By Jack Blood

Dear Satan, er I mean Santa,

First of all I have always wanted to know… Why the red suit and free toys? Are you a commie dude? And what’s with these lists you keep? Naughty or Nice? If your not with Santa your with the terrorists? Speaking for myself I have had quite enough of these Red lists, and the blue ones aren’t too fun either.

Anyway, my son is 5 years old, so please, even though I have told him that Santa Claws is just an illusion made up by merchandisers hell bent on creating dumbed down consumers, rather than reality, I have to tell you that my boy’s Cognitive Dissonance (lying to one’s self) and the accompanying illusions are no match for my honesty. If I am wrong don’t punish him for my truthiness.

So, back to my wish list…

Here is what I would like to see under my tree this year:

1) My friends, allies, past researchers, patsies, and investigative journalists released from prison, detention, and confinement. As a side wish, I would like all traitors to the American people and the US Constitution et al… Tried, convicted, and punished for their crimes. You can start with the current crew of administers.

2) Next I would like our military and police to understand that, as Gen. Smedley Butler put it, “War is a Racket”. I would like them to figure out that there is no such thing as “security” and that they are being used by people like Henry Kissinger who have stated that Military men (and woman) are just dumb animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy. They will also know that “Foreign Policy” exists to use them as corporate security guards for the global elite’s interests.

3) Please don’t bother to wrap it…But I would also like to have the right to think for myself, and not be forced at gunpoint to participate in the global groupthink that oozes from politically correct social engineers on my Television.

4) Speaking of TV, would it be too much to ask that MTV starts playing music videos again?

5) Now this one could be tough for you Santa, but I would like to have a citizen’s commission to oversee all technology. This is essential for the future of all mankind. This commission would be made up of rotating volunteers, who have no conflict of interests with the Military Industrial Complex, and DARPA. This will insure that Zbigniew Brzezinski’s dream articulated in his book “Between Two Ages” does NOT come true. I guess you will have to balance my wish against his this Christmas. Maybe you need GPS guidance systems to navigate your slay, but I for one can do without it. (You can also skip leaving the toys using mind machine interface, or employing Implantable microchips. Also we like the Cash monopoly not the cashless version.

6) While you’re at it, can you bring some real food? Yes we stock Enerfood at the Blood compound, but finding food that isn’t chalked full of poison is getting increasingly expensive, and hard to find. I know you’re a fat bastard, but the rest of us who do not have access to magic life extension therapy are going to DIE from eating the crap that passes for food. Also, can you put extra Aspartame in Don Rumsfeld’s cookies? And that’s double DU (Depleted Uranium) for Cheney and Bush.

7) Speaking of Health…. Can you strike Tom Daschle dead, and replace him with someone who isn’t so obviously ruled by the Rockefeller, DuPont public health lobby. Also, could you make it so Ron Paul will live another 100 years?

8) I would like to have an AR -15 with a few thousand round of armor piercing ammo. Likewise, I would like to see all gun grabbers die from excessive paper cuts.

9) Finally, since I have no intention of being greedy… I ask for some get out of FEMA Camp free cards. One for me and some for my audience. Meanwhile, if you have time, could you obliterate all current camps, while stiffing those who ask for martial law this Christmas?

There is a LOT more I would like to ask for, like the repealing of the Federal Reserve, HR 1955, the Patriot Act. The Military Commissions Act, HR 2640, and a total lawless and free internet. Alas, you have much to do, so I will save some of these wishes for next year. I have a feeling that I will need them.

Good luck on your journey Santa, watch out for surface to air missiles over Central Asia, (I think that the Military is running drills across Oceania so you should be OK landing on skyscrapers here in the USA.)

OH…And whatever you do… DON’T fly over California if your Slay omits CO2.

Yours Sincerely,

Jack Blood

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