Exclusive Interview with “American Drug War 2″ documentary film director Kevin Booth – NEW INFO!

Bill Hicks Childhood friend Kevin Booth shares some of the “High” points of his GREAT new film – The Sequel to his award winning film “American Drug War”. www.AmericanDrugWar2.com – go to the website for new trailers, and to get rare tickets to the national Debut of the film in most major cites this June …

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Obama picks former Bush official James Comey as new FBI director

Barack Obama is preparing to name a former Bush administration who was heavily involved in some of the most controversial issues of that era, including illegal wiretapping and torture, as the new director of the FBI. But the Obama administration will emphasise that James Comey, who was deputy attorney-general under Bush, was among a small …

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Monsanto and the Ron Paul Syndrome

A few days ago millions of people in hundreds of cities worldwide participated in protest marches against the Monsanto corporation. Were you aware of that? If you’re reading this then chances are you were, for most people that read blogs like mine are already aware of the freedom agenda that the powers that be are …

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TSA eliminates all invasive X-ray machines

The Transportation Security Administration announced it has finished removing from all airports the X-ray technology that produced graphic and controversial images of passengers passing through security screening checkpoints. In a letter released Thursday, TSA administrator John Pistole told the House Homeland Security committee that as of May 16, all US airports scanners equipped with the …

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British taxpayers to pay ‘millions’ towards secretive Bilderberg meeting security

The clandestine meeting of royalty, prime ministers and business chiefs is taking place in Britain for the first time since 1998, sparking fears of “violence and disturbance” by protesters.   The Bilderberg organisers, who include Tory Cabinet minister Ken Clarke, do not release a guest list but a roll-call of luminaries are expected to descend …

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BOSTON BOMBINGS; Ibragim Todashev, Shot 7 Times, Once In The Back Of The Head ‘Execution Style’, During FBI Interrogation

(AE) – This is straight out of the FBI’s racist COINTELPRO murder tactics of the 1960′s… It has now been revealed that Ibragim Todashev was shot 7 times, once in the back of the head, during a 5 hour FBI interrogation in his home. The FBI have changed their version of the story at least …

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BOSTON BOMBINGS; Ibragim Todashev, Killed During FBI Interrogation, WAS NOT GOING TO CONFESS To Triple Murder, He Had Atlanta Alibi

“His wife, by the way, does have evidence that he was with her in Atlanta during the time that those murders allegedly occurred.” – Hassan Shibly   (AE) – It has now been revealed that Ibragim Todashev was shot 7 times, once in the back of the head, during a 5 hour FBI interrogation in …

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The Jack Blood Show – May 30 2013


Officials: Man who knew Boston bombing suspect was unarmed when shot

Most people will remember the first account if they remember this at all. That the “witness” had a knife and tried to use it. Why shoot an unarmed man? And why clear the room to do so?  Why is it that when the FBI (Federal Govt) gets caught lying about silencing witnesses, no one seems …

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Breaking: Obama sent MORE Ricin (allegedly) – New Attacks continue even after multiple arrests and raids

Bloomberg (doomberg) gang are blaming this on Pro 2nd Amendment supporters…. This is getting WEIRD! Breaking: Secret Service: Ricin letter to White House intercepted 30 May 2013 The Secret Service says a letter similar to ones sent to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been intercepted by a White House mail screening facility. The agency …

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