The Robert Scott Bell Show – July 30 2013

Who is hosting the Robert Scott Bell Show while RSB heads back to his home studio? It’s the conspiracy realist and energy researcher Liam Scheff! He’s filling in with broadcast intensity and irreverence – with first hour guest Jack Blood! They’re talking the subterranean world of politics, royals, intrigue, hacking the journalists and more.
The new royal baby is here! We’re all so delighted! But not all of us – Jack Blood shares a different point of view: the masters of the universe, owners of oil “Shell” corporations, and first on the interplanetary lifeboat should we crash the planet – it’s the ROYALS! Jack will tell us all about it.
And why is Halliburton burning evidence in the Gulf oil spill (which one? you ask? There will be many). We talk Oil Drilling, International intrigue. Plus Edward Snowden – real or imaginary, does it signal the end of free internet?