September 28, 2009
By Jack Blood


I was never much for Kool – Aid. Too sugary and fake. Too cheap and no fizz. And the buzz is too short lasting, unlike Jamesons, the crash is violent and depressing.

In either case, I bought some recently as it was on sale at the local poison mart. I hadn’t drank it since I was kid, and I wanted to see if I still hated it. He he… I also wanted to see what my 6 year old son would do after consuming it. I got the “lemon-aid” and cherry flavors.

It didn’t have much of an effect on me. It seems that I might now be immune to Kool – Aid, but my son displayed some fairly predictable side effects.

First he was branded with a red dye stain that had an unmistakable aura of death. It reminded me of the Obama as Joker posters that have been circulating on the streets of America. (I find those posters quite ironic; as young Barry wrote in his 1st grade essay, that when he grew up, he wanted to be “Batman” – Guess the Joke’s on you Barry)

Secondly, after consuming a few ounces of Kool – Aid, my boy started running around with no certain direction, like a whirling dervish, almost possessed. His face became contorted, his voice frenetic and growling. Usually a kind and thoughtful child, he became confused and almost violent, unable to hear any reason, or understand the inevitable consequences of his actions… Then came the crash.

Like a record player that has lost its power, slower, slower, slower and stop. A vacant stare erased the previous red grimace. Finally the senses began to return to “normal”.
I thought, a daily intake of this drug (refined sugar) would lead to a direct counter measure of Prozac or Ritalin…. Which is why we are back on natural juice, filtered water, ENERFOOD, and raw milk.


The dam is cracking to reveal that it wasn’t a dam at all, but just a façade.
The Kool – Aid seems to be wearing off.
Kooler heads are beginning to prevail.


I received a letter today from asking their readers to stand up with * U.S. Senators Russ Feingold (D-WI), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Jon Tester (D-MT), Tom Udall (D-NM), Jeff Bingaman (D-NM), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Daniel Akaka (D-HI), Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) …….. No mention of Republican Congressman Ron Paul. – Well I guess Rome wasn’t built in a day (though it was destroyed in one) and the after effects of Kool – Aid are slow to wear off. Even when they do… You don’t want to admit what you’ve done.

Repeal telecom immunity and roll back PATRIOT ACT abuses
It’s time to repeal telecom immunity for illegal spying and roll back the worst abuses of the PATRIOT ACT.

When we finally lost our hard fought battle over telecom immunity for illegal spying, civil libertarians in the Senate vowed to revisit the issue during the next Congress. Now is the time. Senators Russ Feingold and Dick Durbin* have now introduced the JUSTICE Act to bring an end to telecom immunity and roll back some of the worst abuses of the PATRIOT ACT.

On December 31, three key provisions of the USA PATRIOT ACT are set to expire, and the House and Senate will hold hearings on reauthorization. Feingold and Durbin are using the PATRIOT ACT reauthorization process to reverse Bush era laws that take away our constitutionally guaranteed rights.

The JUSTICE Act would completely repeal the provision of the FISA Amendments Act intended to legally immunize big telecoms that illegally assisted in the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretapping program. It would restore protections for the privacy of library and bookstore records. And it would also add strong checks and balances to PATRIOT ACT provisions governing FISA orders, wiretaps, and national security letters.

In the days following the attacks of September 11, Congress passed at the behest of the Bush administration a raft of legislation that greatly expanded domestic spying programs but failed to include constitutional safeguards. Finally the champions of constitutional rights in the Senate are taking steps to undo the worst of the damage. Our friends and allies at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Campaign for Reader Privacy (which includes the American Library Association, American Booksellers Association, Association of American Publishers, and PEN American Center) believe the JUSTICE Act is our best chance for reform this year. Please join them and us in supporting this bill.

Unlike the Duped new left Dems…. I have stood up against this since the revelations of the Patriot act in 2002. I went to my city hall in Providence RI, with 150 others, and a live radio broadcast from inside the hollowed chambers, and we FORCED a complete unanimous REPEAL of the Patriot Act in our city. I found out later that this had no bearing on Federal Control of our city, and the far reaching Freedom snatching edicts of the USA Patriot Act.

Thus, I conclude…. That it will be up to the Democrats to drive this issue today, (as Ron Paul did during the Bush Admin.) – We on the right are not exactly carrying a lot of clout these days being dismissed as Tea Baggers (Nut suckers) Retards, Racists, Terrorists, and gun toting, backwoods, extremists.

As we stood shoulder to shoulder with you for 8 years, it is NOW your place in time to return the favor. YOU must demand the “change” you allegedly voted for by helping ALL Americans in our effort to “LEGALIZE FREEDOM”
Don’t just be another wing of the war party, and the latest incarnation of Brave New World. Since it scares me to “Hope” that you on the left will do the right thing, and because the future of my non Kool-aid drinking 6 year old depends on it…. I will continue my fight as well.

The Obama admin is AFRAID of losing control… of their base. They, in many ways rule by consensus. Now that you’re coming out of your “Kool – Aid Coma” – you have no excuses. Hell… Even Michael Moore and Bill Maher are beginning to realize that REAL Change will only come with pressure on the Goldman Sachs administration… The water is warm – Jump in!

Other wise…. What we all just witnessed at the Pittsburgh G-20 will be everyday fun in the good ol USSA.

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