By Jack Blood

Dedicated To WS Burroughs in hopes that he is still alive

Thanksgiving Day ~ November 27th 2008 (Cue music)


Thanks for the Jim Beam which I always preferred to Wild Turkey

Thanks for Genetically Modified Turkeys – destined to corrupt the future DNA of nearly every Amerikan, always, and for the next week of festering leftovers. Thanks for the rotting corporate carcasses that will be found in nearly every trash bin, on every street in the usA.

Thanks for American Indians, who every year at this time sweat 300 years of genocide and oppression, even as they strive for independence, and warn the white eye of the loss of his and her OWN sovereignty.

Thanks for massive surveillance, big brother usA, and counter surveillance, which never takes a day off. And thanks for holiday drunk driving checkpoints, which make all eggnog swilling amerikans terrorists for a day, and probation wards for life.

Thanks for medical marijuana California, just don’t let the feds know you have it, and if you have it, don’t forget….sharing is caring.

Thanks to WS Burroughs who saw the drug war for what is was in the 1950’s, a way to snoop on us all and fill private prisons with the subversive, sick, and dying…. To you this poem is dedicated.

Thanks for blind Kool Aid drinking – dumbed down democratists who have fallen for yet another round of lies, metaphorical wishing wells, paradigms, and patent disinformation – Thanks for nothing!

Thanks to the pollsters, pundits, insiders, and media whores who wouldn’t
know the truth if it was a flaming monkey flying out their ass. Deceivers, exploiters, ruinators, donkeys, water carriers, parasites, slaves to power, and co conspirators… your children can thank you too for co signing tyranny and the end of a last dream.

Thanks for all the mindless preoccupation with what everyone else does but you amerika. Thanks for meddling snitches, patriot police, and change agents, who’s job it will be to watch their neighbors and report on future anti social, politically incorrect behavior.

Thanks for hate speech. Anything unpalatable by the establishment / status quo… Is always hated.

Thanks for the energy grid. We could do without you until we are hunted down like feral dogs for living off the land, and providing for ourselves… You can be green, you can be free, but you cannot be both.

Thanks for reality TV, which has taught us that the only reality worth experiencing is scripted and on camera. Thanks Andy Warhol ~ you were right…. So where is MY 15 minutes man? It’s the only thing that I can think to trade for my anonymity.

Thanks to social engineering. You need to build us down, so you can tear us up again.

Thanks for junk bonds, junk science, junk food, junkyards, and for keeping your junk out plain view.

Thanks for people so ugly that they make the rest of us feel beautiful and better than others, who internalize and thus hide their beauty from critics.

Thanks for cheap gas and nowhere to go… And thanks for the toll roads to get you there.

Thanks for cheap suits, and no job interviews. Thanks for cheap sunglasses to show you “THEY LIVE”, and thanks for cheap wine, and cheap pills….So we can pretend we are cared for by the altruistic.

Thanks for the ones and zeros that have become finance, and the economic 911 that will centralize our future.

Thanks for terrorism, the CIA, and intelligence Czars…. Without you we would have no enemies to fight so we can kill to get what we need to grow in.

Thanks to top 40 FM radio hits repeating endlessly for decades on end, and thanks for the two record companies that bribe you into submission …..We are saved from genius art invented in garages by savants who otherwise might inspire the world.

Thanks for the revolution which endures even in the light of day, which still will not be televised, and which will carry the brunt of the responsibility for legalizing freedom once again.

Thanks to all who support the revolutionaries as they are always once step ahead of disaster, and annihilation.

Thanks for my family who never doubt my path, and who’s loyalty and love remain an inspiration for me everyday.

Thanks for thanksgiving for thanks sake…. They say we are not consuming enough, but the chaos in local grocery marts, flying elbows, forked eyes, and rotten 11th hour veggies, proves that for all history, we are the undefeated champions of consumers. No bread crumbs unturned, no pre-packeted gravy left unmolested, no apple left untainted, no polyurethane bag left empty.
Let the Christmas shopping season begin!

Thanks for coming.

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