US policy driven change. Batista had gotten too big for his britches. Stopped taking orders, and was extorting some powerful elites in the process. the Gaddafi of his day, creating a dangerous example of economic independence from the bankers. Even the mafia had tired of Batista’s one sided racket. So Coup de tête was in the air. Thus Fidel Castro’s 26th of July 1959 Movement, and its allies against the authoritarian government of Cuban President Fulgencio Batista. Who better that two sons of wealthy oligarchs to usher it in. Fidel and Che. But as it always happens, dictators seek a better deal. They do not take dictation.

Jim Perloff writes: “Note the absurdity: the U.S. spent billions and sent 500,000 troops around the world to Vietnam to “fight communism,” yet it wouldn’t lift one finger to fight communism in its own backyard.”

Via “Molecule” an alleged inside CIA source: 

“In the 1950’s, Illuminati bankers David Rockefeller and Eugene Meyer organized a Cuban partnership, called the Moa Bay Mining Co. 

As his appartchiks, Rockefeller hired the three stooges of the Caribbean, namely Fidel Castro, E. Howard Hunt and George H.W. Bush. 

Rockefeller’s Citi-Bank provided the financial support that Fidel Castro needed for his ouster of Batista, and that Rockefeller had profited immensely from Castro’s fictitious “expropriation” of Moa Bay mining fields. 

Castro received his training in the arts of economic terrorism and guerrilla warfare from US Army Special Forces, Col. William A. Morgan of Ohio. 

Rockefeller maintained actual physical control of all of “Castro’s” oil and mining operations. Meanwhile he collected extravagant profits from endless “Pentagon bailouts” by the U.S. taxpayer. 

Castro was a Meyer-Rockefeller-Dulles lackey. With Zapata Oil as cover, he soon became Bush’s favorite candyman. Castro was doubtless pre-briefed on the impending April 1961 invasion, by a clutch of clueless Miami Cubanos, who were lead straight to their slaughter in a perfect military gauntlet, a crossfire in a long and narrow bay of water at the “heel” of a unique Cuban landmass, in fact a marine swampland drenched in oil, known as the Zapata.” 

The USA’s all hands on deck approach to assassinate Castro is legend.  The creepiest of slime put on the project at Fort Detrick MD, many interlocked with JFK conspirators working a fast acting cancer weapon, that most likely was used on Castro comrade Hugo Chavez. Its a very interesting story fleshed out in books like “Dr Mary’s Monkey” by Ed Haslam.  

Even through all of this, Fidel remained untouched. The rhetoric from the USA only worked to solidify his power in Cuba, and beyond. This my friends is not incompetence, but design.

In 2003 interviewed a “fellow” at the Rockefeller controlled American Enterprise Institute, Mark Falcoff. I know that this kinda slipped out, but he told me that Rockefeller had men up and down the Cuban food chain. I believe Fidel’s brother, and current president of Cuba Raul Castro is one of these assets. If not the next in line , Miguel Díaz-Canel will certainly be a Rockefeller man. Or else.

Of course the American Left wing will tell you about all the good things Fidel did. You’ve heard them. Health care, Literacy, Championing the cause of anti apartheid in both Africa, and against Israel for the Palestinians. They will tell you that Fidel turned on the Banks, and stopped the FTAA. Most of which is as glamorized, and glossed over as is the truth about Cuba vs the never ending array of Anti Castro propaganda. Suffice to say…. Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was many thing to many people. Its just not that easy to make a blanket statement regarding his legacy. This is why I write today.


Trump has vowed to roll back any diplomacy that was enacted by the Obama Administration. He has said that he will throw down with some tough negotiations, which Cuba will comply with or face renewed sanctions. Of course these sanctions are most brutal to the citizenry. As we have witnessed world wide. The controllers always live quite nicely.  For Trump and the GOP, gaining a voter advantage in Florida is a driving force. They will find many allies in banking and industry to help move the football over the goal line. Obama’s (David Rockefeller / Henry Kissinger) policy towards Cuba was a means to an end. Now that Fidel is gone (officially, because like the death of Osama Bin Laden… there is ample evidence to show Fidel has been dead more that 10 years) tweeking of that policy cant stand for some adjustments. 

The key to all of this is to control further revolutions in Central and South America, control resources there, and ultimately consolidate the hemisphere into one Regional government. David Rockefeller’s bucket list dream.

And now…. Who is in the way to stop them?

Its Called ThanksGIVING… Not Thanks Taking

It is that time of year again. Yes, the gateway to Christmas shopping, decorations, A GMO Turkey in every pot… Or if your willing, and able; a NON GMO, no Chemically induced bird. Preferably deep fried thank you.

Its a time to take special inventory of what we are thankful for. 2016 was an especially cruel year, so if youre like me, this may require some calculus.

Normally our family tries to get an extra Turkey to cook, slice, and make into to soup and sandwiches, which we take to the city’s many homeless. Turkey on white, with mayo and lettuce… Soup is rich and fat, with carrots, celery, sweet corn, onions, garlic, and egg noodles.  But its been a bad year in the Blood house. The rents are too damn high! Ours up 15% from last year. Taxes are too damn high. We are putting in almost $1000.00 a month, and this is money we would use to give back, or god forbid… pay for healthcare, or even take a trip. So this year it doesn’t seem possible to help others as we normally would. I guess we can thank the Takers for that. Regressive monetary policies can have that affect on us all. Like so many of you, we are one bad month from being homeless ourselves.

But “paying it forward” is important to us, so we will find a way to do something. Gathering blankets, and warm clothing to share in the big chill of winter is another local idea we are pursuing. Last year I spent a few nights under bridges with just a sleeping bag to live what others go through every night. Its a hard way to sleep. No one should have to do that, but if they do we can hopefully make it a little better for them.

“Since 1970, Native Americans have gathered at noon on Cole’s Hill in Plymouth to commemorate a National Day of Mourning on the US Thanksgiving holiday. Many Native Americans do not celebrate the arrival of the Pilgrims and other European settlers.”

Every Thanksgiving we hear a justifiable outcry on social media about the plight of our indigenous people in America. Issues of genocide, and murder crowd the table with which we engorge ourselves. This year is particularly glaring with the situation at Standing Rock North Dakota. Its difficult to debunk the Indian complaints, and to them a whole lot of TAKING has occurred over the last 4 -500 years. In a perfect world, instead of pardoning a turkey, which is an annual goof put on by our sitting President of golf… Perhaps a pardoning of Leonard Peltier would serve Mr Obama’s legacy better. Dont count on it. Dont Count on him or Mr Trump stopping the attack on native protesters at Standing Rock, or stopping the pipeline in question. Its only water after all. Be thankful we dont murder the lot of ya. Be thankful for petro chemical Inc.   

So yeah, while its tempting to be pessimistic, and there’s a lot to complain about… Its Not the spirit of the day. That we take back.

This then is my prayer…

Cue music:

Thanks for political incorrectness….. Without it we would be nothing but file sharing drones.

Thanks for cat videos….. for which we can finally all agree on something, that, in fact cats are cute, though also truly an evil spawn.

Thanks for “Black Friday” ….. One day a year, not counting Memorial day, President’s day, Columbus day, Veteran’s day, Independence day, Mother’s day…. etc etc… That we can be herded like morons for discount slave made mattresses, and technology. Monky see, monkey do.

Thanks for never ending Hallmark channel holiday movies…. One of our true American exports; Boring Drivel. It keeps wanna be, and used to be actors employed, and the TV bar low for future reality stars.

Thanks for Mandatory holiday police DUI checkpoints, and forced blood draws…. You may be Nazi Vampires, but damn it… you are OUR Nazi Vampires. Without them; parasitical attorneys, prosecutors, bureaucrats, and jailers might all be out of work.

Thanks for egg nog….. Which is so delicious that big dairy only sells it 45 days a year. Just giving the people what the want eh?

Thanks for the lame duck holiday congress….. You’d think that by not making more selctively enforced laws, we would all be the better for it. But No, some of the worst legislation ever crafted in the history of the USA was slid by on by us over the holidays. The Federal Reserve Act, and the 16th amendment for instance. 

So much to be thankful for and so little time.

Thanks to my friends and family, especially the ones that didn’t stop talking to us because we backed the wrong candidate…. or because we refused to vote for any of them.

Thanks to everyone that votes with their money, and their time…. YOU will change things in the real.

Thanks to those in the peace consciousness… go forth and multiply.

Thanks to every one of you – every day of the year. Much love my brothers and sisters.

In Truth and Liberty,

Jack Blood

JFK to Trump… What We Tell Our Children, and Ourselves

The 53rd anniversary of the JFK assassination is here. Much has been written, and verified about this out in the open American Coup, and high level fear control program. Whether you are reading this now, or in the future, you must admit that the event shaped us as a nation; and delivered us to where we are today. War and monopoly. Liberty in name only. Total control of our lives, and a consistent degree of withering opportunities at the end of a leash.

“None are more hopeless enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ever since Mr Trump shockingly made history by becoming the first Billionaire President – Elect, and in doing so notched a first for a private citizen with zero experience in governing at the highest level… The nation is once again in a debate about what it all means. Many traumatized. Others exuberant. Maybe not since the JFK killing have we been brought to such a shocking conclusion, in such a short amount of time.

Its not how you play the game, its if you WIN that counts.

Early November 9th, 2016 I was watching the results of the “election” with my 13 year old son. Like most teenagers today, he is basically apolitical. But also like all of our children, he is somehow keenly aware that this turn of events will affect him somehow. Its a meme world we live in today, so our children are perhaps more aware of circumstances than we were at their age.

It made me recall the 1972 election. I was only 9 years old, so I wasn’t cognitive in the 1968 election that gave us Richard Nixon… Or the chain of public Assassinations that put him there. But much had changed in 4 years in the country. The war, the dissent, and the ravaging of liberty in the streets of America. My parents, against my protests voted for Nixon. This was confusing, as we had a bust of JFK in our living room. How could they?

Even at 9 years old I remember pleading with my parents to vote for McGovern. Now you might say that it would’ve made little difference. But what followed was catastrophe. We came as close as ever, until last Nov 9th, to having a billionaire as President…. That being Nelson Rockefeller.

Bretton Woods (Gold Standard Ended), Cointelpro, the initiation of the American Drug War (to crack down on Black nationalists and anti-War Hippies)… And my cousins coming home from Henry Kissinger’s golden triangle, strung out on heroin. The transition to corporate control of America, and the world… Had taken a quantum leap. In less than a decade, “Greed is Good” would become a national slogan for upward mobility. Yuppies replaced Yippies, some Yippies like Jerry Rubin actually becoming yuppies… The stage was set for massive corporate consolidation via hostile take overs, debt as money, and a win at all costs mentality. Wall Street was in charge as it never was before. Kill or be killed. Live and let die.

I do not recall my parents attempting to explain this to us children. We voraciously sought distraction, medication, and escape. We found it. Many times at the other end of the police state.

So when my son asked me post election, what does it mean? I could only tell him that Mr Trump would likely be his president until he was 17. I had hoped that the massive scope of such a major block of time in his life would be equal to the gravity of the situation. But, as dads do… I sought to come up with a better answer. This contemplation forced me into weighing the essence of such a historical event. The conclusions I came up with still stir me to my core.

Not who are you…. WHAT are you?


It happened incidentally as I was doing some light reading. A book named “We Never Learn” by Eric Davidson, published in 2010. (Eric is a fantastic writer, and also the singer for the band “The New Bomb Turks“). Its not a political book, but more of a historical recount of music and culture in the late 80s and 90s. In doing so, he shines a megawatt flashlight on where we came from vs where we are now. 

I am reading along, inspired, when I reached a chapter which included an interview with “Long Gone John” the sole proprietor of the DIY record label “Sympathy for the Record Industry“. If you follow viable Alternative music – you will know them and love them. He hand created every record he distributed in his living room. He made hand shake deals without contract, and floated bands he loved by buying them gear, and helping them on tours. Now, if you know anything about the music business, this was extremely RARE back then, and absolutely non existent now….

Long Gone John basically discovered the group ‘The White Stripes’ – They have since gone mega-platinum, eventually breaking up for singer / guitarist Jack White’s solo career. Now, keep in mind that without this generous genius, and his indy label… and it isn’t even really debatable… There would have been no White Stripes, or king of the world Jack White.

So, what happened? A greedy manager comes along, and convinces a very ambitious Jack White to completely fuck over the man and the label that made them so moderately successful. World domination, and financial status a sweet carrot indeed. And not one that many are programmed to refuse.

It is also pretty well substantiated that Jack White is not loved in his hometown of Chicago. He has screwed over a lot of people. Same can be said about just about anyone who we deem as “successful”. Of course there are exceptions. Merit based industry winners such as sports’ athletes comes to mind. To me, it is literally the Crossroads. Sell your soul to the devil for rule and domain of earth. You may know the story of Delta Blues King Robert Johnson, who it is said made a deal with the (metaphorical) devil at the crossroads. An allegory for the ages. Jesus Christ faced the same decision it is said. A historical meme of “Biblical proportions”.

None of this a “revelation” to me. There is nothing new here. What needs to be reiterated though, is the fact that people, and usually people of a wanting status, or class; respect this kind of success. Ive witnessed this first hand in my own life. I have turned down deals that I felt were unethical… Refused to turn on my friends for favor of those offering monetary kinship. I have watched as people around me took those deals became household names, and examples of success and ….. barf… even virtue. This it seems, is what the people revere. Donald J Trump calls them “Killers”. He was trained by his own father to be one. I was not.

So at the end of the day, there is a new tide coming. Wash, rinse… Repeat.

What do I tell my son. Is it what I told myself? That victory without fairness, and compassion is hollow? Or do I hold up his new president, and men like Jack White as an example? Because when you look into the mirror and stare back at yourself…. Will you be disappointed that you are not a massive success in the eyes of your peers? Will you be OK with the fact that you did not sell your soul, and thus are just another face of the crowd? At what price honor?

One of my all time heroes, at least as an artist, but also as a man…. Was Vincent Van Gogh. In him we have a brilliant, supernova failure. A man who never succeeded in his lifetime. Never sold a painting. As you know his work is potentially the most coveted of any artist, anywhere in the world. Do we remember him as a failure or a visionary?

Socrates, the Greek father of philosophy, lived minute to minute, and owned nothing. Given a chance for status vs prison and death…. He chose the latter. What a mook. Anyone remember the Thirty Tyrants / the Oligarchy of 30 who condemned him? 

Buddha, AKA Siddhartha Gautama, a prince soon to be king; turned down a royal existence through trading in violence and suffering… To be a homeless beggar. 

History remembers not the victors du jour, in a light of success or contributions to humanity…. History remembers them as devils. Or not at all. So while a kill or be killed mentality is negotiable for the short term, for instant gratification, and may even be admired by the have nots….. It is NOT something I will teach my children. It is NOT something I will emulate myself, and it is not anything universally real.

I never put much stock in the coin of the realm, or the flavor of the day. I do not happen to believe that a President has much more power than a spokesman for the latest soap, or a ribbon cutter for the new mall. Its human of me to wish that can be different… That change can happen, and that I can point to it and be proud of what it represents.

It seems that if this were to actually become a reality…. the only end is to watch a powerful man, who has undergone a complete paradigm shift, to lead “we the people” to a peaceful honor…. To watch that man go against everything ingrained in him by his royal lineage….. Have his head exploded in front of the world.

And I will tell my son that he was at last an honorable man.

Call Him MR Trump – The Bizarre Ascension of a Mob Rule POTuS

Orange is the new Black? Sorry, couldn’t resist. Resistance was futile…

“ITS RIGGED” ~ Donald Trump

It was not so much an overwhelming vote. Slightly above average. This means that somewhere around 150,000,000 potential voters did not vote. Either because, they boycotted the election, or because they just do not care. I fell in the former column.

Regardless, history was made in the early hours of November 9th, 2016. By hook or crook, Mr Donald J Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the USA. 9/11 and 9. This will always be. No way to go back. We mush move ahead now. I for one am very happy its finally over. Though I’m sure we are mere days away from the next election. Always an election…

I wrote a small u in the title (POTuS) for united which, in my perfect scenario, represents what 55+ Million think they voted for. A “De Jure” Government, rather than a BIG U “De Facto” Government. (The former would be by law / constitution, while the latter by fact, or outside the law)
But the small u can also represent that idea that we have never been more divided as a country… Despite the change of tone by MR Trump geared to alleged reconciliation.
MR Trump can be counted on to exact vengeance on his perceived enemies.The mob that selected him are all in, laughing in their sleeves at those of us who doubted his prowess, and his potency… At those of us who have been split off from the herd. Banished into the wilderness.

In this air, those like myself should tread very lightly. We are surrounded by both those who blame us for the Trump victory, and those who aggressively co signed it.


I voted for Clinton….. In 1992, and I still feel responsible for outcome. You Trump voters may come to feel the same way.. Only time will tell.

Its easy to see what the issues were surrounding the narrow defeat of Ms Clinton.

1) Bernie progressives either did not vote, or voted for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. (Both of whom are now hated by anti Trumpers) I watched Ted Rall, Cindy Sheehan, Anthony Freda, and Stephen Lendman among other popular paleo liberal opinionists lead the charge against Hillary. They, along with me will be blamed. For what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders, whether he was the real deal or just another gate-keeping shill… Its justifiable. Would the Bern have beat the Donald? We will never know. Ultimately, his Clinton endorsement #sellout failed. He will get nothing in return. In any case, it cost the Democrats the election.

2) Minorities did not have the same affection for Hillary Clinton as they did for the REAL first Black President. Even the shaming, and pleading by Obama did not solve this issue. They simply stayed home, or voted for Trump. Now they blame white America? “Make America White Again” is the ringing slogan.

3) Wikileaks won! Julian Assange is not a republican, or even a Trump fan. They wanted chAos…. They got it. At the very least, Mr Trump and team owe him. BIGLY!

4) Clinton’s extensive baggage was just too heavy to carry. The potential for a lame duck administration, rife with continual investigations, and accusations… Would have certainly stalled agendas. The Powers that be, constantly shifting in the cost benefit analysis winds of changing horses mid race, did just that. I certainly was effected by the rhetoric of Trump being an outsider, though I never consciously believed it. Winning the election proves that this notion was never true. If the uber elites were really worried, they’d have killed us all before letting him win. Those whom approve both candidates, and lord over gerrymandered elections, never lose.

5) He who hacks last hacks best . Them who fix elections best, win.

6) An estimated $2.5B was spent on the 2016 election by Clinton and Trump. 40% of that by Trump. This raises the question if money really owns politics. Jeb, was the first to suffer under this new paradigm. Also, Trump had no discernible ground game to register voters, or get folks to the polls. Apparently this is also passe.

7) Be careful what you wish for. As Wikileaks had shown, The DNC, Clinton, and the Mass media wanted Trump to be the nominee. The thinking was that he was the weakest, and therefore easiest to beat of all the potential nominees. Hindsight being 20/20… That was a losing idea. Would Clinton have beat any of the others? Its doubtful. Call it a hail Mary that was dropped in the end zone. Game over!

8) The FBI and Mr Comey have some ‘spainin to do. 11 (ahem) days to the election, he basically damned Hillary to defeat by announcing the FBI was re-opening an investigation into Mrs Clinton’s email. (Death by Weiner) The retreat from that just a few days pre election was buried under suspicion, and election gossip / propaganda. Many say he has Broken the Hatch Act by interfering with an election. He has a 10 year term, with 7 years left. And virtually NO friends anywhere. there is “bi-partisan agreement that he is a catastrophe”. While the next president would have the power to sack Mr Comey, it could prove difficult because of the potential political backlash.

9) The “bird dogging” and Soros style violent disruptions around the US, and at Trump rallies… Only further confirmed that a new paradigm was needed. Its also backfired.


In 2012 I predicted a Clinton vs Bush election in 2016. Using the theorem that a “change” must occur every 8 years now, I foresaw the GOP taking back the White House. I added, “Unless something crazy happens”. Something crazy just happened.

I also added that I as a person, as an activist, and as an American would do anything I could to stop a Bush v Clinton election. That all being said, I could not in good conscience support Mr Trump. There were many reasons for this, mostly it was because of the people he surrounded himself with. Namely Rudy “Ghouliani” – “the 911 Mayor” of NY at the time of Sept 11th 2001. Many expect Rudy to be named as head of Homeland Security, a post 911 expansion of Govt. is very likely under his guidence. The DHS – I believe should be smashed into a million pieces. Its amazing to have watch “911 Truthers” support such a thing.
Rudy will not increase our freedoms, he will continue to make them illegal. (Gov Chris Christie at DOJ / AG is just as frightening. It may be the end of legal marijuana as we have come to know it)

As a somewhat undocumented American, I have to assume that they will be coming for me. (I have not had valid ID since the 90s) In fact, I watched a Trump delegate say just that in the final days of the election. Call it E-Verify on steroids. Not a far cry from where we are now… No work lists, no rent lists, no travel lists… And as Mr Trump promised; if you are on these lists, you lose your 2nd Amendment right to own and possess a firearm. (Both Clinton. Obama, and Trump agreed on this) If a mistake is made, especially if its on purpose… It wont matter. Good luck getting off a list.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg. But don’t let that get in the way of rearranging the deck chairs. The band is playing, and far be it from me to point out the impending disaster, and the lack of life boats.

Rand Paul won. That may bode well for those of us who still care about legalizing freedom. I still will never understand why ya’ll were SO hard on him. You certainly never held Trump to these standards. Ron Paul, people like myself, and many of you… MADE TRUMP POSSIBLE. He is in a sense our Frankenstein. A little gratitude, along with the IRE would be nice.
Rand Paul will be a good asset for President Trump these next four years. That is unless he is forced to go against his principles, which I believe he still possesses.

Amazingly, pretty much ALL of Trump’s former enemies also won. Ryan, McCain, Rubio… However some who pleged allience to him did not win. Go figure. NH Senator Kelly Ayotte (Who now regrets calling Trump a “role model”), AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was dedicated to rounding up Illegal Immigrants under a Trump Regime… Just to name a few. What gives?

Was this an Uprising or not?

More importantly, in Washington, the state in which I now reside, the REgressives (phony progressives) won out. Every initiative passed. The terror on all fronts continues its reign. Our leaders here are HELL BENT on robbing from the poor to give to Amazon et al. We are DOOMED – and there will be nothing the Trumps can do to stop it. In fact I think they will rather enjoy it. That is what we get, right?

Pot passed in several states. Unfortunately, as I allude to above… That is not something the Trump Admin will have to abide by. Before Obama unwittingly became our “Pot Prez”.. He raided the shit out of pot stores. I don’t see the Trump cops being too patient with us on this issue. They have vowed to restart the “War on Drugs”, and bring law and order. I expect they will keep this promise.

THUS: The baby Boomers are back! I think this may be very good for old ladies crossing the street. For those who have upper Middle cred. Or anyone with an inside track to the new Trump Admin. For a radical punk rocker that has little love or regard for the “Rule of Order” like me… Like US…. It could hurt. Just make sure you wear your seat belts. Drink moderately, and just say no.


Well, first off… I will not be coming back to radio, or be involved in any way as a critic of MR Trump. (After this article obviously) It will be hard, because its what I’ve done for the last 20 years, But.. Its not worth it. His fans are just too committed to deal with, and his power to punish critics, using the full spectrum force of government… Too great.

I let YOU the People decide my fate on Nov. 8th. I had already been making plans for a radio comeback with those who shall not now be named. I knew that many liberals, and all conservatives would have my back as I power checked Hillary Clinton for 4 years. You voted. I will remain retired for the forseeable future. You may hear me doing very few interviews with friends, but after any initial comments regarding the 2 years of election chaos, and what I write here… I will be very very quiet. Playing music will remain my outlet for expression. See my efforts: Fearporn and Dead On Cue. *Even better book us, play us, like us, and come see us.

Don’t call me a quitter. I put in 20 years… I just know an excerise in futility when I see it. I definitely don’t want to be stuck with a bunch of hypocrite, fake, moderate liberals as guests and allies these next several years. Ah… No thanks.


* The GOP winning both houses, the White (gold) House, and with 1 – 3 picks for the Supreme Court: There are no excuses. If you believe in what MR Trump was preaching… You should hold him accountable, and not go the route of the Obama fans. IE: Blame Bush and obstructionists for 4 – 8 years. If they do anything that is unconstitutional, I will expect you Trump supporters, AND “Rural America” to speak out. I WILL BE LISTENING!

* The next global financial collapse / correction was postponed due to election uncertainty, and daylight manipulation. Those in the know are getting out of markets rigged to fail. Its coming in 2017. Specifically bonds. Get out now! Military, and Security stocks will continue to do well. If you can in good conscience buy them. Oil will continue up, and this will both make Russia happy and China pissed off. By product is Nuevo Venezuela, and friends in South America will benefit.

Trump has been wishy washy on the Federal Reserve. I am betting he will be good with raising interest rates, and will likely be looking to replace Yellen when her term is up. For show. The rise in street interest rates (NOT discount rates) going up a point or two will contract money, domestically and abroad. This means recession, if not depression for many. House of Cards.

* Bye Cuba, Iran, anywhere “ISIS” might be etc…. Was nice knowing ya for the last few months Cuba. That vacation to Havana we planned is off, if we don’t go over the next 2 months.

* Bibi Netanyahu and Israel are celebrating with you Trump voters. Bibi calling Trump “A true friend.” They are meeting post haste. ‘I look forward to working with him to advance security,’ Israeli leader said. His Education Minister said it marked the end of idea of Palestinian state.

For the Palestinians… this cannot be good news.

PREPARE FOR THE RISE OF THE NEW LEFT…. Writes syndicated political satirist Ted Rall. And he NAILS IT.

Easy to predict, and one of the silver linings to the Trump victory!

War will suddenly not be peace and democracy again.”Civil Liberties” (we call them Constitutional Rights) will be defended again. Millions will line up at the malls and in the streets to protest a War President, and a Police State. We are happy to have you back, however the blatant hypocrisy you have demonstrated these last 8 years, will be hard for me to forgive.


Many believe that is a good thing. I will take the wait and see approach. What does Trump owe the mob? Not as much as he may owe the mafia. Violence is already breaking out here, and everywhere. (Sirens and Helicopters in our neighborhood as I write this…) Race division will be at an all time high.
Some say we have dodged a bullet on World War. I never really fell for that fear porn. However, it seems we will be plunged headlong in civil war, and chaos. I hope that I am wrong. It will take cooler heads from all sides to prevail.

Donald Trump has continued to surprised me these last 18 months. Maybe he will be the uniter this country needs, and not the divider he has been up to this point. The proof will be in the putting. I have no doubt that it wont be easy, if not impossible. It IS worth attempting. Bon Chance.

In the meantime, the best advice I can offer you is… Cover your head, and cover your ass. All bets are now off.