Check – The Grand Chessboard is in play

By Jack Blood

August 11th, 2008

Maybe it was it a hint, but when we covered a story about a cache of coffins in Georgia in July of 08, we were talking about the coffins in the USA. Now those coffins will be sorely needed in the Republic of Georgia.

On the August 11th 2008 edition of Deadline Live, our guest Webster Tarpley, a noted intelligence expert with 30 years experience, fully dismantled the left wing media myth that Russia was the aggressor in this conflict which now may very well threaten the world.

Georgian President MikHEIL Saakashivili (barely 40 years old) is a known dictator ( and former “human rights” leader and “reformer”) who has been threatening just such an action since last year, and this should come as no surprise to NATO, the UN, the USA or global intelligence who did nothing to head off the bloody invasion of South Ossetia on August 7th.

Saakashvili was elected to replace President Eduard Shevardnadze, who stepped down in Georgia’s 2003 bloodless Rose Revolution, led by Saakashvili and his major political allies, Nino Burjanadze, and Zurab Zhvania, and took office on January 25th 2004. (This was the Revolution so many on the left, and even in Patriot groups throughout the USA looked upon as some kind of victory for freedom. Of course it was all staged, we said so at the time, and it was no great deal for anyone in the region.

Georgia is of course oil rich and a stepping off point for western forces against Russia.

The minute I heard about this blow up, I thought of one person, and that person is Barry Obama’s most recent foreign policy adviser, and the man who invented Osama Bin Laden and Al Cia Duh… None other than Zbigniew Brzezinski.

In Z-Big’s (thats what his friends call him, or just “big) book The Grand Chessboard, he clearly makes his future intentions known to the world. Now he finds himself in the position to make it so.

Here is what Brzezinski writes in his book:

…..“The momentum of Asia’s economic development is already generating massive pressures for the exploration and exploitation of new sources of energy and the Central Asian region and the Caspian Sea basin are known to contain reserves of natural gas and oil that dwarf those of Kuwait, the Gulf of Mexico, or the North Sea….” (p.125)

“…..But the Eurasian Balkans are infinitely more important as a potential economic prize: an enormous concentration of natural gas and oil reserves is located in the region, in addition to important minerals, including gold….” (p.124)

“…..It follows that America’s primary interest is to help ensure that no single power comes to control this geopolitical space and that the global community has unhindered financial and economic access to it….” (p148)

“….Two basic steps are thus required: first, to identify the geostrategically dynamic Eurasian states that have the power to cause a potentially important shift in the international distribution of power and to decipher the central external goals of their respective political elites and the likely consequences of their seeking to attain them;… second, to formulate specific U.S. policies to offset, co-opt, and/or control the above…” (p. 40)

But there is something MUCH Z Bigger brewing here. What seems apparent is that Z big has a hard on for the Ruskies. Oh, and the Chinese. THAT is change you can take to the bank (if it hasn’t closed down yet).

You just have to scan the propaganda news to see the power that Z Big has already amassed in his role of puppet master to the next president. Pakistan, Russia, and China have all become villains over the last few months, and thanks to people like Mr. Tarpley, we have been warning our audience about this for several months now.

Brzezinski is a megalomaniacal overlord, and a very dangerous one at that. Thanks to him, the USA is currently in a no win situation that makes the debacle in the Middle East look like a walk in the park. The chances that this could escalate into a wider war with Russia increase everyday. In fact today the US gave a ride to thousands of Georgian troops stationed in Iraq back to the new front. If one of those planes were shot at, or if some of the American mercs working in Georgia are caught blowing stuff up and killing Russians, we could very well have a WWIII on our hands. If we get to this point it will be very hard to go back. (Think the Cuban missile ordeal x 911)

So instead of going on and on condemning the Russians, maybe we should be demanding that the US Government stay out of this altogether.

It seems pretty obvious that we are all being set up by the master of the Grand Chessboard.

Is it coincidental that Saakashivili was put in power with the help of popular movements named the United National Movement and the United Democrats, all so similar to the fawning masses that support an Obama presidency. You might take note because as popular, and as “humanitarian” as Saakashivili was, it didn’t take too long for the people of Georgia, and now the people of South Ossetia to find out who the real guy behind the mask was.


The conspiracy intrigue runs deep with our boy Saakashivili. For one he is married to a Dutch woman, Sandra E. Roelofs possibly giving his children a bloodline connection with Queen Beatrix and the House of Orange Dynasty. (it was her father Prince Bernhard who founded the now famous Bilderberg Group.) Beatrix controls Royal Dutch Shell. Here is the Bloodline that might connect Mrs Saakashivili to some of the Bluest blood on the planet. Dr. Hans Kierstede from Magdenburg, Germany, married married Sara Roelofs June 29, 1642 in New Amsterdam, NY. Kiersteads claim blue blood through House of Orange.

The happy couple Another connection is that a famous Dutch painter by the name of Willem Roelofs worked for the Court of the House of Orange. (His successor was named “Bilder”) One might follow these clues to verify if the Saakashivili children have this unique bloodline, because it certainly explains MikHEIL’s love of butchery, and how he gained such an exalted position at such a young age.

Also it should be noted that the two lovers met at Columbia University where Barry Obama was allegedly first discovered by Brezinski.

What a nice tight little family the Royals seem to be.

Of Course much has been made of Barry Obama’s elite bloodline heritage.

Obama has a prolific presidential lineage that features Democrats and Republicans. His distant cousins include President George W. Bush and his father, George H.W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Harry S. Truman and James Madison. Other Obama cousins include Vice President Dick Cheney, British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and Civil War General Robert E. Lee (Oh the Irony).

Obama often jokes about his cousin Cheney at campaign appearances.

We can laugh at the apparent coincidences here, or we can open our minds to the reality that we are being “Royally” set up for a future that may certainly be “change we could never believe was possible.”

When the Z Big revolution or Fascist putsch is accomplished, we might long for the days of Bush, Clinton, Bush.

I for one am not falling for it, any of it… And I will not be a pawn in this Grand Chessboard.

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