February 20th 2009
Contact: Jack Blood


After spending the last 16 months in federal custody, both Ed and Elaine Brown will now face new Federal charges for their part off an alleged armed standoff in rural New Hampshire during a 10 month period in 2007.

The couple convicted of tax evasion, said on February 19th that the federal government has no right to bring 11 new charges against them, including gun violations and obstruction of justice.

They appeared separately yesterday, shackled at the ankles. Elaine Brown, who was arraigned first, said she would not attend the new trial. Her husband said the couple lived under a different form of law.

Here is how the Local media are covering the case. With blanket lies:

“Ed and Elaine Brown and at least four co-conspirators stockpiled explosives and firearms at the couple’s home for possible use against law enforcement, according to the indictment.”

(In Fact only TWO of the “co conspirators” were charged and convicted of explosives, and weapons charges! This is due to the great patriots who supported “Reno” Gonzales. The kangaroo court overseeing this “trial” ended as a hung jury. In this case, Justice was served by standing strong against the “Injustice system”, which as we know… Operates under two sets of rules. This proves IF we ban together and challenge the system… We can win!)

Officials entered not guilty pleas on the Browns’ behalf at a hearing Thursday in U.S. District Court in Concord.

Several of the Brown supporters were already charged for their role in the standoff. Danny Riley was apprehended on September 12th 2007 after attending a tribute to fallen 911 victims at ground Zero, in NYC. He was sentenced in late 2008 and was given 30 years for the standoff against US Marshals, and local authorities.

The Browns, both in their late 60s, are currently serving five-year prison sentences. It is my opinion that they should be set free. Not retried. Whatever debt they might have owed society has been paid in spades.

The media coverage of this developing story, already seems extremely biased. Without a massive movement of support, the Browns will likely be railroaded.

For fiscal conservatives, this story should hit home. The current Obama administration is preparing to continue the previous administration’s war against American citizens. If, like the Browns, you take measures to protect yourself, you will be made an example of.  And… Didn’t Obama appoint several Tax Cheats to high positions in our government? Including the Secretary of the Treasury, who oversees the IRS!

If the Browns had simply paid their back taxes, that money would’ve ended up in the hands of the likes of AIG, Bank of America, and JP Morgan and Co. In today’s current economic climate… Can we really blame the Browns for refusing to pay up?

Take ACTION today on behalf of Ed and Elaine. Contact the media to help get their story back on the front burner, and make the facts known.

Whatever intent that the government attempts to prove regarding the alleged standoff, we should all keep in mind that neither the Browns nor their supporters were ever violent. If we do not stand up for the Browns… Who will stand up for us?

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