(Meet the Press Host Tim Russert was interviewed by Jack Blood of Deadline Live on the Genesis Communications Network and couldn’t stand the heat. He ended the interview by pretending to have phone problems as he pushed the buttons on his phone to fain interference.)

At least that’s how it appeared as I attempted to set Mr. Russert straight on 911 truth.

Russert, Best selling author of “Big Russ and Me” and newest NY Times Best Seller “Lessons of our fathers” (Literally a reprint of the mail he got from the first book) became more and more irritated as I ran down a litany of questions ranging from Skull & Bones ( “If Bush or Kerry would’ve admitted that Skull and Bones was a Ritualistic German Death Cult, it would’ve ended their Presidency” admitted Russert during the interview) Bohemian Grove (Russert said he was invited but was too busy to partake in the mock human sacrifices, and worship of a forty foot stone owl..) and prewar intelligence… before I segued into questions of “911 truth.”

I used a 2003 interview with Hunter S Thompson and Tim Russert to point out that “someone” (Read: all of us in the underground media – Including Dr Gonzo himself) knew that Colin Powell’s presentation at the UN was a total scam.How did I know, how Hunter S. Thompson know, but Russert did not? I asked him if he felted Duped by phony pre-war “intelligence” and his response was to discuss a private conversation with Colin Powell, where Powell admits he was wrong… Too little too late of course.

In the 2003 interview on CNBC, Thompson also eluded to Powell’s less than perfect character when Russert tried to pin him down in support of the Iraq war. (Thompson, like many of us hadn’t forgotten that Powell, while covering for his Mentor Richard Armitage, was nearly jailed for perjury at the Iran Contra Hearings before he ratted on his buddy Dick. Instead of being punished, Powell was rewarded with no less than two of the top Globalist posts on the planet; NSA Director, and Secretary of State. (Armitage was not only pardoned for Iran Contra, but later became Deputy Secretary of State under his former pupil Colin Powell (Read: chief handler of Powell at the State Dept.) But then there was Russert Pimping Powell as a “Dove” who was somehow more credible than a standard fair Neo Con.

After telling Russert that indeed no generals supported this war but were Rah Rah’d into going along with a Neo-CON vision known to be faulty from the top down, Thompson told “Little Russ” something that gave me my opening. Responding to Russert’s incessant use of 911 as a pretext for war, Thompson calmly relayed to the Meet the Press host that there was no real evidence that Osama Bin Laden nor Saddam Hussein had anything to do with 911. Hammana hammana hammana… (To Quote Ralph Cramdon)

Little Russ didn’t like me quoting this FACT, nor did he appreciate it when I reminded him that the FBI spokesmen Rex Tomb confirmed this fact recently in response to “The Muckraker Report” (Web Blogger Ed Haas) questions about the OBL FBI wanted poster not charging OBL with the crime of 911. Agent Tomb admitted, “There is no hard evidence linking Osama Bin laden to 911.” That didn’t stop Russert from trying to pin 911 on Bin Laden though. It was as if he had a personal stake in blaming OBL for 911. Russert responded by saying the FBI report shows a “Nexus” between OBL and the (alleged) 19 highjackers, and he had “No Doubt” that OBL was our man. It appears we have spent hundreds of Billions of dollars and countless thousands of lives, not to mention an evisceration of the US Constitution… All for a ‘Nexus’

I informed Mr. Russert that Bin laden denied having anything to do with 911 in a little seen video which came out just after 911. ( Actually it was a transcript of an audio tape – But this was likely the last time we heard from a live OBL in my opinion) I informed Lil Russ that the admission from “Bin laden” came from a phony video we referred to as the “fat Bin laden Video” where the alleged Bin Laden is at least 40 lbs heavier (I think it was more like 90lbs), and has a different nose.

Russert grunted in response. The jig was up. I then went on to name the list of former Regan, Ford, Carter, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. Conservatives who believe either a cover up took place, or 911 was an inside job carried out by the Bush Admin.

Morgan Reynolds (Former Chief Economist for the dept of Labor under George Bush, who openly charges Bush, and Cheney for performing 911 to achieve the PNAC doctrine) Paul Craig Roberts ( Deputy Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan, and widely considered the father of “Reaganomonics” who refers to Dr Reynolds work to understand 911) Ray McGovern (Retired CIA analyst who gave morning briefings to both Reagan and Bush, who made headlines recently for taking Rumsfeld to task for “lying about Intel leading up to the Iraq War, and who believes a cover-up took place on 911, if not something more blatant) and Bob Bowman (Former Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under Ford and Carter, later to be known as “Star Wars” unabashedly pins 911 on the Neo Cons as an inside job…)

“Well they have their opinions, and I don’t agree with them” mumbled Russert who likely has no idea of these esteemed gentlemen’s evidence…And doesn’t care.

As I was allowed 2 more minutes for the interview, suddenly the unmistakable sounds of touchtone buttons being pushed overrode Tim Russert. He has obviously practiced this slippery method in the past as he would push the keys on his receiver, he would call out hello, beeeep, hello… I think something’s wrong, Beeeep…. And then dead air. Interview over.

Russert likely has never had to deal with this line of questioning as he never grants interviews like mine, and was taken off guard with evidence, and qualifiers relating to 911. His inability to challenge me shows just how scared these establishment shills are to take us on, and debate us about September 11th, 2001.

Russert is a cover artist who poses as a hard hitting “journalist” placed at the top of the Sunday News cycle to in effect control the week’s debates. I am proud to have taken him on and exposed his true nature. Tim Russert isn’t some nice guy who loves God, family, and country… He is a well placed yes man, and corporate shill who betrays the very idea of the media’s job as the prime check and balance to dictatorial power. Is it any wonder we are in the situation we currently find ourselves in with Globalist pimps like Russert acting as #1 gatekeepers for truth?

I was almost brought to tears thinking of Hunter S Thompson’s MURDER. Hunter is every bit a dying breed of real investigative reporters, like Gary Webb, And James Hatfield… Who would sacrifice anything, including their lives; to give the people the truth? I will follow their creed to my last breath, and continue to expose the liars under every rock.

The mysterious death of the Doctor of Gonzo Jounalism, Hunter S. Thompson:

Hunter S. Thompson warned he’d be suicided!!!!

Toronto Globe and Mail | February 26, 2005:

Paul William Roberts in his Globe and Mail article of Saturday, February 26, 2005 wrote the following:

Hunter telephoned me on Feb. 19, the night before his death. He sounded scared. It wasn’t always easy to understand what he said, particularly over the phone, he mumbled, yet when there was something he really wanted you to understand, you did. He’d been working on a story about the World Trade Center attacks and had stumbled across what he felt was hard evidence showing the towers had been brought down not by the airplanes that flew into them but by explosive charges set off in their foundations. Now he thought someone was out to stop him publishing it: “They’re gonna make it look like suicide,” he said. “I know how these bastards think . . .”

Hunter S. Thompson … was indeed working on such a story.

Now check out this February 25 Associated Press story about Thompson’s death. Sounds a lot like a professional hit with a silencer:

“I was on the phone with him, he set the receiver down and he did it. I heard the clicking of the gun,” Anita Thompson told the Aspen Daily News in Friday’s editions.

She said her husband had asked her to come home from a health club so they could work on his weekly ESPN column…

Thompson said she heard a loud, muffled noise, but didn’t know what had happened. “I was waiting for him to get back on the phone,” she said. (Her account to Rocky Mountain News reporter Jeff Kass is slightly different: “I did not hear any bang,” she told Kass. She added that Thompson’s son, who was in the house at the time, believed that a book had fallen when he heard the shot, according to Kass’ report.)

Mack White sums up the questions well: Thompson’s family says he was not depressed, nor was he in enough to pain to kill himself. In fact, by all reports, he was quite happy. He was talking on the phone to his wife, getting ready to work on his column, when he decided it would be wise to kill himself, so that he could go out (we are told) while “still at the top of his form,” even though this would mean not finishing his column or his expose on 9/11 (potentially the most important thing he would ever write) (?)…

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This account says Thompson killed himself while sitting in a chair on his typewriter and yet the original account tells us that Thompson shot himself while talking to his wife on the phone in the kitchen. Why has the story changed and what is the significance of the word typed on the paper in light of the fact that Thompson said he would be ’suicided’ before being able to release a major story on explosives bringing down the twin towers?

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Tim Russert’s 2003 interview with Hunter S. Thompson mentioned above


Jack Blood / Tim Russert interview June 14th 2006:


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