The Jack Blood Show: Trump Operative Roger Stone Dishes Shocking info on the Bush Crime Family….

This is our 3rd interview with Roger Stone. Go check out the first 2 if you want to hear about JFK, and the Clintons. I also challenge Roger about Trump’s (potentially blackmailable) involvement with Jeffery Epstein and his pedophile sex scandal.
In Part 3 we get into the Bush Crime family, Election 2016 issues like How Romney could steal the 2016 GOP Nom and the REAL Ted Cruz. Also: The attempted assassination of Reagan by GHW Bush,Jeb Bush Drug Dealing, 911 and Trump, Saudi influence of the Bush’s and 911, Assassinations of: Barry Seal, Gary Webb, and JFK Jr…. and a myriad of other shocking details about American Elites.

Jeb Bush was the anointed one and his dynasty’s fall from contention is a stunning story. With over $100 million collected from Wall Street predators, he thought he could ascend to the throne as easily as his brother W. had. But Jeb ran smack dab into a brash billionaire who thought it was his time.
With so much money behind him, why is Jeb failing and what are his dark secrets? New York Times bestselling author Roger Stone has the answers! His latest book Jeb and the Bush Crime Family is the inside story of Jeb’s world of privilege, elitism, plunder, enrichment, fraud, drugs, intelligence connections, and shady business deals as Governor of Florida.
But this book so much more. This is the real-life horror story about one of America’s most secretive political dynasties. In only four generations, the family has reached prominent positions—two presidents, one senator, two governors, and a director of the Central Intelligence Agency—and now another family member is making a faltering bid for the White House in 2016. How did it go so wrong?
Jeb and the Bush Crime Family refutes the air-brushing of the real George “Poppy” Bush by his authorized biographer Jon Meacham and the “quickie” bio of Bush 41 by Bush 43, released to help Jeb ascend. These books whitewash the true Bush record of crime, drugs, adultery, and a ruthless pursuit of power.
Legendary political insider Roger Stone lashes out with a blistering indictment that exposes the true history and monumental hypocrisy of the Bushes. In his usual “go for the jugular” style, Stone collaborates with Saint John Hunt—author, musician, and son of legendary CIA operative E. Howard Hunt—to make this a “no-holds-barred” expose of the entire Bush family.
As a New York Times bestselling author and canny political operative who has worked for and against the Bush family, Roger Stone has insider information on:

How Jeb made his money

He made his money the “Bush” way: by leveraging the family network and exploiting relationships forged through cronyism and “old school ties.” Roger Stone explains why five of Jeb’s business partners went to jail and how Jeb made his millions, including how he cashed in on Obamacare and Obamaphones and hopes to cash in on Common Core.
Why Jeb Bush is “low energy”
Is he too lazy to take the advice and coaching he surely has available to him? Is he not bright enough to do better? Maybe both, but the root problem is that he is so insulated from worrying about what common people think of him that he just doesn’t care. The authors reveal Jeb to be a smug, entitled autocrat who both uses and hides behind his famous name His sheltered, privileged lifestyle has given him a lack of empathy that is apparent throughout his life.
Jeb Bush: a drug dealer who backs the War on Drugs
It is documented that Jeb was a drug dealer while he was at the elite Phillips Academy in Andover—from pot to cocaine. His classmates claimed he smoked marijuana heavily. He also spent time drug trafficking in Iran-Contra. He opposes the legalization of medical marijuana—and opposed it while he was governor of Florida—and he is a strong advocate for tougher drug penalties and the War on Drugs despite his own shocking history of drug dealing and drug use.

Jeb Bush’s Wall Street connections

His campaign is getting large sums from Wall Street, but could it be because of what he did for Wall Street while he was governor? He used the state’s pension fund as his political piggy bank to support his friends at Goldman Sachs, the Carlyle Group, and the Lehman Brothers. In return for making his friends rich, Lehman sold Florida’s pension program hundreds of millions of toxic, mortgage-backed securities—which defaulted and cost the state more than $1 billion. Meanwhile, Lehman hired Jeb’s consulting firm at a rate of $1.3 million per year right after Jeb left office.
Jeb and the Bush Crime Family includes the criminal misdeeds of President George W. Bush, brother Neil Bush, George H.W. Bush, and family patriarchs Samuel and Prescott Bush. From the Civil War right up to the War on Terror, the Bush family has ruled from the shadows as well as from the main stage of international politics. Jeb and the Bush Crime Family is the book that smashes through the layers of lies and secrecy that has surrounded and protected our country’s very own political dynasty.


About Roger Stone

Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative and pundit and a veteran of nine presidential campaigns, the latest being Donald Trump. He also served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents. He is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ, as well as The Clintons’ War on Women. He lives in South Florida.

The Jack Blood Show: James Corbett 2.13.16 Global Economy, Zika Hoax & the Year out….

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