DISASTER CHATTER – Engineering A Pandemic, Or Something Better

By Jack Blood
July 22, 2008

“Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries”….Henry Kissinger

In the third season of the Fox TV show “Torture On Parade” (otherwise known as “24″) Jack Bauer ( Not to be confused with Mayer Amschel Bauer – Patriarch of the Rothschild clan) played by Keifer Sutherland, comes back from deep cover and performing a CTU sting operation.

In the op, Bauer “accidentally” gives Fort Detrick WMD’s to terrorists in the form of a deadly biological strain.

When captured, they find Bauer has undergone some form of Stockholm Syndrome. The “terrorists” use the WMD to blackmail the American government into releasing the leader of the terrorist cell, which was based in Mexico. When they do not, the biological strain is released, first in a Chicago hotel through the air condition units.

The Germ quickly gets out of control and kills its victims in a more gruesome version of H5N1.

CTU comes in and begins extensive quarantines with authority to shoot to kill anyone trying to escape the quarantine.

After much torture, and graphic bloody death… All is well by the end of the day.

The reason I feel that this is relevant is that many people are suggesting something very similar is in the works today.

When I first watched this Season three edition of “24″ I thought, “my God, this is how they (the N.W.O. elite) will do it. Fear will overtake reason and of course Constitutional Liberties. Authority to guard “public safety” will overcome morality, and law. The people will submit in fear of dying a horrible death. Quarantines will be our personal, and collective prison…

Back in 2003 I interviewed Oliver North. I had asked him about the Anthrax Vaccines given to our troops in Iraq (which are now mandatory). What he told me was chilling. He said that many of the troops didn’t want to take the vaccine (with good reason as there is much controversy involved, not to mention that there is no solid proof that they work) so Col. North went on to tell me that if an individual declined, they were shown a short film about what it’s like to die from Anthrax. “They took it every time” said North with a particular little evil laugh I will never forget.

And that’s it in a nutshell.

The Elite can ill afford another 911. Too many people saw that for what it was. False Flag Terrorism.

They might have the same problem if they try it again, maybe in an event on a bigger scale! This is why using Nukes, or “planes” is not going to be the first option.


We have been hearing a lot of it.

On July 21st 2008 DEADLINE LIVE broadcast a show dealing with much of this chatter from Federal authorities, and leaders around the world. Here is what we covered:

1) Keith Champagne (who has been instrumental in keeping us up to speed on Ed and Elaine Brown developments) had this to say (in his own words), “Last week I went into one of my restaurants to deliver food (my job) and at the same time I got there a guy in a Crown Victoria with Rhode Island emergency management agency logos on it pulled up. He was just there for breakfast, I think he’s a regular, but he overheard myself and the owner talking about the economy etc… And as I noticed him paying attention I thought it was a good time to maybe pry for info. So I turned to him and I said to the owner, “lets ask this guy”, as I pointed to the EMA guy and I said to the guy “c’mon tell me the truth buddy the state has to have plans for the collapse of the dollar, the eventual collapse of the government, calling out the national guard etc huh?”

I kind of expected to be laughed at, I even said it kind of sarcastically thinking the guy would dismiss me, instead he put his fork on his plate looked down and slowly shook his head yes. I was shocked! Not that its happening but that he would admit it! Then he looks at me and says, “the people don’t know how bad its going to be, right now they have us getting ready for people dieing in food riots and dieing due to the inability to heat their homes this winter.”, then he says, “and on top of that the feds are telling the states to expect a flu pandemic this season that will rival the PLAGUE”…… THOSE ARE HIS WORDS NOT MINE!!! And he said “and we CANT handle it” as he was shaking his head in disbelief… he seemed like a really nice guy. He seemed really concerned. Then I told him that I myself have been planning for the need for 6 months of food and I’ve been telling everyone I know the same. He said “at LEAST 6 months”

We talked a little more and I asked him what he thinks for a time line and I said I think 2-6 weeks for collapse of the dollar and he said he feels September, though I don’t know if that was his personal opinion or not, but when he said September he looked at me and said “how are people going to feed themselves then?” …. I told him I’m thinking of moving to New Hampshire he nodded in agreement and I mentioned how a friend [Jose I hope I can call you that???? ] told me I should consider Texas due to the longer growing season and he said very sternly, “I wouldn’t do that I’ve heard that there is a ten week wait for AR-15 style rifles down there right now” , then he mumbled something about the ethnic groups stocking up weapons in anticipation of all this and he seemed to really be hinting that the border area of the south would not be a good place to be when it happens and like I said he was adamant about that…”

2) This email brought out an account of a similar incident with a SWAT team trainer who was also a “combat instructor” for this anonymous young lady (In her own words):

“I’ve heard similar stuff from my tactical instructor. He’s the local swat team trainer, also.

He said that they’re being told to stock up on certain things and they’re doing training that seems more like for total catastrophe and natural disaster than hostage extraction. He doesn’t get very much information, I mean, in the way of explanations, but he says “these are clues”. They didn’t used to have to get so many vaccinations, etc… They didn’t study food shortages and stuff.” (Now they are)

3) Keith also relayed a first hand story he had heard from an acquaintance working as a janitor a major Rhode Island University. She was given a memo which stated that she would now be trained by FEMA, and was given a card to get her through any FEMA checkpoints or roadblocks in an event of an “emergency” (No further details were given)

Then there is THIS:

Why Are Tens of Thousands of Plastic “Burial Vaults” Stacked in a Field Near Madison, Georgia?

The product is called a “Burial Vault.” They are made by PolyGuard Vaults. Their website describes the product as follows:

A Burial Vault is an outside receptacle or container, in which the casket and remains are placed, at the time of burial. This helps to maintain the above ground aesthetics of the grave site.

Polyguard Burial Vaults are now manufactured using an injection moulding process, and constructed of non-biodegradable, water and chemical resistant polymers.

It seems as though these are high tech body bags which could be handy in containing contagious disease in a mass pileup of bodies. Well that is one way to interpret it but who really knows?

And then there is THIS:

World warned over killer flu pandemic

The world is failing to guard against the inevitable spread of a devastating flu pandemic which could kill 50 million people and wreak massive disruption around the globe, the Government has warned.

In evidence to a House of Lords committee, ministers said that early warning systems for spotting emerging diseases were “poorly co-ordinated” and lacked “vision” and “clarity”. They said that more needed to be done to improve detection and surveillance for potential pandemics and called for urgent improvement in rapid-response strategies.

The Government’s evidence appeared in a highly critical report from the Lords Intergovernmental Organisations Committee, which attacked the World Health Organisation (WHO) as “dysfunctional” and criticised the international response to the threat of an outbreak of disease which could sweep across the globe.

The Government said: “While there has not been a pandemic since 1968, another one is inevitable.” Ministers said it would could kill between two and 50 million people worldwide and that such an outbreak would leave up to 75,000 people dead in Britain and cause “massive” disruption.

While we have persistently and ACCURATELY debunked such scare tactics (and Pharma profiteering) in the past with SARRS and “Bird Flu”, this warning comes at a time when nothing less than a mass pandemic could work to control the unwashed masses. IE: “Useless Eaters”

And Finally THIS:

U.S. stockpiling antidotes to counter a biological threat

U.S. Rep. James Langevin, the chairman of the House Subcommittee of Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, Science and Technology, convened a field hearing at the State House yesterday to gauge the progress of the state and nation’s preparedness for a biological threat. He was joined by committee members U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, D-N.J., and Rep. Donna Christensen, D-Virgin Islands.

State and federal officials told the subcommittee that plans and preparation had progressed, but more work needed to be done. The national stockpile of antidotes is being built, the federal government is working with companies to develop vaccines and antidotes to biological threats and more technology is needed to detect an airborne biological hazard.

On a state level, while hospital officials and medical professionals have become more prepared to deal with a sudden surge of patients, they know a large-scale disaster would leave them struggling to maintain care.

While this could all be just another running program for the “Fear Dialect” or yet another scheme for corporate public health profiteering, I cannot help but wonder if maybe this time we could be facing the real thing. There is no doubt that the Disaster Chatter is at an all time high, and that the Powers that Be have all the resources at their disposal to pull off what they are warning about.

If Africa is any kind of model or historical guideline, we should take every precaution JUST IN CASE!

That doesn’t mean that we should crawl into a hole and hide, or head to the mountains… Only Cheney’s bunker might be safe from this type of mass destruction.

What you can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Everyone reading this should do everything they can to avoid being caught up in a potential disaster.

1) Make sure that you are doing everything you can to improve your immune system! The elite can loose a weak pandemic without fear of being killed themselves by maintaining a proper food regimen, and by not needlessly using antibiotics and vaccines.

2) Make sure that you are stocked up on food, water (and water purifiers) as well as the means to protect what you have stockpiled. (Meaning have firearms, ammo, and learn how to use them!) If this goes live, the grocery stores will face mass food riots, and close within hours.

3) If this operation does indeed go live, do not take vaccines unquestioningly.

4) Do not panic or get sucked into a fear paradigm NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

5) Never sacrifice liberty for “security”

More updates on this story will come when we get them. Stay tuned to DEADLINE LIVE w/ Jack Blood.

JACK BLOOD is a syndicated talk radio host, and investigative reporter with the Genesis Communications Network, the We The People Radio Network, and the Revere Radio Network. DEADLINE LIVE can be heard Monday through Friday / 4pm – 6pm EDT on the web, on satellite, and on AM and FM affiliates nationwide. More information can be found at www.jackblood.com

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