Jack Blood Interviews David Bond on his film “Erasing David”

Filmmaker David Bond joins us to discuss his award winning film (showing at SXSW in Austin) ERASING DAVID. This “docu-thriller” takes on Big Brother like nothing else before it. In the film, Bond disappears, and dares to be found in an ever growing UK surveillance society… The results are surprising. There’s no where to run. www.erasingdavid.com to get a copy or arrange a screening in a town near you!

Deadline Live – March 1 2010

Hour WON: Bill Gates OOPS – Admits that the Billions he has sunk into Vaccines is for Depopulation so we can end “Global Warming” / Chilean Earthquake: Problem Reaction Solution? / Ollie North is On the Case to stop Cocaine smuggling (he should know) – Western Union will turn you in… / Austin Police Chief wants NYC style CCTV Grid after gay bashing incident at City Hall / No dogs for you if you cannot pass a test and get Rover chipped…. One more day before we Texans SHAKE UP THE WORLD! 3:30 – “Indy in Asia” joins us to discuss why Ron Paul has “snubbed” Japanese Counselor Yuki Fujita

Hour TOO: – Michael Boldin joins us from www.tenthamendmentcenter.com 10thers UNITE at Recent Atlanta Conf. Are you a Tenther? Why is everyone so afraid of States Rights?