Deadline Live – March 1 2010

Hour WON: Bill Gates OOPS – Admits that the Billions he has sunk into Vaccines is for Depopulation so we can end “Global Warming” / Chilean Earthquake: Problem Reaction Solution? / Ollie North is On the Case to stop Cocaine smuggling (he should know) – Western Union will turn you in… / Austin Police Chief wants NYC style CCTV Grid after gay bashing incident at City Hall / No dogs for you if you cannot pass a test and get Rover chipped…. One more day before we Texans SHAKE UP THE WORLD! 3:30 – “Indy in Asia” joins us to discuss why Ron Paul has “snubbed” Japanese Counselor Yuki Fujita

Hour TOO: – Michael Boldin joins us from 10thers UNITE at Recent Atlanta Conf. Are you a Tenther? Why is everyone so afraid of States Rights?

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