The Jack Blood Show w/ Max Bliss (Chemtrail Hunting / The Big Picture)

This edition of The Jack Blood Show was recorded LIVE on Friday February 7th, 2014.

The initial 40 minutes lays down the groundwork for past aerosol spraying on an unsuspecting populace, Human Guinea Pig science, and the future justification of the global Military spraying programs. Evidence therein is documented and in the bank.

Chemtrail Hunter, and Activist Max Bliss joins the show from France, where he has been documenting the spraying program in Europe.

The Jack Blood Show 1.14.14 w/ Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad)

One of the greatest bands of the 1970′s! Mark Farner was the Guitarist / Singer / Frontman, and primary song-writer of this historic group.

Why aren’t they in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame? Mark answers this question, and briefly discusses the break up (Mark was “railroaded” for his political and spiritual beliefs… We hear it cuts pretty deep. )

Farner takes no prisoners in this Exclusive one hour interview with Jack Blood. Everything from the Federal Reserve, Obamacare, NSA Spying, the Influence of Zionism in America (and beyond), and False Flag Terror (911)…. To apt comparisons from his generation (which sparked a “Cultural Revolution”) —– To our modern day situation …. It’s all Discussed at length in this cutting edge interview.

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