CONFIRMED – Georgia Guidestones Defaced – My interview and the details

I Just heard about this last night, and was immediately skeptical that this had really happened or was some kind of sophisticated photoshop hoax:

GA Guidesones you tube

The thing that puzzled me was that there was nothing in the news, MSM or online to confirm this.

(Its always advised to doubt a story, and really doubt a story if it sounds to good to be true)

So today I interviewed Phillis Brooks from the Elberton County Chamber of Commerce.
She was very helpful,
but also very sad that the vandals had defaced their beloved tourist attraction.
(they are also the “granite
capitol of the world” they say, which is why the Guidestones are located there.) It is also, according to Phillis, the highest point in GA.

So it has been CONFIRMED!

Here is what we know:

1) The vandals struck in two different incidents.
The first was with “polyurethane” which looks like urine on
the pictures. The second attack (both incidents taking place two week ago) was with spray paint. You can see the graffiti for yourself. It could be said that this anti Obama message could really hurt those who protest the message and meaning of the Guidestones.

2) There are no suspects. Neither is any group under suspicion.

3) There are no plans for increased security, but you can BET that CCTV cameras will be monitoring the
desolate location from now on.

4) The Guidestones will be cleaned up by “County Labor” though when I asked Mrs Brooks about the trust
which is designed to manage and care for the monument, she said, “I have heard about that, but I have no idea who is in charge of it.

5) No one from the RC Christian trust has contacted the Chamber of Commerce, and it is assumed that they
are in no way involved in the investigation. If they were I doubt we would know about it.

Anyway, I am satisfied now that this was a real event, and so far nobody has taken credit for the vandalism.

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