By Jack Blood

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Today we had the opportunity to interview the spokesperson / Public Relations Director for the AMERICAN POLICE FORCE CORPORATION.

We were one of the first to speak them LIVE on air.

After getting a tip from one of our great listeners, we were soon on the phone with Becky Shay. Ms Shay was a local reporter until this week.

“American Police Force announced its first local hire: a reporter for the Billings Gazette, Becky Shay, who has covered events surrounding the jail since its construction. She will be the company’s spokeswoman for $60,000 a year.” CBS News reports, (We confirmed this.)

According to this spokeswoman, we have nothing to fear regarding the story out of Hardin Montana…. At least not from the American Police Force, who, like the Federal Reserve… Are NOT Police, are not exactly American, but are a “force” for hire!

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Picture APF as the newest Blackwater (aka XE) with a mix of Wackenhut (GEO Group ) and a little Sam Spade thrown in. One can simply go to the overtly clandestined website of APF to see what they offer. The Question is WHO is paying them? Who owns them? What is their political agenda if they have one? Where do they get their orders from? What’s the chain of command? Are they accountable, and to whom? Can I hire them to take my neighbors guns if I have enough money….Ya know, that kinda stuff.

I asked these questions and more, and received somewhat evasive answers to my questions. I challenge all of you to dig up as much as you can on the new Security Industrial Complex and the private contractor mentioned in this article. Please send us your research. Get our Interview (attached) to guys like Jeremy Scahill.

Above all… we have determined that the incident in Montana is not “Martial Law” or some FEMA Camp waiting in the wings. No… They use your sports Stadiums and G -20 police for that. The question of using private, unaccountable security forces for prison control, city control. Civil unrest and war… Will remain a question that ALL Americans should find themselves engaged in.

After all…. We must face the consequences. Could a private security firm have been involved in the attacks of 911? Maybe you should do a search on KROLL 911, or SECURICOM 911, or PTECH 911. Or for fun do a search on DYNCORP private military, or HALLIBURTON / KBR …. CARLYLE GROUP, LOCKHEED MARTIN, RAYTHEON Security.

You will find what I have found, and that is, that these private Merc armies are everywhere, and operate on levels never conceived by our founders. These guys aren’t your revolutionary Hessians. They are way more complicated.

Machiavelli offered some advice to “The PRINCE” and warned him about mercenaries. They have no allegiance, and can be bought by the highest bidder.

Though APF denies any nefarious ties, or agenda… So did Eric (Blackwater) PRINCE at one time.

Its all fine and good until they are patrolling the streets in New Orleans, grabbing guns, and sending citizens off to the Super-Dome for detainment. Your concerns are warranted!

Maybe the biggest question about the Hardin, Montana affair is; Why did the Main Stream Media misreport the story? They reported that APF was now the actual police in the town. (Hardin didn’t have a police force allegedly – Ahhh Paradise Lost!)

This is incorrect. The Sheriff of this county has jurisdiction, as he should, and APF is merely taking control of the detention facility. They will only be managing the new prison, who they say will be filled with minor offenders. NO GITMO detainees will be housed there. (If hired they will consult on a new law enforcement infrastructure for the town)

This misreporting (or repeating) caused a Tsunami of fear throughout the internet, and was sponsored by some of the biggest sources in the “alternative media”, who did not even bother to contact APF for their version of the story.

Please listen to the interview, and, or help spread the news with our you tube – THIS IS NOT A TAKEOVER….

It’s just more of the same under the “Change” President.

Jack Blood is an investigative reporter and an underground syndicated radio talk show host. DEADLINE LIVE airs Monday through Friday on
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