By Jack Blood


Maybe this title seems a little misleading since the new President on Fox TV’s smash hit terror drama is a woman.

Keep in mind that 24 already featured not one, but two black US Presidents throughout its run… Each of whom were assassinated. So now the President is a newly inaugurated bitch – uhhh I mean no nonsense, tough as nails, do what has to be done (for Democracy), estrogen ridden POTUS.

Rush Limpbaugh’s favorite TV faire is Baaaack. Starring of all people Air America’s Janeane Garofalo. Garofalo joins other ex – Air Americans; Rachel Maddow, and Al O’ Franken in recent super stardom. Something long in coming after these Ford Foundation shills lost the 2004 selection, and after John “Long Devil” Kerry’s bid for head script reader was thwarted in Ohio.

(On a side note: Funny how AA’s Mike Malloy, and Randi Rhoads were kicked to the curb for speaking REAL truth to power. Ahhh Where are they now? VH1? Malloy is in Hotlanta now dueling Neal Bore’tz… Good for him!)

In fairness, Garofalo did come out for 911 Truth last year, which she quickly recanted on the Bill Maher show. (when she returned to the Blowback theory). She had just gotten the “24” role.

In honesty… She sucks in the part. Serious bad acting here folks!


The plot began two months ago on a special precursor edition of 24, where Jack (Rothschild) Bauer is protecting the guerrilla fighting children in Africa. He is summoned back to the USA to answer questions regarding his use of extensive torture tactics. (FYI: I call him Rothschild, as “Bauer” is the original name of one of the world’s most influential Banking families. As in Mayer Amschel Bauer. Bauer is famous for saying, “Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes the laws”. Granted, maybe the name thing is just a happy coincidence?)

We open in a Senatorial Committee hearing where Jack is being hammered by the Liberal hand wringing “Red” from the former Fox program “That 70’s Show”

The entire scene is masterfully, yet transparently scripted to justify why O’Bomba cannot prosecute the Bush torture team for war crimes. Jack will not apologize, after all… He did save the world about a half a dozen times. Admirable, right? Except for the fact that every terrorist in the history of 24 has ties to global intelligence, and always seem to be taking orders from some shadowy Euro elite. (Was it 2 season’s ago that the President himself was behind a nuclear terror plot? I digress)

The hearing gets interrupted after a few minutes (there is only 24 hours to save the world again, but continuity isn’t the problem I have with this “program”) Jack is called away by the FBI on a National Security issue. Sorry Red… No justice this time buddy.

Meanwhile Madame President, who is just a few days in office after the premier edition of 24 (where she anguished over the transition, and stated, “We only have one President at a time” – Where have I heard THAT before?) assembles her war cabinet. It seems that in order to stop genocide in some God forsaken country in Africa, we must bomb the shit outta them, and invade. An interesting exchange occurs between the Prez. And her Secretary of Defense (whom she inherited from the former Republican admin.)

The Prez. will not authorize the massive air strike on (Somalia / Durfur) unless a detailed “post – invasion plan” is submitted. You see this prez will not make the same mistakes that George Bush made in Iraq! Oh, that’s reality again… It’s tough to tell the difference on 24.

Back to Jack who is briefed by the FBI that his old friend from CTU has just seized the central computer core of the US which oversees, and manages all of our important infrastructure. That’s right, the terrorist is an ex spook. Again.

The FBI is concerned about bringing Jack into the fold because of his history of over riding the constitution, and torturing everyone he comes into contact with… for the children of course. You see the FBI on 24 Neeeeever breaks the law (which holds them back, hint hint…) Noooo… They are within a check and balance system. (excuse me while a laugh, and then cry over this serious TV lie)

What will they do with Bauer?

You guessed it… They assist him in a warrantless interrogation within minutes (again the 24 timeline…) and give the green light as Jack puts a ballpoint pen to the perp’s eyeball. He confesses just before he is taken out by a sniper. It appears that there’s a leak at the FBI. This is another reoccurring theme in 24. The end justifies the means once again.

So Lets recap what we have so far:

1) The President, being a minority (or woman in this case) must be Uber tough to over compensate for her Age, Race, or (sex).

2) She can only prove this by going to war in Africa, which of course is exactly what Brzezinski (er, Obama) has planned in real life. (IE: Darfur / Somalia)

Don’t call it war though… it’s a “humanitarian mission”. Hope no innocents get hit by cruise missiles. It’s OK… They have a plan to keep the peace in the form of a puppet dictator.

3) Torture is necessary, and every new President gets this once their ass is on the line. There will be no justice for the innocents who were water boarded in the last administration, as we need those guys to fight the latest brand of terror.

4) The FBI, who are the “good Guys” after all (recalling J. Edgar Hoover who broke every rule in the book he helped write, and likely was involved in the Kennedy assassination. Gag.) and the FBI will have to approve torture, and warrantless searches to save us from terrorists… Even under the new President who has vowed to stop such practices during the “election”.

5) And your gonna love this one…. Near the end of the episode, the Terrorists (who are either Mercenaries trying to make a buck, or deep cover black ops?) manage to take over the nation’s air traffic control computers. Who’s flying those planes? It appears that by over-riding the communications of the Federal Govt, the terrorists are. This strangely enough adds new questions (or admissions) to the reality of September 11th. It also sets up something based in reality, that being the I – Patriot Act, which we reported a few months back as already in the works. We just need the right crisis. We must protect American by protecting the internet.

All this and more in just the first two hours of “24”.

Part 2 of Part 1 is tonight.

It’s pretty obvious that this show on FOX, is nothing more than a vehicle to prep Americans for what O’Bomba has in store for us. (which might explain why Garofalo agreed to be in it) It’s tough to watch. The entire thing reads like a script from the CIA. The same CIA that has admitted to writing such scripts for TV and Film in the past. The same CIA who has admitted to writing newspaper headlines in foreign countries as they did in Iran in 1953.

I know it’s called Programming for a reason, and there are 500 channels of it, but come on… please don’t insult our intelligence.

24 is nothing less than adaptable. No matter who is allegedly in power… They act as apologists, and build the case for fighting terrorists at all costs… Even at the cost of our constitutional liberties. Here we go again… strap in, its gonna be a loooooooog 24 hours.

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